Dragon skies ,
And flames above ,
Death's departure ,
From the world .

Moons of sky ,
Fill my head ,
Clouds above sail overhead ,
Times are gone .

When I could watch these ,
Like footprints in moving sand ,
And magic lands ,
With forests with waterfalls and such .

Every place I go ,
I see the same things ,
I could travel the world over ,
And yet see nothing .

I see a void ,
A nothingness ,
To fill ,
To watch grow into a field .

To watch time pass by ,
And watch the things I create ,
Like art ,
By mixing the paint .

Red ,
Blue ,
Yellow ,
With you I can create a rainbow .

A rainbow so inspiring to watch ,
To drift with it ,
Through the west ,
To watch the golden clouds of sunset from it's arch .

To sit upon the same clouds as thee ,
And to sing the songs of old to thee ,
To learn of the times of old ,
To know why you were born .

To know your fate ,
And your destiny ,
To watch the clouds drift away ,
Like a life so far away .

So when the three old crones ,
Cut my cord ,
I can drift away into nothingness ,
And live a voidful life of happiness .