The Evil Enchantress
Chapter one-Time:
Once upon a time, as all good tales go, there lived a handsome prince named charon and his most trusted friend, named Daniel, unknown to the prince Daniel had fallen in love with and sworn allegiance to the evil enchantress who had set her sights on ruling the land he governed.
One day when the prince was out riding, Daniel made his way to the oldest part of the castle, as he wandered the old wings he thought of his old life, before the old vampire sired him
Running through the woods of khyman the young Daniel had chased the old man who had stolen his locket, he ran and ran until he came to a fork in the road, the trail had gone cold and even with the expert hearing all his kind were famous for he couldn't locate him, as he stood there trying to decide which path to take the old man had stepped out from behind a tree
"This trinket means a lot to you young man?" he had asked, Daniel would have replied but the old man took his answer in a look "I will give you your chain back if you follow me." The old man continued
"Give me my locket and I'll follow you, you have my word! I have never been out run before, I am interested to learn how a mortal out ran a magic." Daniel said, the old man smiled before tossing Daniels locket into the air, it glinted in the light of the silver sun before falling into Daniels waiting hand
"Follow." The old man said not even giving Daniel time to replace the chain around his neck, but as he had promised he followed the old man through the forest, it was a few days before they came to their destination but on the way Daniel learnt that the old man had been following his every move since he had left his home of Kinwon
"Why though old man?" Daniel had asked over and over without satisfaction, the day the arrived at the palace of the enchantress Daniel was ready to drop, the old man hadn't let him rest once and he knew it, once they were inside the castle he told Daniel to wait at the bottom of the tallest tower, as he waited Daniel took in his surroundings, the castle was old but well kept, over the fire place they had passed in the entrance their hung pictures of many beautiful women and round each ones neck was a gem similar to the one that the kings of the nearby land wore in their crown, finally the old man returned and showed him up the steps room at the top of the highest tower he stopped at the door, Daniel hesitated and reached for the door but as he did it opened of its own accord
"Enter handsome one." An enchanting voice had said from within, as he had stepped into the room he was struck by the beauty of the woman who stood before him, as Daniel bowed the woman before him could see the love and desire for her in his eyes and she knew he was the one, her true love but also the one who would help her regain her birth right. As Daniel straightened up the enchantress fluttered her eyes pulling Daniel deeper into her power, as he stepped further into the room he felt the old mans fangs sink into his throat, but there was no pain only a warm sensation which increased as the old man fed Daniel his own blood.
As Daniel slept the enchantress cast her spell over him, she was in his every thought as he changed and her image was etched in his mind forever after, as the enchantress worked the old vampire fumed
"I have done her bidding and yet I am not at her side." He fumed, the enchantress knew his thoughts and she laughed at them, stirring her magic as she read from her great book.
When Daniel came round he was laid in a four-poster bed, his clothes had been mended, looking up his eyes drew him once again to the lady who had greeted him at the tower door, it was as if he had known her all his life
"I am in thy power my lady." He said as she stepped beside the bed
"I doubt it not." The enchantress replied, as she was joined by his sire a foul liquid rose in Daniels throat, he knew it was hatred for some reason he hated the man who had given him the gift of the lonely hunter and who had brought him to the goddess of his adonatry, that night when he thought the enchantress had retired to her bed the old man crept towards her chamber, but as he raised the dagger tipped with hinds blood (lethal to enchantresses) Daniel stepped out from behind him where he had been stood in the shadow
"You gave me to her you old fool, I knew of your plan to do away with the enchantress, as did she." Daniel said, as he spoke the enchantresses eyes fluttered open, it was the last thing the old man would ever see for as the enchantress leaned in to kiss him Daniel stepped behind him with a wooden dagger and as their lips met Daniel thrust it into the old mans heart, the kiss that had been the old mans last met Daniel's lips and became his first, when he rose the next morning he knew he had been enjoyed by his lady.
