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Was It Fate?

"What?! Have you lost your mind?!" she hollered, struggling to get out of the grasp of the two guards holding one arm each.

"No, and I suggest you show some respect! Neça Zoro will not tolerate the same abuse Ms. VT!" The Neça's main assistant, Nif, said.

"I believe I can speak for myself, Nif." Everyone turned to the long spiral of stairs that the Neça was descending. The guards and Nif automatically bowed, but VT just sat there shooting a deadly glare her way.

"My, don't you know it is rude not to bow before your Neça?" Neça Zoro said, as she walked over to VT. She circled VT, studying her as if she was a science project.

"I guess I will just sit here till you stop staring at me…"

"Oh, forgive me Ms um...VT, is it?"

 "Y-yes Neça!" Nif and the guards got back to their feet.

 "So, you're the supreme fighter I've heard of that's been wondering around this planet."

"What do you want with me?" She growled.

"Show the Neça some respec-"

"Nif, I said I can speak for myself! Now hush and sit yourself down! All three of you!"

"Yes Neça!" Nif and the guards immediately rushed to chairs, not wanting to upset her.

"Now, Ms. VT, would you like a drink? Perhaps a little brunch?"

"No, I would just like to know why I have been dragged from Tenai, all the way to here!"

The Neça stopped in front of VT. "I will be blunt with you, Ms. VT: I need you to help save this planet." VT raised an eyebrow. 'Save the planet?' she thought. Who was threatening it?

"A woman has come to this planet with her army, and the world of Zorahe was, very much, not prepared for an attack. Why, we haven't had a war here in thousands of years, so naturally-"

"You want me…to save this planet?" she narrowed her eyes. The Neça looked over to Sinc Nif, who seemed to be struggling not to say something about VT's rudeness.

"Nif, why don't you and the guards go out to the other four and explain to them our plans of action, hm?"

"But, Neça, I don't know if leaving you alone with this…this Fik, this low class-"

"Sinc Nif, exit this room or I will remove you from this room myself!" The Neça threatened.

"Y-yes Neça," Nif sighed in defeat as he exited the room, the two guards following.

"Come, young one," the Neça called VT as she went back up the stairs. 'I should kill her…' VT thought as she followed behind.

She led VT up all the way to the top, which was a few hundred feet up. When they finally reached the top, the Neça, who was surprised to see VT didn't seem to tired at all, led VT to the edge and looked over.

"Can you see something interesting from this view?" the Neça asked. 

"If you mean my hometown, yes," she snorted as she glanced, and saw something she didn't expect.  In her hometown of Rorai, she could see a humungous battle going on from her current position. 'What is…going on?'

"What is going on?!" she screamed, as she ran through the town. People fighting, children crying, soldiers dying. It all happened so fast; she couldn't even comprehend it all. As she ran around the corner, she was shocked as she saw-

"Ms. VT!" the Neça said for the third time.

"Huh? What?" she snapped out of the flashback that…she didn't even seem to remember happening.

"I said we must act now. I have four others downstairs who will be your partners-"

"Oh, I get it! I'm just supposed to sit here and be your servant because you can't seem to save this planet yourself, so I'm just sitting here at your disposal, along with four people I haven't even met before! This is great!"

VT paced around back in forth, running her fingers through her hair as she sucked in all the information.

"Please try to understand, my chil-" 

"Understand? Understand?! There is a war going on out there that I just found out about 30 seconds ago and you want me to just jump to my feet and go marching in?!" VT was furious.

"You are the strongest fighter known on this planet and you know so, which is why I don't see why you, purposely let the guards drag you in here if you really did not want to come!"

VT, with nothing to say, sat down on the edge and held her head in her hands. She knew the Neça was right; she had let the guards drag her into the castle out of curiosity of why the Neça would ask for her, specifically.

"I thought so," Neça Zoro said, walking back to the steps. "Now come, we haven't a lot of time! I give them an hour before they break through the forces that impede them from getting into this city." "Then, you…me…us, we will fight along side those we stand by to the end, and will honor those who died for the cause of saving the planet we all love: Zorahe."

"Where are Neça Zoro and the Fik?" Sinc Nif paced around the castle porch, awaiting the two. He already did not like the girl, considering she was a Fik, or a homeless person (low class), and he didn't like the fact that she felt as if she could just talk to the Neça how she pleased.

