Shes Got A Way Rated:G By: Ari-chan

Notes and disclaimers: Just little piece of fiction, based on some aspects of relaity, shove this in with the poems "Falling, Fallen" and "Sorry" and I think you just might be able to piece to words together.

The song refered to is She's Got Away by Billy Joel, God bless the guy for putting the words to my feelings. ________________________________________________________

I once told someone that this song reminded me of them, and when ever I heard that song I always thought of them, and that thought brought a smile to my face.

That was years ago, and now when I hear that song there are no smiles. Only hurt feelings, regrets and what-ifs. What if we had taken backen all the cruel and horrid things we had said, what if I had tried harder, what if it had worked. All these what-ifs and still no answer.

When the song comes on I can't help but stop and listen, the words just tearing my heart and cauing old wounds to bleed again. But I'm frozen, unable to change the station, just forzen, listening and remembering how things used to be. How I wish they could have been.

And until the day of my death I will never forget that one person because Shes Got A Way.