*Look To The Stars*

I look to the stars

Wondering what will be

Maybe she will come to me

I think I am the fool of everyone

I am incapable of love, I smile, I laugh, I cry...

Wondering why I just don't die...

Then there you are

As special to me as a star

You mean everything to me

Don't you see..?

There's no one better then you are

Come along

Let's go...

To a place far away...

The sun will be bright

The wind will be nice...

If only it would be that day

We'll talk and plan to have that day...

But why does it have to be so far away...

You say everything I want to hear

And as long as you say anything

I'll always want you near

The breeze was great

Too bad we're late

Look over there; the ocean is so fair...

But you're sad

And mad

And not so happy

You say 'hey Tao, my life is crappy'

But don't cry

Don't sigh,

Don't do anything but be happy

Because as long as I am alive

I'll make you happy

So there we are looking at the sea,

Nothing could ever replace what you are to me

~Tao Neko Toniko, Nyx-Yuki's Koi