Now as he wandered the ruins he wondered who the old man had been
"My mothers husband." the enchantress replied as she stepped out from behind him, turning Daniel dropped to one knee
"My lady." He said before getting to his feet and kissing her
"It has been a long three months my dark prince." Paige said
"Every day I am without you my empress it only makes me love you more, and work harder for your love." Daniel said as he fangs slowly formed in his mouth
"You always know how to flatter me." Paige said as Daniel bit into his wrist, tightening his grip he held his bleeding arm to the enchantress who drunk of him, the ecstasy felt by Daniel during the time his loves lips were drawing blood from him could not be placed into words, but as she pulled away the enchantress could see it
"Has the prince chosen a bride yet?" she asked when Daniels fangs disappeared
"No my lady, and the queen grows weak." Daniel replied
"No matter, if he cannot choose for himself, the old court will choose for him, it doesn't matter who she is, he won't be marrying her." Paige replied, Daniel smiled "time, as you know Daniel, favours the winners, and you and I my young vampire, are those winners." She continued, Daniel nodded brushing his hand through his wild hair, that's when it came to him
"My lady what if you showed the young fool how precious time for his kind is?" he asked, Paige smiled
"Beauty and brilliance alike." She said as she glided along ahead of him
"A near death experience, but not at the hands of my kind, one of your winged minions, one who is expendable?" he suggested twirling his hair around in his hands, the enchantress smiled, raising her hand to the sky she sent up a shock of green energy
"Prepare yourself my Daniel, you must be ready when this plan takes form." She said before vanishing
"I will be prepared my lady." He said before venturing back to towards the princes throne room.
End of chapter one

Chapter two: magick and miss-trust
That night Daniel left the castle again, eh didn't know why but every month on the 17th night of that month he returned to the place of his birth to mourn and remember his sister he returned to the place where she died, in life he had built shrine to commemorate his sisters memory on the exact spot where he had seen her last, the enchantress ruled his lands now and she had made it so that all the villagers commemorate her memory and build a statue in her honour, that night as he knelt before the shrine he remembered, everything, her laugh, her smile, her beauty things that in his new life he had to put behind him for fear of the prince finding out, now as he knelt there crying his vampire hearing picked up the fact that someone was behind him
"Its late, no one should be out here this late, especially tonight." He said as his fangs appeared and he got to his feet
"A vampire dressed as a noble, am I in the presence of Sir Daniel?" the stranger asked as he laid a bunch of black roses at the foot of the shrine
"You know who I am, but I still don't know you."
"The last vampire I me threatened me with death the minuet I spoke my name, what will you do to me if I tell you?" the stranger asked
"I am here to pay my respects to my sister you fool, now answer my question so I can be done with you." Daniel demanded, the stranger nodded
"I am a messenger from the captain of the ladies winged guards." He said
"And what's that meant to mean to me?" Daniel asked
"The prince is in his bed recovering from our attack." The messenger said, Daniel shrugged
"Don't your kind ever learn, no one bothers me on this night." Daniel said grabbing the winged man by his throat "I usually don't feed on this night," Daniel said arguing with his hunter side "but what the hey, you disturbed my sisters place of honour with your winged idiocy, I am sure even she would not mind me punishing you the only way I know how." He said before his jaws clamped around the mans neck, the mans struggling only made Daniels fangs hold tighter, he could feel the warm elixir coursing through his fangs into his body, as the mans body went limp Daniel released his grip and threw the body down the nearby well "the guardian of Melody strikes again." He said with a smile, slowly he turned back towards the shrine and as he did his smile faded and his fangs retracted, kneeling once again in front of the shrine tears fell from his eyes "just because I'm technically dead doesn't mean I don't love you any less Melody." He sobbed.
At the princes castle the next day the entire court was in turmoil
"How could such a dark creature get past the guard?" one of the younger members of the court asked as the old queen sat at their head worrying over her sons near death experience
"Someone mind telling me just what happened?" Daniel asked, the queen looked up
"Last night a few hours after you left the castle the prince was attacked by the evil enchantresses winged guards." She explained, Daniel sighed
"She will stop at nothing to rule your kingdom your highness," The queens aide said, Daniel mimicked his words "the quicker your son chooses a queen and receives and heir the better." He continued, Daniel agreed with this part but said nothing
"It seems he has had his eyes on someone for a long time old friend." The queen said, Daniels eyes lit up
"The old knights daughter." He exclaimed
"Quite right Daniel, did you know?" the queen asked
"No your highness, but I should have done, I've seen him watching her many a time when he should be studying."
"I will request the old mans presence and that of his daughter at the banquet tomorrow night." The queens aide said before speeding out of the room, Daniel bowed before he too left the throne room, as he left the castle boundaries he was joined by a rather ugly dwarf
"The sir wants that I tell the lady?" it asked
"Of course I do you fool, else I wouldn't be out here, I am disgusted with you at the best of times." Daniel demanded, the dwarf cowered and Daniel to speed things up knelt down "if you don't get your mutilated carcass out of here, disgust or no disgust, I'll drain you dry and leave your body for the vultures." He said baring his fangs the dwarf saw them and took off at the quickest speed its fat legs could go, getting to his feet he ran his tongue along his teeth "dwarves, as stupid as they are ugly." He said before heading towards the old knights house, climbing a nearby tree he looked through the old mans daughters window, as she heard the news Daniel saw her eyes and skin illuminate
"She's the one," he thought as his true eyes appear, he was intrigued by the aura he saw "knew it." He thought.
