Ok, this is my first Fiction publically aired, so Im a bit nervous. I hope you all like it!

The Somewhat-Big, But-Not-Really-All-That-Big,-Really,-But-Still-Cool
Bunch Of Mini Stories

Everything was black. Then I was there, with nothing. The Blackness, the Nothingness, clung to my eyes, the burning I couldn't tell if it was my imagination, or real. Then, a light from an unknown source turned on, but it didn't help. Now I was blinded by the white light. No, I wasn't blinded. It was just that nothing was there. Everything was white. Or, I guess nothing was white. I looked down, but saw nothing. No shadow, or platform to stand on. It just went on forever. I bent down to feel it. I felt the emptiness. It had no feeling, but I could feel it. I pushed at it, and to my shock my hand slid easily through the invisible barrier. I simply pulled my hand up, and it came up, as if nothing was there. That gave me an idea. Call it crazy, but I decided to try. I mimed climbing a ladder, and to my surprise, I moved up. I climbed higher and higher until I jumped off. I braced myself, thinking I was going to fall. I didn't. My feet felt planted on something as solid as the ground. As a test, I jumped, and posistioned myself like I was going sky diving. I fell. It was a wonderful feeling, because I had never sky dived before. The wind rushed past me. I had the power to stop whenever I wanted to. I still didn't know what this place's purpose was, but it was fun! I stopped falling, and began to jog. I jogged so far, I could hardly breath. I don't know how far I jogged, but I didn't care. Distance had no meaning here. Neither did time. I could've been there for one year, or maybe I was just there for a night, but as I was running, I suddenly smashed into a wall. I thought that was strange, as I rubbed my face. Everything went black again. Then I woke up. My face ached, and so did my leg muscles, like I had been running. That thought danced in my head all day, as I went to work. Suddenly, it dawned on me. If I could take things back with me, could I take things to there? I decided to try it. That night, I'd test out my new car. I slept in it that night, and entered the dream without it. That confused me. It should have been there. I wished for my car to be there. It was. A thought came to me: Nothing was there, but EVERYTHING is there, at the same time! Imagination is power. I don't know if I had heard that, and if I had, WHERE I had heard it, but I liked it. I sped up, going 300 MpH. I imagined a ramp in front of me. There it was. I soared up, going off it. I jumped out in mid-air, expecting an explosion. That never came. mY car simply landed, and continued driving out of my sight. Well, not out of my sight, really. It just kept driving. I decided to rock climb. Halfway up my brand-new rock wall, everything ripped in half! I was in 2 pieces, divided in the middle. And there was 50 feet of blackness between me. A planet, a ball of rock, appeared in the black. I hadn't noticed, but the blackness was coming closer. 3000 miles apart. Water appeared on the solid rock ball. Suddenly I realized that this was a new dimension, and I was witnessing a planet being created! I would have been more excited, and marveled, but all that was left of me was a head. I franticly tried to get away from the Space Eaters, but it was no use. I was gone.
Gasping, I shot out of my bed, sweating, and VERY scared. "What WAS that?" I muttered, then grabbed my throat. I had spoken! Everyone on my planet was a mute! It was forbidden to speak! Speaking, as the priests wrote, was a gift to the Gods. I still had my hands on my throat. My hands felt different. I looked down at them. Five fingers, instead of the usual three! I was 1/2 God, so far. Gods have...Five fingers...Check; Can Speak...Check; hair on their head...I felt my scalp...Check, my once-bald head was now covered in thick furry stuff-hair! I finished listing the God's abilities...Gods can...suddenly it dawned on my, hit me in the face...I could see! I put my hand up to my eyes, and felt two crevices in my skull...eye holes! I was 100% God! This was all so new! Excited, I jumped out of my bed, and-fell. I fell down...down...down...and woke up! No eyesight, no hair, I couldn't speak, and had only three fingers. I was disapointed. But that didn't matter, because I woke up. Zigmon 86532xTcp3O5096291C968y2S Woke up. "What an interesting dream," It murmered. "I'm terribly sorry I woke up. Ha-ha.Heh-heh. Hair," It chuckled, "What a silly idea." It got up, and grabbed woth 60 of it's tentacles a strange skull found the other day. The skull was shaped like a human's. It had no eyeholes.

That is the end of Story one of my stories. If you liked it, I must get at least 5 positive feedback to write my next story. I really enjoy writing, but I dont want to write if nobody likes it!