Here are some terms to help you understand this story; because not all of us are medieval experts!

The Abbadon Glossary:

(1) Gia-morriaed - A battle between two distinguished mages, the loser's spirit will be accepted to heaven, but will have to go through 27 years of hellish torture to do so. A gia-morriaed is a fight to the death.

(2) Corona - An experienced navigator and mapmaker who uses astronomical positions, physical surroundings (Terrain, greenery, etc,) and is often assigned to give a caravan or adventuring party's exact position.

(3) Talon Falls - A huge metatropolis built at the base of a waterfall of the corresponding name, on the shore of the Marlon River; Capital of Kreightion.

(4) Maston - A small shape shifting fairy that can fly great distances, and mimic voices and words, much like a parrot; but with a good memory, used as messengers.

(5) Lix - (Plural: Lix) A veteran archer who is trained in the arts of camouflage and long range sniping (And so is the equivalent of a 20th century sniper) and uses a special bow/crossbow hybrid to fire bolts or arrows at distances up to 1 mile, lix are usually elven.

(6) Crystaline - The term used to describe a citizen of Crystal Lake.

(7) Token - A small specially forged medallion kept by each country; upon succession, and if in possession, another Baron may present the proper token and cede control of the country.


The Stanley Lotus Sword Maneuver Table

1 Ultima - The style of swordfighting used by Stanley Lotus; a mix of all the great swordfighting styles; Samurai, Viking, Medieval English (Holy Wars period), Mongol, Russian, Central European Fencing, etc.,

2 The Hedgehog - (Ultima) A move where Stanley firmly places Abbadon pointing up from his head, behind his neck, and does a series of back flips (2=double, 3=triple, etc.,) designed to do heavy slashing damage to a single or small number (2 or 3 or even conceivably 4) of enemies from above.

3 The Falcon - (Ultima) A single low to high helix that ends with a dropping motion that changes course at a 45 degree angle to do heavy damage AND keep the momentum from the helix.

4 The Crescent Moonbeam - (Samurai) An attack where the user rotates the wrists to bring the blade upward through the target (Underhand) or down through the target from a traditional grip (Overhand).

5 Sibernack - (Scandinavian Pre-Viking) An overhead chop with a 180 rotated grip that often leaves the tip of the sword imbedded in the ground.

6 Star Killer - (Ultima) A low cross-body slash that cuts the legs off at the knees, loops up, down to remove 1 arm, up for the other, turning at the zenith of the exit wound to decapitate the enemy

7 Scorpion - (Ultima) A move where the sword is twisted so that the blade is pointing toward the swordsman, goes between the torso and arm (elbow level) to stab an enemy immediately to the 6.


Martial Law

Side kick: A kick where the knee is brought up to the torso, and the foot extends outwards, in a horizontal position, striking with the heel.

Snap kick: A kick where the foot extends outward from a high knee position to strike with the ball of the foot

Knife-Hand: The infamous karate-chop... enough said.

Spinning: Any technique done with a full 360 rotation

Turning: Any technique done with a 360 rotation followed by a return to the original position

Jumping: Any technique done with a jump

Spring: Any technique done with a jump where both feet move in-sync

Skipping: Any technique done with a double step motion


Ye Olde Tyme Terminology

The Days of Evil Saga - A series of 7 books; 1: Abbadon; 2: The Winter of Hyperion; 3: Orb of Doom; 4: The Seven Deadly Sins; 5: Death Beckons; 6: The Final Fight; 7: Lotus Family Crest

Commons - A park-like area usually located outside the mote of a castle; commons are often used for archery practice, jousting, feasts, ceremonies such as weddings, Knight training, and, of course, for the entertainment of nobility or royalty.

Catacombs - A basement-like structure under larger buildings (Such as castles) used sometimes to house and age wine or store dead bodies; catacombs were made popular by the Greek and Italian cultures.

Gauntlets - A pair of huge steel gloves used to protect the hands of knights and high-ranking warriors in battle.