"Don't worry, they have enough time," Yineko reassured.

 "How do you know? They could have already defeated the people of the town of Rorai and could be here any minute now!" Sentano exasperated.

"They couldn't have that fast! Leveye jumped in.

"Yeah!" Yineko said again as she got into his face. Sentano growled in response to her action.

"Hey, all you shut up! We're suppose to be fighting the enemy, no each other!" Monosayu yelled.

"Precisely, Mr. Mono." Everyone turned around and saw the Neça and VT walking down the stairs. Everyone immediately bowed. "You may rise," the Neça smiled. They rose to their feet then turned their attention to the person standing aside her. "Ms. Yineko, Ms. Leveye, Mr. Sentana, and Mr. Mono, I would like you to meet Ms. VT." Neça Zoro stepped to the side so VT could be completely seen.

As the 4 stared at her, and she stared back, there was a silent conversation going on. She had an unusual humbleness to her for that moment as she looked among her fellow warriors. 'This is really happening…' She turned to look at Mono and something clicked in her head. 'Do I…know him?'

"Do I know you?" the woman asked the man. "No, I don't think so. I could never forget a face so beautiful," she kissed her hand like a gentleman. The woman blushed and pulled her hand away. "I-I have to go," she quickly walked away.

'She is so beautiful.'

'She is so beautiful,' Mono thought, vaguely remembering her face. Zoro's face lightened up as she saw the two gaze at each other. 'Staring into each other's eyes…just like they used to.' She thought.

"Ahem," Nif interrupted the silent moment between the 5.

"Oh," Yineko snapped out of their trance first, "Are we going to go now?"

 "No, we will wait for them to come to us," Neça Zoro stated.

"But Neça, sire, why let them come into the city when we can prevent that?"

"There are thousands of guards waiting for their arrival, Nif! If the guards wear them down ever more, then we will have a much better chance of getting to the ruler then if we have to face what's left of the army first. The guards can distract while we attack, understand?"

"Y-yes Neça, I suppose so." Nif would rather not have waited but he did not want to make her angry.

"Well I'm going! I'm not going to sit around here after I have just been dragged down here to fight in this war! What do you think I am, some coward?" VT frowned as she begin walking to the entrance.

"Girl, the Neça said we will stay and that is what we will do!" one guard said, grabbing her arm. She snatched her arm out of his grasp and growled.

"I am sick of everyone calling me girl! I could have sworn 16 was the age when you were known as an adult! I am not a girl, I am a young woman, and I do not appreciate you all calling me girl, including your 'Neça'!"

Nif was taken back. "Neça Zoro is the ruler of this planet and she can and will call you anything she pleases-" "Nif, if you speak for me once more, I put you in the front line wearing a shirt that says "Kill Me!" and bold letters, understand?!" Zoro glared.

"Y-yes sire, sorry!" Nif walked quickly to a corner and stood there. Zoro didn't want to yell at him but he was really going off line, like always.

"Yes, you are a woman, I apologize," the Neça bowed apologetically. VT crossed her arms with a slightly hurt look on her face. "You see, I am thousands of years old, so, to me, you all are children," Zoro giggled lightly. "Whatever, I'm still going, goodbye!" VT said, turning around and walking towards the entrance again and walked out the door. 'Just like last time,' Zoro thought.

"Wait!" Mono was about to go after her.

"Let her go," Zoro said.

"But Neça, she will be killed! We need her!" Leveye said in response.

"I think you are underestimating her abilities, Ms. Leve. Now, what is right is that she is in need of our help, as we our in need of hers. Since she has left and, obviously, is not coming back, we will have to change our plans. Now, this what we'll do…"

"Alright soldiers, attention!" Sinc X, Sinc Nif's fellow sinc, shouted. "I have just gotten word that the enemy broke through but, besides their leader, they are very weak, so this is what we'll do. This half," X split the group in half with an imaginary line he made with his hand, " will fight the soldiers whilst the other half goes for the leader. You will fight to the death in the name of your planet, Zorahe. If you have walked down the right path of life, when you die, you will be rewarded with heaven."

