I Lost My Virgin Soul.

By: Relena Peace

I lost my virgin soul
My childlike innocence.
Love came and took it's toll.
Bringing my mind into a new intelligence.

I no longer pretend to laugh,
At a joke that I don't know what it means.
Now my mind can do the math,
And I blush because of what the answer seems.

My heart knows what things are now.
I can see things for what they are.
I can no longer go through life with an easy bow.
Because I now can see ahead so far.

My virgin soul has went away
And I see things in a new light
I have views now that seem as bright as day.
But I wish my mind was still trapped in the dark of night.

When I had a virgin soul I didn't see the pain.
The truth behind the different things.
My whole world was cheerful and plain.
It's amazing what a loss of that virginity brings.

I lost my virgin soul.
My childlike innocence.
Love has now taken it's toll.
I'll forever suffer with this new intelligence.