Noveau Falconer

-underwing- the man in the business suit buys
an empty lot and raises falcons. he is not certain
which kinds of falcons or that they are falcons at
all but they are hooked birds all pointed and angles
and they are young the dark man who had them
in golden cages outside the market town by the ocean
assures they are young and falcons

the man in the business suite
buys a leather glove that is heavy
and slinging sweat off his paled arm
and hurts after a bit of time
but the falcons that may not be falcons
or could be falcons
hold up to the taloned expectation of leather
hand gloves or he does not leave
them with bird masks on

because the man in the business suit
figures the young falcons not falcons
maybe falcons

would want to see the stars at night