Brogues - A pair of sturdy, thick, usually somewhat waterproof, leather boots worn by Scottish warriors to protect their feet from the elements.

Greaves - A pair of gigantic steel boots sometimes worn over boots to protect the wearer's feet, ankles, and shins in combat.

Golem - A beast (Usually made of rock) standing as high as 12 feet; golems are very aggressive and usually can exist only under conjuring circumstances.

Tigulated - Well constructed armor

Mail - Mail comes in several different "flavors": Chain, Link, Ring, Scale, etc., it is usually worn under thicker armor to help protect warriors in combat

Scabbard - A hard, exacted sheath used to house blades (Usually swords) when not in use

Adamantine - A rare, beautiful, and sturdy metal used usually in extremely small amounts; adamantine is so rare that oftentimes, ground in which it is found is declared holy.

Hilt - The handle of a sword

Onyx - Essentially blackened jade, Onyx is a highly priced stone used mainly for decoration, but holds very well

Obsidian - A volcanic rock that has hardened into a smooth form; also can be found in gold, and in the fabled northern obsidian mines

Aura - The word "aura" can mean either a colored glow or the force that binds the spirit to the body

Glyph - A rune letter used mainly by scholars

Scimitar - A thin, curved blade with a brass, bronze or gold handle that originated in the desert regions of the world

Relic - An old, usually mythical object

Footman - The mainstay of medieval armies; usually equipped with light armor and arms, and trained only as necessary; some footmen are servants that fight for noble masters

Breastplate - The portion of plated armor that protects the wearer's torso

Fletcher - A warrior trained in the way of the spear

Cleric - A holy, divine mage dedicated to the magicks of healing

Crimson - Red

Azure - Blue

Bolt - A headless, composite arrow, usually used in crossbows

Mithril - A legendary metal that is stronger than any other material known to any other race; only the most skilled dwarven smithies can work it.

Milord - For women: Milady. The word used to address a higher social standing person than oneself

Flagon - A large, ornate mug

Magi - A universal term used to describe a (or multiple) users of magic

Ethereal - In existence, but not of this world

Minstrel - A wandering musician, whose only friend is his mandolin.

Note - The currency spread by the empire to replace gold bullion

Electrum - Soft, chrome metal, usually used to compensate for a lack of adamantine.

Maul - A war hammer

Bard - Someone who is as skilled a warrior they are a musician

Arm - (Of a helm) A small piece of steel that protects the nose

Mace - A shaft with a series of outward extending plates.

Morning Star - A spiked ball on the end of a steel rod

Flail - More commonly known as a ball-and-chain

Yari - A long, sharp spear of Japanese origin, traditionally wielded by samurai and ashigaru

Siletto - A blade, roughly 2 feet in length, incredibly sharp, commonly used by assassins

Brothel - A whore


I Want Your Body

Torso: The central portion of the body

Flank: The sides of the body


Some More Sword Fighting Stuff

Cross-Body Chop: The sword is swung sideways across waist or chest level

Rising Slash: Where the sword comes from the ground up through the target at an angle

Armor Class: A scale representing protection of -100 to 100 -100 being no protection, 0 being a sturdy suit of armor, 100 being nearly impenetrable.

X Point Defensive Position: The defensive positions are numbered as a percent; 0% being a virtually impenetrable defense, 100% being the vulnerability of a normal standing position; the highest available D-point is 180%, meaning every part of the body can be struck with ease

X Point Offensive Position: O-Points are numbered in percents, like D- points, 0% being the sword must be repositioned for any strike, 100% being the sword can fairly easily perform any combo; the theoretical highest available O-point is 200%, meaning that any combo can be performed with a simple or effortless motion, the highest technical is 115%, being 100% with a few key moves easier than others

Feint: A fake

Helix: A clockwise or counter-clockwise horizontal movement that also veers in a vertical motion


War and Peace:

