Author: Lula

What is the significance of life?
When the life you speak of is filled with pain.
Pain, unending, that cuts the heart like a knife.

What is the meaning in living?
If the pain consumes you so
That all you keep doing is giving.

Giving, so that it dulls the pain.
That comes naturally to create a distraction.
So we continue to live our lives in vain.

How can one love those that cause us such grief.
The grief of knowing that there is nowhere to turn.
And so we continue, with no chance of relief.

Should life be filled with such anguish?
Anguish that consumes the heart like a fire.
A fire that engulfs us, one that we cannot extinguish.

There is no such thing as the gift of love.
When one gives it in false pretense.
Are we to believe their lies and fly on the wings of a dove?

So many times concerning love, we are deceived.
Deceived to the point of blindness.
But dread and torment is all we have received.