At the enchantresses palace she was brushing her hair in front of an old mirror the frame of which was contorted and twisted
"My destiny is nearly here." She thought "and when I have conceived an heir I will kill the prince rule his kingdom and finally marry my true love." She said, thinking of Daniel made her turn to the tapestry image of him one of her many servants had made on his last visit to her, getting to her feet she walked over to it
"Love like ours is beyond any silly whim of humans." She said as she blew a kiss at the image, moving to her great spell book she scanned the spell that was to bring about her destiny.
Meanwhile back at the castle the court had once again been called
"What now?" one of the older members asked
"We have found one of the enchantresses creatures trying to steal my sons crown." The queen said as the same ugly dwarf that had spoken to Daniel hours before was thrown in front of the court
"What are you waiting for, run him through." Someone cried, Daniel immediately stepped forwards
"I have a better idea, kill him of course, but let the same power that created him destroy him." He said, the queen looked at him
"I'm listening?" she said, Daniel cleared his throat
"When I was a child I studied with an old wizard, I know a bit of magick, and even if I get it wrong, he'll feel the pain his mistress has caused." he said with a twisted smile while rolling up his sleeves, as he moved closer the dwarf spoke
"Kill me not and then you'll see, where other spies lay hidden be." But the words were too garbled by his disfigured form
"Allow the boy to try you highness, put the pore disfigured thing out of its misery." The queens aide said, the queen got to her feet
"Very well Daniel, but be quick, I do not like to see suffering even creatures of evils." The queen said, Daniel smiled and took one final step forwards, "here goes." He thought, he hoped he had remembered the spell right
"Small of mind… big of woe… the pain you caused… you now will know." He said, as the last words fell from Daniels lips the dwarf began to twist and contort glowing with a green energy that could only be magick, slowly and surely the dwarf turned to stone and exploded in a shower of silvery dust which thus settled and vanished, everyone took one look at Daniel and began to cheer and clap, Daniel himself smiled with satisfaction he was accepted by the court and so he be there at the banquet
"Daniel, because of your bravery in the face of such a disgusting creature, and your obvious use of your knowledge for good, you are hereby invited to the banquet tomorrow." The queen said, Daniels smiled widened, he knew his task, to befriend the princes love and to earn her trust
End of chapter two
Chapter three:
The time of the banquet arrived and as he had expected the queen had, had Daniel made a coat of a bright colour, as he tied the silver ribbon in his hair he smiled bearing his fangs at the mirror
"This is going to be no easy task Daniel." The enchantress said through the mirror
"That I know my lady, I am just glad that I am the one to bring about your destiny… and my own." He said, the enchantress smiled
"Now remember, the stars have yet to align, play the good little royal and be nice." She said, Daniel nodded obediently before tucking his locket under his cravat "and here is a little trinket to aide you." the enchantress said as a chain appeared round Daniels neck, looking down he saw the triquatra was hanging from his neck, raising her hand the image of the enchantress cast a spell on the triquatra around Daniels neck "take his power blessed be, multiply his strength by three." She chanted "wear this under your clothes as you do your locket my prince, and you will have power beyond any vampire." She said, and with that the image of the enchantress vanished, Daniel studied the necklace for a moment longer before placing it under his clothes and opening his door, before leaving his room for the night he uttered the words of a spell of his own
"For those who want the truth revealed, opened hearts and secrets unsealed, from now until its now again, after which the memory ends, of all the people in this pure house I will the hear the truth from their mouths." He hissed.