The Battle of Carlson Hill: Combatants: Crystallines -vs.- Kreights Place: Carlson Hill, Kreightion Commanders: Baron Stanley Lotus, and Duke Luther Tennenbaum Result: Retreat and pursuit Victor: Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Casualties: 212 Wounded, 173 Killed Notable Casualties: -None-

The Siege of Talon Falls: Combatants: Crystallines -vs.- Kreights Place: Talon Falls, Kreightion Commanders: Baron Stanley Lotus, Baron Nigel Tennenbaum Result: Annexation of Talon Falls, End of Crystalline/Kreight War Victor: Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Casualties: 73 Wounded, 9 Killed Notable Casualties: Baron Nigel Tennenbaum (Killed), Duke Luther Tennenbaum (Killed)

The Battle of Bladerunner's Canyon: Combatants: Crystallines -vs.- Akillans, Mats Place: Bladerunner's Canyon, Akilae Commanders: Baron Stanley Lotus, Lt. General Hogarth McAllister, and Colonel Lex Dubois Result: Ambush and complete eradication Victor: Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Casualties: 348 Killed, 501 Wounded Notable Casualties: Baron Stanley Lotus (Wounded), Sir Carmine Manald, Head Paladin (Killed), Colonel Lex Dubois (Killed)

Night of the Long Knives: Combatants: Crystallines -vs.- Rogue Mat Assassins Place: St. Kutchins' Mountains, Akillae Commanders: Baron Stanley Lotus, Count Guido Zimmerman Result: Ambush, mass casualties, narrow victory Victor: Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Casualties: 944 Killed, 1,083 Wounded Notable Casualties: Sir Tak Amos Wendell (Wounded), Count Guido Zimmerman (Killed)

The Invasion of Furinax: Combatants: Crystallines -vs.- Akillans Place: Furinax, Akilae Commanders: Baron Stanley Lotus, Baron Alex Pendragon Result: Akilae's Surrender (Signed by Duke Theodore Pendragon) Victor: Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Casualties: 0 Killed, 0 Wounded Notable Casualties: Baron Alex Pendragon (Killed)

The Battle of Howard's Pass: Combatants: Crystallines -vs.- Mats Place: Howard's Pass, Matistan Commanders: Baron Stanley Lotus, Sir Anthony Riguzzio Result: Fight to the Death Victor: Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Casualties: 663 Killed, 4 Wounded Notable Casualties: Sir Anthony Riguzzio (Killed)

The Siege of Modoc: Combatants: Crystallines -vs.- Mats Place: Modoc, Matistan Commanders: Baron Stanley Lotus, Baron Geoffrey McDermott Result: Annexation of Modoc, End of Allied War Victor: Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Casualties: 438 Killed, 19 Wounded Notable Casualties: Baron Stanley Lotus (Wounded), Baron Geoffrey McDermott (Killed)


Claim to Fame:

A comprehensive list of countries and their sides leading up to the Imperial War.

Crystal Lake: Baron Andrew Lotus (Death: Natural Causes), Baron Stanley Lotus (Succeeded)

Kreightion: Captured during Kreight War Baron Nigel Tennenbaum (Death: Killed in Action) Duke Luther Tennenbaum (Death: Killed in Action) Baron Arnold Venatir (Placed in Command by Baron Stanley Lotus)

Akilae: Surrendered during Allied War Baron Alex Pendragon (Death: Killed in Action) Baron Theodore Pendragon (Succeeded)

Matistan: Captured during Allied War Baron Geoffrey McDermott (Death: Killed in Action) Duke Cassidy McDermott (Death: Executed) Lord Jacob McDermott (Death: Suicide) Baron Juno Ling (Placed in Command by Baron Theodore Pendragon)

