An Angel's Faith By Caelestis

Always in my life I looked to the sky
sometimes I would wonder, what if I could fly?
Fly high like the clouds, and the birds in the trees
and then I would sigh; the dream could not be

One day I was walking, along with my mom
in a city so big that the towers touched the sun
When I happened to see something flying in the air
It was moving so fast; it glinted like my hair

My mother said that it was a plane
But then she gasped, it was too low to stay
the building next to us exploded in flame
We were sent to the ground, and my mother cried

My father, she said, was still inside
Though alarmed for my dad, surely he was safe;
He just needed a guide from the place
I ran past my mother, no heed to her cries, up past the stairs and into a sight

People were running, to and fro
some women screaming, and men were also
I spotted my dad, he was lying at his desk
amid the chaos, and dust, and glass

I went to his side, stepping over the rubble
yet my father remained, unmoved from his Bible
He was praying, he said, for his friends who had died, and for his legs because he said he would lie

I looked where he pointed, at what lay on his lap, and realized that blood flooding under under a map
came from my father; he could not walk back
He told me to run, and yet I stayed
tears on my cheeks, and breast heaving in fain

My mother, he told me, would miss me the most
I shouldn't have come, and he gave up the ghost
Wails wracked my throat, I tugged and I tried
but he was gone, he had really died

A groaning filled my ears with dread
was it too late, to do as he said?
As I prayed, I felt a man
wrap his warm arms around my small hands

I turned in surprise at his shining face
white robes flowed 'round his elegant waist
he said I was safe, my father was too
I would join him someday, but not so soon

I cried in surprise at his wings outspread
was this really an angel, sent down from Heaven?
In embrace so loving, and tender and true
he guided me down past the floors which I flew

In a fall of dust, he protected me from
uniting me again with my mom
before I could thank him, he turned and said
to always listen, to have faith in HIM

Because when I prayed, He would answer my prayers
all through life, through school, through 'eir
Because I believed, in both hope and despair
My Heavenly Father, would always be there.