At sunrise I went to the river
To meet the sweet love of mine
The thought of it makes me shiver:
A secret just hers and mine.

As I wait near the whispering streams
Watching the coldness run by
My eyes start to fix as it seems
That little white flakes float by.

There they dance in their liquid ballroom
Caressed by some early dew
Four white leafs of a roses' bloom
Like my maid so pure as dew.

So I seek for the holy white flow'r
loosing its beauty in morn
That gave its leafs in a shower
so senseless and lonely in morn.

I can still see my love at the bank
The rose in her hand so pale
Hair of blood and water all lank
Her head on the stone so pale.

And I weep near the whispering streams
Where she lost her beauty in morn
Where her eyes had to break as it seems
So senseless and lonely in morn.