As he entered the dance hall he saw that the lady was there
"Her name is Julia." One of the guards hissed
"Lets hope lady Julia hasn't had any experience with Vampires." Daniel thought as he made his way down to greet her, when he reached the prince and Julia he noticed he had been expected
"He saved my life from a blue bear." The prince said with a smile
"What were you doing there to start with?" the old knight asked the prince politely
"I went for a walk and ended up father away from the palace than I had ever been, I was lucky Daniel was nearby." The prince replied, the old knight turned and scanned the room
"Where is this hero then? He was given a royal invitation but he has not yet arrived and he lives in the palace." The old knight wondered
"You're looking in the wrong direction father, the stairs over there." Julia replied, looking towards the stair the old knight saw a young man dressed in the finest silver talking with other men at the banquet, Daniel thought it would be best not to stick out and so had joined in one of the conversations that his vampire hearing had picked up
"No man has stood before the queen with magick without it backfiring." Someone said
"Like I told her majesty Carlos I trained with a wizard back where I come from." Daniel explained
"Oh Daniel! Daniel over here." The prince called
"Your majesty if you wanted him to join us I would have gone to get him, a prince such as yourself should not shout like a commoner." Someone said as they glided by, Daniel looked up from the men who were congratulating him and saw that the prince was signalling for him
"Here goes everything." He thought as he walked over
"Lady Julia, sir pero may I introduce Sir Daniel." The queen's aide said as he stepped aside so Daniel could join their circle
"The saviour of the prince… is a child?" sir pero exclaimed
"I am twenty-three years of age sir, I am no child." Daniel assured him, the prince smiled
"He's two years older than the prince himself I believe." Julia said finally speaking
"That is correct lady Julia." The prince said giving Julia a smile that from what Daniel heard set her heart beating faster than normal
"So Daniel, what were you doing in the dark forest anyway?" sir pero asked, Daniel sighed slowly
"I trained with a wizard there, I was on my way home when I heard the princes injured cry, the blue bear may look strange, but the things they can do would scare even the bravest among us." He explained
"Except you?" Julia asked, Daniel shook his head
"Truth be told, I was scared stiff, but I don't show fear the way others do, I don't freeze in fear, it actually speeds up my reactions."
And I'm glad it did, for if you hadn't been there I would be dead now." The prince said, Daniel smiled, but his smile faded when he saw that sir pero was not impressed, his daughter saw this too and frowned on her father who consequently stopped sizing Daniel up
"My apologies. But I am the oldest knight in the kingdom Sir Daniel, and when you have lived as long as I, you cannot help but question the actions of the younger generations." He explained, Daniel smiled in a forgiving way but deep down he knew that wasn't the reason,
"The old fool suspects something, I can smell it." He thought, as the prince and Julia left the old knight turned to Daniel again
"Such pale enchantment." The old man said to Daniel, Daniel could do nothing but smile, as everyone took there seats Daniel saw that lady Julia was wearing the princes royal seal "knew it." He thought, as one of the servant's filled Daniels flagons Daniel tried his best not to look at the girl's neck but he could smell it, all around him that red elixir that sustained the mortals around him.
As the banquet came to an end the old knight had one last thing to say to Daniel, as he escorted the old man to the door Daniel was sure he smelt garlic
"Your daughter will be safe inside the castle walls pero." The queen's aide assured him, pero smiled
"I doubt it not old man…" turning to Daniel he said, "See you around." Was all he said, Daniel bowed
"You certainly will you old fool." He thought as he left the queen's aide's side
"Would someone kill him please?" He said looking down towards the amulet the enchantress had given him, as the last word crossed his lips there was a flash of red light and a well-dressed demon appeared before him
"Are you sure you want that?" he asked
"I wouldn't have said it otherwise would I?" he asked
"Do you know who I am?" the demon asked
"Yes, your cole, the enchantress spoke highly of you during my sleeping year." Daniel replied
"And you know when 'the old fool' is found dead there will be an uproar?" cole asked
"I wouldn't have it any other way." Daniel replied, and with that cole disappeared "something artistic please." Daniel asked as coles image faded.
