A/N: Listen up everybody!!!! I KNOW I rushed the ending. I know I did and even though some people who I very much trust told me to leave it alone, I can't because what I did was just silly, so due to the fact that ya'll have supported me and reviewed for me, etc... I am telling you that for the moment this story is on break. Consider it finished if you like it the way it is, or let me know if you want more. If ya'll want me to write more, then I'm going to take a sabbatical and come back to it when I have a clear head. Um, anything else you want to comment on or whatever, just review and let me know. I'm sorry for those people who want me to end it here and I'm sorry for those who have to wait until I update. Overall, I'm sorry, just review and tell me what you think!!!!!!!

Some of you who are looking for more of an angsty romance with a little more heat and stuff, try Boys Typa Fun, or It's Not That Easy or one of the ones that everyone seems to like the male characters and their roles. Zulu I liked also.

Is you want cute and harmless, well, Lily's Corner and Army Brat and Angel of Sin are out there.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that if you are new to my work, please don't' judge me on this story because I really fucked it up.