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September 11th:
A Defining Moment
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September 11th was a tragedy, of course. The four planes crashed, the World Trade Center came down, and the Pentagon was left with four sides. Now, I ask: Why did this happen, and who really was the person (or people) behind this? Is it really Osama bin Laden, or was he framed? Or... maybe America deserved it? These questions might never be answered.
To ask an American citizen, they might say, "One of my relatives[or someone I knew] died in there like many others." And then they would go on and on about how much they hate bin Laden and all the people in Afghanistan. Hate. That's cruel. Some of them don't even know the facts. It's a stereotype. "All Afghans are from Hell."
But to hear the story of an Afghan? We wouldn't even think about that, would we? What's their say in this? "The U.S. invaded our country, looking for bin Laden, right? Guess what they did besides that." But it happened in the U.S. Taxi drivers that looked like Arabs were pulled out of their cabs and beat them. Shops that were owned by Muslims were set fire to and torn through . "Is that how you treat someone?!" Even the innocent, the people who didn't take a part in this? Yeah, they felt sorry for America, but after this... how can they?
Does this sound like I'm against The U.S. of A.? If you ask me, I have to say I'm neutral to all of this. I really wasn't affected by the crashings or the war. Still, I don't call myself an innocent bystander. Everyone plays a role in this play. Yeah, you too, reader. People, I'm not playing favorites. See, I used to think, Why, why did those hijackers do this? Horrible, really. That made me feel sort of against Afghanistan. That is, for a whole year. And then—oh, wait a minute, is anyone familiar with the magazine Time? Well, here was a special edition on September 11th, talking about the attacks, and then there was this article on a Pakistani girl. I read the thing over and over, and when it sunk through, I was like, "Oh my God, this actually happened?!" From there, it was totally impossible to take sides.
And then on September 10th, my Language Arts teacher gave us this assignment to write something about September 11th being a "Defining Moment."
To conclude, has anyone heard that quote? About "forgetting who you were a year ago on September 11th?" No. Nobody should forget. Who they were, what they were like, what they were doing and where they were when they heard... Some things, even if they were just memories, should remain, and never be forgotten.

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Sana Shah: The interview left me in shock for a while, I never knew all of that (O.O)
Time Magazine: Couldn't have written this without your help and that article ;)
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