Some short notes: After version after version after version, this is finally the one I decided on. If it doesn't make sense, don't worry. It's not really meant to yet. As usual, translations will be given at the bottom.


Prologue: Fast-Forward

Why did they even bother to shut off the lights? Don't they know I can see in any lighting? Heh, they still think I'm like them. They never learn. I'm nothing like them and I don't want to be. I just want to get out of here. I've had it with this entire set-up. I never wanted to be part of this in the first place. They tricked me into helping them, pretending to want to help me, to show me what I am, and to keep Her from finishing it. But they failed and who gets fucked over?

They know I could kill them and they know I want to. I hate being locked up! I HATE IT!

I rush the bars again. They give me the usual shock and I crumple to the floor, convulsing and struggling for air. My claws clutch at my throat. It's so stuffy in here. How long has it been since I took in the freer air. Too long. I don't deserve this. I don't care about Her wishes or Mother's plans. All I wanted was to have fun. This is NOT fun.

She keeps hurting me, clawing at my skull and trying to force an entry. If I could assemble any thought at all, I would try to fight Her. But all I can think of is escape. Don't they understand what cages do to me? I'm going mad in here. Loco!

Elkin said something about Her coveting my identity. I heard him speaking to Anilise. Like either of them care what happens to me. I'm just a Lunes, one of the last. They would be happier if I were dead. Well, I won't give them the satisfaction. I don't care how long they keep me in this hellhole; I will outlast the both of them.

~They're wrong about him. He can't be gone. Not all gone. We found him once, we can do it again.~

Ah, my bonded is thinking of me. Usually, I shut him out. He tends to whine and hog my time. As of now, I lack the strength to even get up. I am at mercy to his thoughts. They flicker through my mind like dying sparks from a flame. He's depressed. He was the only one who fought against their decision to throw me in here again. But don't expect me to jump up and thank him. Arye has no choice but to help me. He is mine.

~I hope he's still awake.~

When do I ever sleep, lobito? For that matter, when do you? We are but creatures of the night. Clientes de la noche.

I smile at the phrase.

~I'm coming, Raoul.~

My name. Too long have I been kept from it. She clouds my mind from my memories and no others will approach my cell. They are only aiding her. Estupidos. But I already knew that.

The longer I stay isolated, the better chance She has of stealing my existence. If I cannot remember who I am, then how am I supposed to hold onto to my identity? Did that ever cross your high and mighty brain, oh Hale?

I snort. Probably not. I pace around the cell. How long have I been imprisoned? I can't remember. It's so hard to remember anything. She doesn't want me to. To think, I once called Her friend. I once loved Her.

Sometimes, I still do. Or is that her making me think I do? I can barely tell the difference now. That alone tells me she's winning. Damn it! I hate losing.

A god losing? I wouldn't have believed it possible. Though, I do make a fairly shitty god. I mean, I was subdued by a pair of teenagers. Mother would laugh at me if she were here.

She's not here. Nobody is. They're afraid of me. They don't want to face their true selves. Their Beast. The pack of cowards, don't they realize that without our Beast, we are just like everyone else. It is this that brings us our power, our destiny. Why not embrace it?

Yet, they run.

Mierda, I'm starting to sound scared. Am I scared? I wouldn't know? Fear is not something I'm used to feeling. Tobias never approved. He used to always tell me that sometimes everyone needed fear. Fear makes people take action. Well, I'm scared and it's not doing me a damn bit of good.

"Tobias," I snarl, gripping the bandanna in my left hand. "Look where your fear led you."

"I'm not giving up, not without one last try."

That's coming from outside the room. Arye?

"I dragged you into this world, Raoul, and I'm going to drag you out. You can run, run away where nothing will ever affect you again. Frenki will be powerless." He sounds on the verge of tears. "It was wrong for us to bring you here. This was never your fight."

What are you nattering about now, mi lobito? If Elkin knew you were here...I guess I should be flattered. You're starting to act like me. My little prodigy. Next thing I know, you'll be springing animals from zoos and perfecting on my art of the one-night stand.

"I'm sorry...for everything," Arye sighs. "But no longer shall I hide behind my apologies. Starting now, I'm making up for them."

My ears pick up on the sound of tapping keys as a code is punched into the outside panel. It's not the same as last time. The rhythm tells of new pattern. Elkin was smart enough to change it, but he failed to take into account the combined expertise of Ayre and Isis. I wonder how long it took them to figure it out.

Arye must have worked Isis for hours to get her to agree. She's given up on me. In my more petty moments, I've blamed it on what happened to Gavin. Isis never did forgive me. I think it would shock her to know that I regret it as well.

"Raoul?" The door slides open. Still on my knees, I wrap my fingers around the bars.

What took him so long? I wish she hadn't stolen my voice. God, I could kill Arye! I have every right to. If not for him, none of this would be happening and I would be spending the night in some cheap hotel bed, getting laid by the hottest guy available. I certainly wouldn't be in this murky cell, sizing up the guy who has come to spring me.

"Are you ok, sugar?" He walks further into the room.

My glare falters and I yank myself from the bars and back into a corner. I really shouldn't take chances. She is still waiting. If Arye releases me, she might turn on him. I don't really want to see my lobito killed. I can't let Her do that.

Lowering my eyes, I shake my head at him.

"Don't worry," he whispers, giving me a soft smile. "I know what I'm doing. I have a plan...for once."

I still don't like this. Whining, I turn my body in toward the wall.

Something shines in my eyes. Silver. I scream and shut them quickly as they start to burn from the reflection. Ayre gasps. I open my eyes to see him drop to his knees, blood spurting from his chest and splashing against the floor. I want to know where he cut himself. I stare at him but my eyes train on the flowing liquid.

So hungry. Arye, tu cabron! Why are you doing this to me? I'm starving!

My tongue passes over my dry lips.

I press against my cell bars. They begin to give under my growing power. I know She is upon me.

Blood bubbles from Arye's mouth. "Come to me, Frenki."

How can he say that so calmly? She'll tear him limb from limb. She'll...

The bars snap in half and I lunge from my prison, ready to sup on the fading life before me.

I never see the blade that finds its way under my forelimb and into my heart. Choking, gasping, and coughing, I grab Arye around his back, driving in my claws. We collapse in a wet, fleshy huddle, blood spreading from our wounds. Arye clutches me too him, his breath growing weaker. I can feel his blood coat my chest. Now, I know where the dumbass stabbed himself--in the exact same place he stabbed me. Never figured Arye for a murder-suicide candidate.

Then, things start to hurt. Everything. No way is this what getting stabbed is supposed to feel like. My body shakes as if it intends to fall apart and I hear screaming in my ears. Hers? Mine? Does it ever matter? Arye isn't screaming. He isn't moving at all.


What do you know? I guess I can care about something. Take that, Elkin!

But before I have a chance to bask in my victory, everything goes black. You know, sometimes life can really....



lobito: little wolf

Mierda: shit

cabron: asshole