Somehow She Missed The Ground

By The Shattered Angel

(Sometimes I get depressed. I know, I creep myself out when I write poetry like this-_-0 I probably did the same thing with you guys. Well, I'm happier now. No more stress!)

She fell through the clouds and down to where the dirt lay
Yet somehow she missed the ground
The vines caught her by the arms and legs instead
Vines with thorns, piercing her wrists, her ankles
And as she bled on that thorny bed
She began to pray for miracles

A tear or two ran down her face
Her strength was gone, drowning in bigger fears
Knowing that fairy tales were nothing but a writer's imagination
Aware that magic and angels didn't exist anymore
Only the monsters hiding in the dark side of her heart
The same ones that caused her to fall

As the sweat rolled and the sorrow engulfed her
She heard the thunder clap and shake her soul inside
The more she struggled to get out, the deeper the thorns went in
'Till they were halfway into her skin and poisoning her
So she let herself bleed and allowed herself to feel pain
Even if it ended up killing her

There she stayed, on that bed of thorns, wrapped in vines
Bound to the sins she committed and crying tears
A salty taste in her mouth, she swallowed and hung her head
And for once, she felt the sunlight on her face
She blinked once, twice, three was there!
After days of pain and guilt, she could see the sun

And the light that came with it! How bright and beautiful!
The pain disappeared though she was still caught in the vines
With the sun, came the screams from inside
They were monsters dying, dying from the new hope
They sunk into the pool of light, these sins inside her heart
The very same ones that caused her to fall

The sun remained, miracles were found
And from the corner of her mouth, a smile appeared
The first time she smiled...after the fall