Ichenstein: Annexed Baroness Faith DuGaulle

Northrend: Annexed Baron Kyle O'Reily

Kingsland: Annexed Baron Thomas Egwalde

New Gibraltar: Annexed Baron Carlos Montoya

Alt: Annexed Baron Otto Deutcher

Majestatisch Smaragd: Annexed Baron Udo Richter

Haven: Annexed Baron Christopher Marlboro

Canis: Annexed Baron Jonathan Redding

Holletur: Annexed Baron Yuri Bostic

Olympus: Annexed Poseidon

Piccolo: Annexed Baron Walter Young

Titus (Imperial): Baron Herman Foxoto

Lupus (Imperial): Baron Allen Moore

Mechus (Imperial): Baron Travis Patterson

Gazzimorundo (Imperial): King Uther Seamus

Thames (Imperial): Emperor Roylance Wright


Racial Strife Made Easy:

Humans: Enough said

Dwarves: Short, hairy people who are strong, and excellent melee fighters

Elves: Pale, tall, pointy-eared people who are intelligent, wise, and nimble

Minotaurs: 2 legged bull people with good height, amazing strength, and are capable of speech

Centaurs: 4 legged bull people who are quite nimble, and very intelligent, though not capable of speech

Gnomes: Dwarf/Human Hybrids

Hobbits: Dwarf/Elf Hybrids

Halflings: Elf/Human Hybrids

Yuan-Ti: Long, lizard-like people with 3 fingers, a love for the arcane magicks, and a malevolent nature

Giants: Descendants of the long extinct troll race, they stand between 10 and 12 feet tall, and are known for their legendary strength


Of Nobility and Such:

Baron/Baroness: The Ruler of a country

Duke/Duchess: The oldest child of the Baron

Lord/Lady: All other children of the Baron

Emperor/Emperess: The ruler of the Imperial Nations

King/Queen: The 2nd in command of the Imperial Nations

Guardian: The child of the Emperor

Prince/Princess: The child of the King

Count/Countess: The Ruler of a Province

Patriarch/Matriarch: Ruler of a City-state or town

Jester: Someone who gets up in front of Nobility and makes an ass of himself for a living

Page: A Senior Footman

Paladin: A Senior Knight

Scribe: A Senior Scholar

Cardinal: A General of the Hyperion Armed Forces (First Reference: The Winter of Hyperion)

Bishop: The supreme commander of Hyperion's Armies (First Reference: The Winter of Hyperion)

Arch-Bishop: The Reigning ruler of Hyperion, and subsequently, the world, whose authority is final and foremost (First Reference: The Winter of Hyperion)


People You Should Ought to Know:

Stanley Lotus: The Main Character of Abbadon, The Baron of Crystal Lake; Due to his armor, nobody has seen his face in almost 15 years.

Andrew Lotus: The Previous Baron of Crystal Lake

Quinton Lotus: The elder Lord of Crystal Lake

Waldo Lotus: The younger Lord of Crystal Lake

Dunn Hellsong: A former knight, shamed by Baron Frederick Lotus (Stanley's Grandfather) Dedicated to the killing of Crystal Lake Royalty

Poseidon: The Chief Wizard of the Magi of Olympus

Hades: The Assistant Wizard of the Magi of Olympus

Zeus: The Lesser Wizard of the Magi of Olympus

Deimos: The Traitor of the alliance

Typhon: An Elder Archmage


Archmage of Crystal Lake

Rakar: Keeper of the Forests

Omar: Chieftain of the Dryads, Son of Rakar

Offut: A Legendary dwarven Mapmaker and Warrior

Manald: Head of the Paladins

Tak: A blind, yet talented swordfighter

Uther Seamus:

The King

Roylance Wright: The Emperor

Luther Tennenbaum: The Duke of Kreightion

Nigel Tennenbaum: The Baron of Kreightion

Alex Pendragon: The Baron of Akilae

Geoffrey McDermott: The Baron of Matistan


The demon of good, exiled by the seven deadly sins from hell for helping mortals, cast into the form of a mythical sword.

The Oracle:

The prophet of fortunes; not much is known about the oracle.


