All Fades To Black

By The Shattered Angel

(September 11, 2001...don't forget, everyone. Don't forget)

Tangled up in confusion and taunted by time
We move on
Once secure, once greedy, once power-hungry
All that we were once upon a time
How were we to know the future?

Then it ripped through the clouds
We couldn't stop it, it went by too fast
Like an angel who lost himself in the vast blue
It cut the sky like a blade and darkness dripped down

Frightening? Indeed
Stumble, yes we have stumbled
After all, we were lost in a blanket of black
No door, no window
And, for a brief moment, it seemed hope fluttered out of the room

The light sprouted...and another!
And another and another and another!
Darkness was gone before we knew it
We learned something
Lights dance in triumph
For now we remember what we shouldn't have forgotten

Tangled up in confusion and taunted by time
We still move on
Carrying this valuable, unforgettable lesson

Even when it all fades to black
Somewhere in the middle of that dark room
Someone will have the matches
And another will have the candle.

Written: 9/11/02...365 days later
Copyright 2002