As she watched Daniel snake his way back to his room from her tower in the princes castle the enchantress began to dream of what it would be like when they were finally together
"He will please me, do whatever I say," she thought
"Like he doesn't already?" cole asked as he appeared behind her
"I thought you were killing someone old friend?" the enchantress asked, cole nodded
"I thought I aught to make sure you know that your vampire is getting stronger with every kill he makes, soon the spell may not be strong enough." Cole said thoughtful of the enchantress's female feelings for the young vampire
End of chapter 3

Chapter 4: hypnotic love
Cole laughed "and you feel the same way about him Paige?" he asked pulling her towards him so that her breasts where against his chest
"I do cole, and you old friend, do you have a problem with that?" the enchantress asked, cole shook his head
"He needs a males training, your love for him made you show your female side more than you thought, and he's weak in front of lady Julia's purity, it reminds his heart of his missing sister." Cole said, the enchantress moved her head to show she had noticed
"Do you have a demon in mind?" she asked, Cole smiled
"Before the stars have fallen out of alignment again he will be as noble and calm with what he is as I am." Cole said, suddenly the enchantress was struck with a thought
"Does anyone at the court even remember what I look like?" she asked
"Not that I know of, when I kill the old knight your images will be darker than my own in their memories." Cole said he could see what she was getting at and he liked where she was going
"I will move into the castle as Daniels trainers sister." The enchantress said at this she and cole both laughed "and then my destiny will be fulfilled…"
"And evil will rule." Cole continued her words before disappearing,
Outside the palace walls sir pero was making his slow way back to his home at the other side of the forest, suddenly the forest came alive with wolves' owls and all the other nocturnal creatures that lived there
"What's spooked them?" he wondered, as he stopped to look around a gust of wind knocked him to his feet, turning to get up he was over shadowed by a familiar form "I knew we'd meet again old friend." He said as she scrambled to get up, with a wave of his hand cole froze him with fear
"As did I pero, when I gave her to you I told you she would be taken from you years later." Cole said kneeling beside the old knight
"And you are here to collect her?" pero stammered, he was scared, but not for himself, he had been dreading the night Julia would be taken from him, he had agreed to the marriage to keep her by him till it was impossible for cole to find her
"I'm here to collect something but it isn't your daughter…"
"The boy! I knew it was him, their beauty was so alike." Pero exclaimed cole smiled as evilly as he could
"An epiphany that has come a little too late old friend." He said getting to his feet, turning he waited for the man to rise
"He has to be told, else she is lost!" the old man cried trying to run, cole merely turned again throwing a bolt of red energy at his 'old friend' pero twisted and contorted in pain, by the time it was over the old knight looked as if he had been set upon by trolls
"He will never know, and he will lose her when the time is right." Cole said before vanishing.
Back at the castle Daniel was stood in the old tower speaking with the enchantress
"He recognised me my lady… but not as a vampire, as something else." He explained, Paige didn't seem in the least phased
"The old man had had a lot of confrontations with cole and his dark brethren, your powers and the hunter within you are fallen from that brethren." She said stroking his cheek "do you trust me Daniel, or has that old man stopped you loving me?" she asked, Daniel didn't know how to answer, he couldn't answer, he opened his mouth to swear his allegiance but the moment he did his throat dried to a desert, Paige sighed she had no choice, she raised her hand and cast a spell on Daniel who jarred hypnotised he stared at her with a glazed look "you will remember nothing of the old man except he was Julia's father." She commanded
"Julia's father," Daniel echoed obediently
"When you awake, you will be within my power once more your love will never end." The enchantress commanded
"In your power forever." Daniel repeated again, before collapsing onto the bed behind him, Paige smiled
"I will never let you go my love." She said as she stood before her book. The next morning Daniel awoke in his own bed, as he raised his eyes flashed a deep green, the enchantress had covered his memory of the past night with one of pleasure in her bed and he smiled as he dressed
"You are within my power. Your love will never end." The enchantress's words echoed in his head.
Up in the tower the enchantress watched Daniel ride off to the old knights house
"He is in my power forever." She said,
"Every kill he makes puts him deeper." Cole said
"I didn't want to do it cole." The enchantress sobbed, as she lay caressed against his breast "I don't want to lose him I had no choice," she continued, cole nodded
"Soon your destiny will be fulfilled and he will be yours forever," cole said as his own eyes flashed.
"And when that day comes, you will be our most trusted, as you are, that also will never change." The enchantress said.
As Daniel reached the hunting party that had called him saw what they were looking at
"Julia's father!" he exclaimed dismounting before his horse stopped, racing to the old mans body he knelt beside it and studied the tears and teeth marks
"A vampire." Said one hunter
"A troll." Said another
"Wolves and trolls from what I can see, there are no teeth marks on his neck to suggest it was a vampire as you say." Daniel said rising to his feet
"Who is going to tell the prince?" one of the men asked
"He's already been informed." Said the prince himself as he dismounted "the poor man… and so soon after his daughter agreed to marry." He continued as he joined Daniel
"What is to be done?" Daniel asked
"Set out and kill every troll we come across I say." One of the hunters said, Daniel knew that was not the princes thinking
"We will do naught, the longer we stay out here in the forest the more likely it becomes that one of coles men will find us." Another said, Daniel nodded, although he would like to see how cole handled himself he knew it was too soon.