Gaea: The former master of earth; Venus' mother (Abbadon)

Aphrodite: The former master of love; Venus' elder sister (Abbadon)

Laou'Tus: A Mysterious Elven man who has won the heart of Venus: Stanley's Alter Ego (Abbadon)

Kane: The Arch-Bishop of Hyperion (The Winter of Hyperion)

Guinness: The Bishop of Hyperion (The Winter of Hyperion)

Vid O'Donnell: Captain of the Explorers of the New World (The Winter of Hyperion)

Willem Voss: The Prime Minister of the Supreme Ignacious People's Union (Orb of Doom)

Ji: The God that The S.I.P.U. Worships (Orb of Fire)

Lavid: The most powerful (And subsequently the leader) of the 7 Deadly Sins (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Vuku: One of the 7 Deadly Sins (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Apkin: One of the 7 Deadly Sins (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Tine: One of the 7 Deadly Sins (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Masmerkin: One of the 7 Deadly Sins (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Jobe: One of the 7 Deadly Sins (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Trexx: One of the 7 Deadly Sins (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Runting: The Guardian of Hell (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Count James Python: A deceased Nobility who brings evil back to the world (Death Beckons)

Jormungand: The Great demon that waits in incubation to be incarnated and enslave humanity (Death Beckons)

Mitch Wilder: A mountain man who helps Stanley hunt down and kill Jormungand (Death Beckons)

Amon: King of the witchdoctors; helps Stanley find and dispel the spirit of Count Python (Death Beckons)

Mot: The Keeper of the Top of the World who must be defeated to reach the world's summit (The Final Fight)

Zane the Magnificent: The ancient prophet who tried to conquer the world, but was stopped and trapped in a rune crystal to serve whomever possessed him (The Final Fight)


The Sum of All Fears:

Book I; Abbadon: Stanley comes to power as the Baron of Crystal Lake and unites the entire known world under his rule in a wild display of military superiority, defeating the almighty Emperor Wright with his legendary blade, Abbadon.

Book II; The Winter of Hyperion: Captain Vid O'Donnell and the explorers of the new world inform Stanley that, after a long voyage, they have discovered that the known world is only approx. 1/7 of the actual world; a war breaks out, and many die in a harsh winter's war in Hyperion. Stanley defeats the Arch-Bishop Kane in a fight that almost kills him, the world is finally mapped out, and Stanley reigns supreme again.

Book III; Orb of Fire: The Oracle tells previously of a portal that can bring an army from another time, only once in an eternity, to the planet; that army is the SIPU (Supreme Ignacious People's Union) and their fearsome leader, Prime Minister Willem Voss; They introduce arquebuses and muskets to combat; when a steel orb strikes a soldier, it flames for a second; using an outlandish plan, Stanley banishes them to hell.

Book IV; The Seven Deadly Sins: The defeat of the serpents reveals the passage they were guarding to hell; an odd circumstance causes Stanley and Abbadon to journey down to face Runting, the guardian of hell; as they make their way to hell's end, they defeat 6 of the 7 deadly sins; upon arrival, an epic swordfight causes Stanley to defeat Lavid, the supreme evil, ridding the world of all evil.

Book V; Death Beckons: The tragic death of Count James Python causes his restless soul to stir evil among the people of the world, potential creating a Deadly Sin more powerful than Lavid, even re-sparking hell, More of a holy quest than a war, Stanley finally wins the fight against evil... again... and begins to formulate a plan to make sure that it should never happen again

Book VI; The Final Fight: The Oracle brings Stanley to the top of the world to fight a great beast that is supposedly the last of evil; upon Stanley's arrival, he discovers that it is the oracle, who brought him here to die; he defeats the oracle's mortal embodiment and finally makes it home; where evil is truly gone.

Book VII: Lotus Family Crest: An Epilogue to the Days of Evil saga that gives a thereafter to the heroes that are so well known and loved, as well as a startling discovery that will give proper closure to the series.