She'd rather be indoors,
he'd rather be out;
and she hates when he comes
to her house, hot and sweaty
and reeking of mud, grass, and
rough boyhood laughter.

He'd rather be skipping,
she'd rather be in class;
and he hates when she lectures
about how she doesn't think
that he should be neglecting his responsibilities
and other such tedious matters.

But they both like music,
they both like pizza;
and they love to go out
on Saturday nights
to a little pizzeria
on the corner of Main Street
that plays the radio
nice and loud.

They talk about their pasts,
their present,
their futures,
their goals in life—
and they realize how
they really are...

But he loves her,
and she loves him,
and that's all that really matters.

Author's Notes: This was written for my English class, on the differences and similarities between boys and girls. I hate that they tell you your whole life "never prejudice" and then ask you to make generalizations, which are nothing more than unfair preconceptions. --; Anyways...aside from the ranting, that's why I had to write this. This is slightly off-subject if you ask me, so I have a separate, slightly edited version that adds some extra things in to make it stick with the "boys and girls" topic. But I like my original version much better, and that's what's posted here. ^_^;
At any rate, the title does have a bit of a double-meaning (as usual XD you know how I love that stuff). The two different connotations are at the end of the second verse and the end of the last. ^_^ I think you can draw your own conclusion there, I need not lead you to it. :) Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! ~MJ
Date of Composition: September 14, 2002 at approx. 12:30 a.m. (10th grade)