"We ride back to the castle, lower the flag and double the guard, as is custom." The prince said as Daniel helped him to re-mount, Daniel spent the rest of the day watching the prince as he comforted the grieving lady Julia, that night Daniel returned to enchantresses tower, as he opened the door he saw the enchantress was awaiting him
"I am here at your call my lady." He said, Paige smiled before calling him deeper into the room, as he stepped in his sire appeared before him along with Julia's father but as quickly as they appeared the vanished, just as the enchantress was undressing, turning to her he was struck once again by her beauty, turning to him she smiled she knew he was in her power, her every whim was his command, but something in her told her that her spell the previous night was over to hastily and so as he stepped closer to the enchantress she waved her hand over him and sent him into a trance
"You are in my power? She asked?
"I am in your power." He replied in hypnotised obedience
"You are mine to command? She asked again?
"I am your to command." He replied, she stepped straight up to him so close she felt the electric between them, moving away she sat on her bed
"Make love to me Daniel!" she commanded "prove your love for your empress." She continued, still in the enchantress's trance Daniel heard her words and with the same hypnotic obedience as he had repeated her words he followed her command and made love to her, when it was over the enchantress returned Daniel to where he had stood and moved to him
""When I kiss you you will remember nothing, only that you love me and will do anything for me." She commanded
"I will remember nothing, I love you and will do anything for you.," he repeated hypnotically before their lips met, Daniel blinked and saw that the enchantress was dressing
"You must leave Daniel, it is morning." She said, Daniel didn't question her words he merely turned and left her room and entered his own, the enchantress watched him go and smiled "he truly loves me." She told herself.
In his own room Daniel had told the servant who had come to fetch him to tell the prince, queen and lady Julia that he was ill, and luckily the servant was more obedient to the enchantress than to the royals and obeyed knowing of the enchantresses love for him, turning from the door Daniel collapsed on the bed, he had guessed what he and the enchantress had done last night because he was still light headed, and he knew he had been enjoyed because of the smile on his ladies face when he had left her room, he undressed from where he had collapsed and crawled under the covers, he was hungry and knew he would have to feed the following night, but he didn't care, he was getting better and luring prey and revealing his fangs at the right moment, and he knew he would miss nothing in the palace, all that was happening was the old mans funeral, unknown to Daniel was that lady Julia had been going through her fathers things and found a locket similar to his own, guessing it was all that was left of her real family she had tied it around her neck and now wore it, if he had known this… it may have made a difference to the outcome that was to come, it may not.
That night Daniel left the palace and headed out into the town that had grown up on the side of the castle wall, all who lived there were outcasts and thieves he knew he would feed well there, as he stalked through the street with his cloak firmly covering his face from all on lookers he wondered why he had seen images of the dead men the previous night
"Some stupid trick by the old wizard to push me against my will back to his side." He decided finally.
Up in her tower the enchantress was looking into her glass, she saw Daniels hypnotised face starring back at her
"Is he mine?" she asked as cole entered the tower
"Yes, but you cast your spell over him once more for no reason and what is left of his sister in him will win, and you will have lost your destined true love." Cole said, the enchantress nodded
End of chapter 4

CHAPTER 5:destinies helping hand
A few days later Daniel was sat in the throne room on the stairs leading up to the thrones themselves, days had passed and enchantress hadn't contact him and it seemed she had also seized contact with cole also, they had met in the woods for his training almost an hour before but unlike usual cole had been distance and un responsive
"What is she up to?" cole had said to no one in particular, and now his worry had become Daniels, he barley listened to the plans for the wedding banquet
"DANIEL!" the queen demanded suddenly, Daniel almost jumped out of his skin
"Yes your highness?" he asked
"Are you feeling alright young man? You haven't been yourself for days now?" the queen asked, Daniel nodded
"I am fine you highness, I am just wondering what will become of me in the future," he replied
"Why Daniel, you will be at my side until time itself ends." The prince said as he leant forwards on his throne, Daniel smiled
"Not quiet what I meant." He thought.
