September 11th

By Crystal Bubble

One year ago
Two planes became
Deadly weapons
As the world watched, horrified.
Two pillars of stell,
Plaster, cement and glass
Full of loved ones and friends

Widows were made that day.
Orphans were made that day.
Planes were cancelled
Appointments weren't kept
The show did not go on.
But heroes were also made that day
Firefighters, police officers,
People on the street
Strangers were invited into homes to stay
Cooperation was the word of the day.

The dust has finally settled,
Here in New York City.
But we must always remember
What happened
The eleventh of September.
The thousands who died
Here on this spot
Won't be forgotten
By their loved ones or
The World.

Author's Notes: In the memory to all those that died on September 11th.
I know I posted it up a few hours early, but I won't have time tonight. Thank you