By:Andrew Troy Keller

To some,superstitions are nothing more
Than just childish folklore.
However,on one particular Friday,
One superstition had Joshua McCray
Into a mess of bloody gore.

Joshua was on his way to meet his friend,Matt
Schwimmer at the truck stop where they had lunch at.
Suddenly,after he had left the rest stop,a small furry
Creature had popped up in a hurry.
That creature was a small black cat.

After it had been hit by his truck,
Joshua got out and saw that he had hit a symbol of bad luck.
And yet,Joshua never believed in such trash,
Nor give up on hauling run and miss out on some well-earned cash.
So,he had decided to feed that dead cat to the ducks.

After that,he figured nothing else would go wrong.
But it was he who was wrong,
For before he had gotten back into his rig,
He heard a sound that was not of a blue-ribbon pig.
He turned around and found out what went wrong.

There was a black panther that looked like it came from the dead
And it had a deep gash on it's forehead.
Just then,Joshua realized that he fed that cat to the ducks
And for that,he had just ran out of luck.
Just as the panther lunged toward him poor Joshua was already dead.

A few hours later,Matt had gone with Carla
Scolari,a highway-partrol officer to look for Joshua.
But when they found him,a fear of dread
fell upon them,for they found lying in a pool of purest red.
"It looks like a big cat got him.",said a scared Carla.

"But how could it be,Carla?",asked a confused Matt.
"How could it really be a cat?
Because,I was looking around
For Joshua and found this dead one on the ground."
Still,Carla was convinced that it was a cat.

That is why there'll always be a black wreath
On that piece of highway on every Friday the 13th.