by Aubrey a.k.a. Naomi Sisko
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Voice 1

Within my aloneness
There is no beauty; there is no art.
They say silence is golden,
But it's broken my heart.
It's not just the memory
That drags my soul away,
But it's the reality
That burns me every day.

I used to remember
That I could hope in things unseen.
I made it my treasure,
But it faded like a dream.
I've prayed such a long time
That I could live once more,
But I still cannot drag myself
Up off of the floor.

The sky isn't listening.
It doesn't hear me; it doesn't care.
I've lost all of my courage,
But can't hide anywhere.
There's no one to help me
Regain a firmer hold.
They've left me alone,
Freezing in the cold.

Can love last forever
When hope has crumbled into dust?
When faith has been severed,
In whom shall I trust?
Can pure desperation
Find a way to thrive?
'Cause it's not enough
Just living to survive.

Can nobody hear me?
I feel like a mute when I'm trying to speak.
I know I must fight these lies,
But my heart is so weak.
Is there nothing to save me
From ending up this way?
'Cause I'm just sinking lower
Every single day.

Voice 2

I wish you would listen;
I call to you each moment you breathe.
My child, I am waiting.
Won't you take my hand, please?
I'm here by your side today,
Just like I was before.
Until you answer,
I'll knock on your heart's door.

My grace has been given.
My love is strong; my love is deep.
The chains are unfettered;
Now wake up from your sleep.
Reach out and discover
The life you're meant to know.
By my blood you are washed
Whiter than the snow.