"Don't be afraid to die, men, be afraid to die for the wrong reason. If anyone is here for any other reason than the reason of wanting to save your home planet, I suggest you leave now." Silence filled the air for a moment and everyone looked around for people to leave. No one left.

"Good. Now, be ready! The enemy will be here any min-"

"Wait!" a feminine voice shouted out. X look among the crowd to see a young woman running up to the front, pushing past anyone in here way. When she got up to him, she looked X dead in the eye and said "I will fight the leader…alone."

Gasps and whispers could be heard as she stood, awaiting the Sinc's response. "E-Excuse me? You want to fight the leader of the enemy…alone?" he was half-shocked.

 "Yes," she said, confidently.

 "What do you mean you want to fight? You're a woman!" One man yelled. "Yeah, women can't fight!" another laughed.

"What's your name anyway, girl?" one man said that came up into her face. Her lip twitched slightly.

"My name…is VT…and don't…call…me…girl!" She screamed right before punching him dead in the nose, knocking him out cold.

"Now, does anyone else want to discuss how us women cannot fight?!" She looked angrily around, daring anyone to say something. No one answered. "Good," she turned back to X, "Now I said I want to fight the leader alone and I mean it and if  you have a problem with that, I suggest you kill me because, otherwise, I'm doing it!"

X smirked, admiring her courage."Well, Ms. VT, if you want to fight the leader alone, I won't stop you, but if you need help, me and my men are with you all the way. Aren't we soldiers?" X looked around threateningly, a look similar to VT's.

"Yes sir!" they said in unison.

"Good-" "Sinc X, they're here!" one man shouted. The sinc swung around to see a flock of enemy soldiers a few hundred feet from where they stood.

"Yes, I see! Thank you soldier!" The Sinc jumped off the rock he stood on.

"Are you ready men?"

"Yes sir!" they assembled into neatly-made lines, standing tall and proud. The man VT had previously knocked out dragged himself to the back.

"You can stand in front with me," the middle-aged leader looked at her and smiled.

As she looked at him, she suddenly remembered a similar experience.

"You can stand in front with me," the man said to the only woman who stood before the army of soldiers, and smiled. The woman looked at him with a slight hint of surprise in here eye, which immediately turned into arrogance.

(…is that me?)

"I was going to anyway," she said, crossing her arms.

He snorted, amused. "I know."


They sat there, gazing at each other momentarily as the enemy drew closer and closer. In the heat of the moment, the man bent down and kissed the woman, then quickly breaking away. "Good luck," was the last thing he said to her.

"Charge!" He rose his sword high into the air and the soldiers ran, rushing by like one huge gust of wind. "Bye…" he said, before following after his soldiers.

"Wait!" she shouted, but he kept going and disappeared into the forest of fighters.

"Catch!" a voice said.

"Huh?" VT looked up just in time to catch a sword that was thrown her way. She looked ahead and saw Mono. "Mono? W-what are you doing up here?" she said as she looked past him to see the soldiers were almost there.

"Orders from the Neça," he said. He stood up on the rock the Sinc had recently stood on. "Listen up!" he shouted out to the soldiers. "The Neça said spread out amongst the city! Don't ask why, just do it!" He jumped back off the rock and ran up to VT.

"Come on!" he grabbed her hand and ran past the confused guards, who were slowly spreading out as the Neça assumingly ordered.

"Hurry up, you heard him! The Neça has ordered we spread out!" Sinc X hollered. The guards immediately picked up their pace.

"Where are we going?!" VT yelled.

"Just come on!" he said as they approached a tall, narrow building. "We need to go to the top," he said, busting the door open. They ran up the long flight of stairs to the roof of the circular building and looked out.

"Now, this is what the Neça said we should do," he began to explain. "There are 5 main parts to this city, and five of us, so, she said we should each take one part. Make sense?"

VT blinked a few times. "I guess-"

"Good, because if we split up, we can take out more, then we can get the leader." He finished.

"But I want the leader to myself!" she yelled. She didn't know why, but she had this horrible hate for a leader she didn't even know and she didn't know why.

"Sorry, an order's an order," he said. VT growled and looked away. Mono looked down, feeling badly about her having to take orders to sit and wait when she wanted to have her chance to fight the leader alone. For some reason, he could feel her want to destroy the leader, but, was also clueless as to why it mattered so much.

"VT…listen, I want to tell you something," he said, looking back up.