That night the enchantress still had not called but Daniel didn't care he stalked up to the tower, as he opened the door he was hit by the sound of the enchantress's cauldron
"Paige?" he asked softly as he closed the door, looking over to the window he saw her shadow outlined against the starry night
"I did not summon you Daniel." Paige demanded, Daniel nodded
"You didn't enchantress, but my heart called me to your side." He replied, Paige smiled
"You were worried for my safety?" she asked, Daniel didn't answer he merely stepped up behind her and entwined his hands around her waist, holding her tight was the only way he could be sure she was still with him
"Seven days Daniel, it is nearly here…" Paige said, Daniel looked up to where cole had told him the constellation would be, sure enough the stars were close together "it is time I was known." She said suddenly, moving away from him and to her cauldron
"What will you do enchantress? If they see thei they will kill thei." He said, Paige smiled
"Not with you at my side, we will go to the masked ball together, they will know nothing other than I am back in the kingdom." She explained as she stirred her cauldron "I will cast my spell over the guards, they will not move against me." Daniel could do nothing but stand there, he knew the enchantress had been planning this for years before he had come to her side
"Worry not Daniel." She said as he left her side
The following night was the ball and as he waited at the bottom of the tower Daniel began to think ahead
"On the night I am to summon the lady Julia to her side and leave to return to the prince and tell him the enchantress has captured his love." He thought, as the music began down stairs the enchantress appeared at the top of the stairs, dressed in a dress of the finest silk
"Do I please you Daniel?" she asked, Daniel couldn't speak he was overpowered by her beauty as he had been the first day they had met.
As they entered the ballroom everyone turned
"Who is she?" someone whispered
"Someone from Daniels city I guess." One of the guards hissed back, but as the enchantress and Daniel advanced on the queen it was obvious that the old woman had recognised the beauty on Daniels arm, as Daniel stopped and bowed the queens aid suddenly burst out with
"The enchantress!" Daniel tensed ready to fight but as she had said the enchantress had cast a spell over the guards
"Peace old man, I am here to call a truce, all I wish to do is return to the castle." The enchantress said as she curtsied to the queen casting her magick over both the queen and her aide, by covering them with one of her many potions which vanished as it touched them, as the prince and Julia entered they saw the enchantress dancing with Daniel, Daniel saw the prince's jaw drop
"She has called a truce with your mother dear prince, Daniel is not betraying anyone." The queen's aide said as he glided past the prince
"Told you I'd fix them." The enchantress told Daniel as she they danced, Daniel didn't know how to reply, he didn't think he could the enchantress according to cole had come to the craft late but as he had seen was learning it quick.
The next day Daniel awoke in his own room with the enchantress at his side, at first he thought that the night had been a dream, but as he knew Vampires were not prone to being wrong, as he rose his movement woke the enchantress who sat up and watched him dress
"What is on your mind Daniel?" she asked, Daniel turned to her
"You my enchantress…cole told me that your mother burnt herself out with her own magick, and with the stars so close to aligning, your powers are increasing, I do not want to see you pass before me as my sister did so many years ago." he said, as he spoke a green tear rolled down his eye, the enchantress also shed a tear
"Daniel, I am well, you can see that, and if I begin to weaken, you can tell me to stop, and I, as you would with me, would do so willingly." She said, Daniel heard her words and believed them "is that all that is bothering you my Daniel?" she continued, Daniel smiled a sly smile
"Jealousy, even for a vampire who knows what must be, I am jealous of that prissy fool." Daniel replied, the enchantress smiled
"And why is that, are you jealous because I am your possession or because I am your queen?" she asked, Daniel sat down on the bed only half dressed
"Paige, you are my queen, but that is not the reason I am jealous… oh I don't know, I know what must be but as it draws closer, the thought of you bearing his child makes me feel sick, as sick as a vampire could get with jealousy." Daniel sighed, Paige pulled Daniel to her breast
"My Daniel, oh how you're out growing what my step father said… jealousy is a sign of love and loyalty." She said as she cradled Daniels head "I will bear him an heir but you are my love… when I kill the prince you will take his place." She continued, Daniel rose a little and as he moved their lips locked in a kiss.
Down in the throne room lady Julia was trying on her wedding dress
"Yellow and gold has always been my favourite colour, pero said it was my real mothers favourite colour." She explained to the maid who was helping her dress
"The ladies mother shall be watching from the veil with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face come marriage to prince." The maid said
"My brother too…" Julia said showing the maid the second picture in her locket.
Back in Daniels room Daniel was back in bed, the enchantress had returned to her tower, he was resting but not from illness, he wanted to be at his best for the coming days
"Cole will be calling for me tonight." He thought.
Up in her tower the enchantress was sifting through her spell book
"When I conceive and heir for the prince I will kill him and rule his kingdom.
