Darrow And Bryan

oh damn things
are falling over again
and smaller tracts in
the smoothed
grass of the yard are
dark and filled with
completely melodramatic

ah there is a lot
to be said of suddenness. each one happens twice
each one is
the combustion of a song in
a car horn a photograph flaming
merrily besides the birthday cake
left over from last

the light is stronger in reflection. some
one is having his monologue. endlessly and upon bricks
endlessly in southerly
heat staring face into silver the standard
fare of eye. of deep eye. of pool
and stagnant brackish water hanging
about in mounds the ponds of evolution
and the fountain of youth

an old man
stands and
stands and does
not fall but he sleeps
long and sound
and he stands
as he sleeps. quickly
quickly the heart is racing
towards the antiquated veins

and it is about to storm. night is uneven. the reflection is about
as real
as the windstorm
of ego out-