"What is it?" she said softly, not even turning to face him. "I've been having…these flashbacks…at least I think they are." VT snapped her head back and look at him.

"You…you too?"

"Y-yeah. You have too?" "Yeah b-but I didn't know what they were," she said, stepping up to him. "V…I…I think I l-"

 "Help!" a voice suddenly cried out. They looked down over the edge and saw Leveye being attacked head-on by about 30 soldiers.

"Hold on!" Mono yelled. He turned to VT. "You help her, I'll go see about the Neça!" He ran back into the building. "Wait!" she said but he was gone. She hesitated for a moment, not knowing what to do.

She looked back over and saw Leveye was beginning to lose. That's when she saw a long rope she could slide down on. She figured it would be the best course of action, and she would not be burned because of her gloves.

"Ah!" She jumped for the rope and slid right down the side of the building, sparks flying from the friction caused by her shoes. Just a few feet before the bottom, she jumped off in into the middle of the soldiers, killing one with her sword as she landed.

Weapons came flying from right to left, and she handled them all with ease. Some guards had even began to back away as they saw their fellow warriors being tossed away like trash by the female. Leveye, who had been cut badly, got back to her feet and began fighting again, trying to take some of the guards for VT.

Then they heard someone behind them. They turned quickly to see who it was. It was Yineko, ready with her axe.

"VT, I'll finish them off! Go find the Neça, I'm afraid the leader might have gotten to her!" Yineko shouted over the chaos.

"Ok!" she replied, killing one last soldier in her way then running towards the castle. Guards fled to get in her way but she ran straight through them, attacking whoever got into her way. She was right at the castle door when she heard laughing on the side of the building.

'So familiar…' She ran to see what was happening. She had a feeling that she had to look, whether she wanted to or not. She turned the corner and saw someone turned with their back to her in a black cloak, holding someone with, what seemed to be a knife, held to someone's throat.

She slashed the person with the knife and the person fell to the ground. 'I remember this…that's…Mono!" "No!" She cried out and she jumped the person with her sword.

"What?!" the cloaked person turned around just in time to see someone jumping right at her with a sword. "Stop!" Neça Zoro, who had ran to Mono and was holding her hand on his head. VT fell, forcing herself to stop. "Why?! She just killed Mono!" VT screamed, holding back tears.

"No, he's still breathing! I will help him, you just take care of her and throw her into the dungeon, do not kill her!" VT couldn't even pick herself up, having problems trying to fight her emotions. This gave the cloaked woman ample time to strike.

"Ah!" VT cried as she felt a knife go straight through her chest, just missing her heart.

She grabbed the knife as the woman let go. Zoro did not notice, for she was in deep concentration, healing Mono. VT began to breathe heavily and the woman stood there, laughing in her face. "You didn't get rid of me last time and you won't get rid of me this time!" the woman spat the words in her face.

VT slowly started falling to the ground, slowly…slowly…slowly. Suddenly, she grabbed the sword beside her and slashed the woman right in the face, leaving a scar that would never go away. The woman screamed as she fell to the ground. That gave VT that opportunity to stab her in her right leg, causing more shrieks of pain.

"That's the last time you…try to kill…my love-" VT passed out before she could finish. Just then, the rest of the crew came over and scooped up the woman, going to go throw her into the dungeon.

"Wasn't worth it…was it mother?" Zoro whispered.

'Mother?' VT thought. Her body was passed out but she could still here everything going on around her. Mono opened his eyes, finally healed. He looked over and saw her on the ground, unconscious and dying. "VT!" he raced over to her. He flip her over and pulled out the knife.

"I will take care of the…woman," Nif walked over and said, smiling at his Neça, who smiled back.

 "You do that, Nif, while I go talk to my mother," Zoro got to her knees and walked away.

"Can I help you?" Mono requested.

"Of course, after all, she is yours."

Mono picked her up, getting blood onto his shirt from her wound, but he did not care. "I can't believe history replayed itself…"

"Let us go," Nif said, putting his hand on Mono's shoulder as they walked from the battlefield and into the castle.

"It'll be ok," Mono whispered in her ear. She moved slightly, indicating she heard him. As he sat there, holding the woman he had fell in love with one time ago, he thought 'Was is fate?'

The End.