Teary dreams ,
Fill the night ,
Lands of old hear my call ,
Sweaty sheets .

Tangled around ,
Danger comes ,
All around ,
Magic flies around my head .

I don't know south ,
I don't know north ,
I don't know east ,
I don't know west ,

No where can I turn to leave ,
It carries me away ,
Even if I get close ,
To the door .

The magic carries me to sea ,
When I return to the place ,
Near the door ,
It always carries me away .

Sometimes on a ship ,
So near ,
But so far away ,
Sometimes in the water .

Drowning with the tides ,
To see the safty of the skies ,
With the tides I would ride today ,
But I climb to the boat .

The bad thing about the boat ,
Is the sailors ,
Pirates they are ,
And they kill me each and every time .

So I live in my mind ,
In these teary dreams ,
Scared out of my head ,
So I wake early on this summer's dawn .