Down in her room the queen had suddenly fallen ill
"You told me she was getting better medicine woman." The prince raged at the healer who was studying his mother
"Can't die now, times almost come." The healer kept muttering over and over, as the prince moved to strike the healer in rage Daniel stepped into the room, as soon as he saw the scene that was unfolding he raced between the healer and the prince and grabbed the princes hand
"she can't know everything, prince." Daniel said releasing his grip on the prince's hand
End of chapter five
Chapter six: enough of stars
The prince looked up at Daniel
"what do you know, you elves are immortal, without being killed you don't die." He said in a flurry of anger he struck Daniel square in the jaw, Daniel preteneded to stagger back, Julia who had been stood in the doorway rushed to daniels side
"let me see," she requested but Daniel pulled away, still holding his jaw he looked at the prince
"it isn't my fault my kind live longer than you mortals if I could give the queen my elven immortality I would, but I can't… I know you want someone to blame prince charon But why me? For having this gift? For living with it?" he asked, The prince flared again this time Daniel was ready, blocking the princes strike he held the young man where he stood, Julia didn't want to see her love hurt but she didn't want Daniel to think he was a punch bag for when things went wrong for charon, looking at lady Julia Daniel saw her worry for the prince's safety, but then and there he didn't care about pretending, he didn't care about stars, all he cared about was the prince had blamed him for being immortal, as Daniel prepared to return the princes blow Cole entered, when he saw what Daniel was about to do something inside him snapped, he rushed forwards and blocked daniels blow gripping the boys arms with so much might that even as a vampire Daniel couldn't help but call out
"are you crazy Daniel, you do not return a blow when the first was given in a moments anger, whatever charon said it is dust now as will be your wrist if you do not agree you will not strike the prince, do you, or do you want me to break your wrist?" he asked, Daniel was still enraged but he knew cover or not he couldn't take cole and so he relaxed, cole did not release daniels hand he merely loosened his grip, turning to the prince he said "no matter how much hate you hold for immortals because of their gift of longer life it is no reason to hate your friends, or else you may one-day find you have none left"
Daniel who had been listening to coles words pulled free of the half-demons grip and raced away into the forest.
Night fell and Daniel still had not returned
"he had to be shown Paige, he cannot strike the prince, he is a vampire and the little brat is human." Cole said as Paige paced her room in the tower
"his strength would have been dismissed as something elves have cole… but I see your point, Daniel, as most of the vampires I know are to cocky for their own good around mortals." Paige said as Cole vanished,
end of chapter 6
Chapter 7 the countdown begins
The days passed in a blur for the kingdom and also for Daniel and the enchantress, since his run in with the prince Daniel had stayed with the enchantress,
"Its nearly here Daniel, our destiny is upon us." Paige said as she stood at the darkened window looking up at the stars, they were so close together any normal human would think they were already aligned, turning she walked over to where Daniel stood in his hypnotic state as still as a statue
"You are in my power?" she asked, Daniel echoed her words with hypnotic obedience,
"You are in my command?" she asked, she knew cole had warned her but she had become paranoid about his human side, vampires were only half demon to begin with, and elves… were purer than any human total evil and total goodness didn't mix well and so she had decided the previous night to imprison what goodness was left inside Daniel inside her necklace,
"I take your hands in mine And with this string I will entwine Your elven goodness I'll forever bind
From now until the end of time." as Daniel's pure energy seeped from his eyes into the crystal that hung around the enchantresses neck the enchantress noticed that Daniel became paler and paler. As the spell ended Daniel blinked, as he did his eyes flamed green
"Enchantress?" he asked when he saw she had moved from the door
"You have been with me three nights in a row Daniel, I love your company, and you, but you must be starving, hunt tonight, feed to your hearts content, but do not bother hiding the bodies, because in three days it will not matter." She said waving a dainty hand towards the door, turning Daniel shrugged
"I could use a bit of action," he thought as he left the palace grounds. In the town outside the palace walls they had begun to believe they had been cursed, Cole had gone round the nearby demon haunts and told him the low life's and down and outs were easy pickings, as Daniel walked through the streets with his bow and arrows on his back he saw villager after villager drop to their knees around him begging him to save them from their fate, some called him an elven angel, some just an angel, but Daniel was no angel he left them there grovelling in the street, as he rounded a corner he was knocked to the ground by a tall noble looking ma, picking himself up he looked down at the man who had also fallen with the force of the impact
"Demon?" he noted before walking on "since I found this little hole in the wall of society every demon from here to the diamond river has been coming here too feed or to work on their skill of scaring." He continued.
The next morning Daniel slunk back to the tower his cloak was stained with blood but he didn't care
"Evil is as evil does." He cackled.
End chapter 7