I'm The Bean! By G.G. (who else is this crazy?)

A/n: This short story is based on actual events that happen almost everyday at least every day.

WARNING: I Exaggerated a little.

The characters are as follows:

Friend 1= Human

Friend 2= Person

Friend 1 sis= Squirrel


Setting: My school, football field, lunch recess(the only recess)

Reasons: 1. My friend dared me to. 2. I felt like it. 3. I have a block on my other stories. 4. I was board.

Now Onward...

Me: Hey hey, I'm the Bean. you have a choice between Human, Person, Homosapean, or Squirrel.

F2:I'm the Person, but leave me outta this.

F1: Human. you're a Being, not a Bean.

Me: I'M THE BEAN!!!!

F1: OKAY, you're the Bean.

F1S: I'm a person.

Me: You are the Squirrel.

Boy: What?

Me: I'm the Bean, she's the Person, she's the Human, and she's the Squirrel.

Boy: Oookay *walks off*

Me: I throw Walnuts at the Squirrel.*picks up a Walnut*

F1S: No, No, put the nut down.

Me: Back off Squirrel. I know what you want!

F1S: NO, no *runs off*

F2: Oookay, I'm gonna go now.

Me: Stay Person *runs off after the Squirrel*

F1: Wait come back Being.

Me: Its Bean!*throws Walnut at her, picks up another*

F1: Oww*rubs head softly+

F1S: *walks back cautiously*Hey Bean I...Oww

Me: *after throwing Walnut, picks up another* Hah Hah Hah Hah I Shall rule all will bow down to the Bean.

My Bro: *walks up sounding like Bevis* My bunghole goes Braaa papapapa. I am Cornholeo. I need TP for my bunghole.

Me: *sounding like Ed* Ahhhh Evil Killer Mutant Space Monkey. Dieee*throws Walnutat him*

MB: Ha, you cannot hit me. Haa...oww

Me: Ha I hit you.

MB: you can't do that.

Me: Don't tell me I can't do something I already did.

MB: fine* walks off to play four square*

F1: What did I miss?

Me: You have missed nothing Human* picks up another Walnut*

*F2 alked off along time ago*

Me: Where is Person, and Squirrel?

F1: The bell rang along time ago.

Me: Ohh*Drops Walnut* Well then, what are we waiting for, Free biscuts lets go Human

*F1 rolls eyes*

End, till next lunchtime.