Marilyn heaved a sigh as he walked in the dark, empty corridor he had gone through two days ago when he was searching for Twiggy. It seemed exactly the same, though the corridor now seemed a lot darker, meaner, and more depressing. It was as if there was silent laughter that mocked his every move.

The little talk he had with Twiggy half an hour ago was exactly what he had expected it to be: extremely difficult and tragic. Trent's words now rang in his ears painfully.

"It's impossible to create a good album without losing at least one friend, Marilyn. Sad, but true. This is music business, not child's play."

He stopped in front of the door in which he found Twiggy just a couple of days ago. He did not expect to find Twiggy behind the door. He wasn't even sure if he deserved to ever lay his eyes on Twiggy again. But nevertheless, he turned the knob and stepped in.

Twiggy was lying on the same heap of trash Marilyn had found him on a few days before. Only this time he was not piss drunk. Rather, he was lying on his back, staring at the ceiling blankly. His mouth was slightly open and his eyes were red and puffy. He had just got done with crying moments before Marilyn walked in.

Marilyn stared at his ex-bassist in quiet fascination. Twiggy looked surrealistically young. Any lines that were supposed to be on his face were now barely visible. His eyes were blank. Those beautiful dark pools were glazed over with tears. He looked almost innocent, as if he was morphing back into his early years as he lay there. In a sense, maybe he was. Perhaps he was reminiscing those years he'd had with Marilyn and Pogo. Nights filled with sex, drugs and alcohol, and when their only goal in life was to stuff as much cocaine as possible into their nostrils.

"You're not supposed to be here," Twiggy said softly. His voice was filled with melancholy. "You have Golden Age of Grotesque to work on."

"It can wait." Marilyn said, barely audibly.

"It doesn't have to." Twiggy murmured without moving his stare from the ceiling.

There was a long, awkward silence in the room. Marilyn stood perfectly still, watching Twiggy, who was still staring at the ceiling blankly. In the absolute silence, they could hear each other's breathing. Twiggy's was ragged and choppy, while Marilyn's was slow and heavy.

"I want you to go. Leave me alone. I've told you that I don't need you." Twiggy finally said after what had seemed like forever.

"Twiggy, you're still my friend. I'm sorry music has to come between us, but whatever happens, you're still one of the most important people in my life. I think you should know that."

"No, Brian. It's not music that has come between us, and you know it." Twiggy moved his gaze for the first time, gently repositioning his head so that he was facing Marilyn. "We all change. Shit happens. You've become someone else, and so have I. Music reunites, not tear apart. It's people who drift away from each other. Maybe... maybe it's time to think what's best for the future."

"I'm... glad you understand." Now it was Marilyn's turn to avert his gaze from Twiggy.

"But I want to make this clear: I don't want to see you ever again."

"Twiggy, I thought..."

"Don't be such a dumbfuck. I've just been kicked out, I have a right to be bitter."

"But - "

"We need to move on - you and I. We both have been clinging to each other too much. It only makes things more difficult."

Marilyn cast his eyes downward. As much as he hated to admit it, everything Twiggy had said made perfect sense. He needed Twiggy so much more than Twiggy needed him. He was just afraid. Throughout his career as a shock-rocker, he'd always had Twiggy standing behind him. Only now did he realise that he felt torn apart.

"Go now. I'll leave when I'm sure I won't fall over when I stand up. And this time, don't tell that gimp Tim to get me." Twiggy said as he resumed his position to staring at the ceiling once again.

This remark cracked a weak smile from Marilyn. So Twiggy had been conscious when Tim retrieved him but chose not to make the job easier for him. How very Twiggy. Only a Jeordie White would pull such an annoying, yet endearing stunt.

"Twiggy, if you ever change your mind... if you decide you want to start talking to me again, you should know that I'm always here. I'll always be your best friend even if you don't want me."

Twiggy didn't reply. He was still staring at the ceiling as if he was busy analysing the mouldy old plaster. Marilyn sighed before turning around slowly and walked to the door. Just as he was about to close it, he heard Twiggy speak up once more.

"Thanks for your offer. I doubt if I'm going to do that any time soon, but don't think I don't appreciate it."

Marilyn smiled at Twiggy. And with that, he closed the door quietly behind him and took slow, heavy steps back to the main rehearsal room to join the rest of the band. It was a new beginning for the Golden Age of Grotesque.

- - - - - - - - - -

Believing in yourself and making a tough, almost impossible decision can hopefully define a man. This day is far harder for me and my dear friend than it is for anyone else.

I made a choice that I hope will be the best for both of us. There is no good or bad guy in this situation--- the reasons are between Twiggy and the band.

Twiggy, you will be missed and I truly hope you find something that brings you happiness. I will always be here for you. I mean that.


(Taken from Marilyn Manson's online journal)
- - - - - - - - - -


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