Stephane Mallarme As A Chocolate Candy

Mallarme is a candy-
bar a sort of candy-
bar with an accent mark
over the e that is hard to
juxtaposition in translation when
the syllables are
trashed over and unrecognizable. the
way every-
one wants it

or the

translators who are growing poor and crashing about the littered
graveyards of old
stock markets

Mallarme is
that when he
used to write
perhaps he
fashioned himself
wonderfully smooth
of held in a foil
wrapper for a small child
to purchase for
old quarters stuck
to the inside of their hands
at the corner

and here standing: the old Indian man at the counter watching the young boys for a shoplifting face amid them-

gaudy candy names are uninspired- galaxies and streets in new york city;
old men. or a blue
book at home that
still, when shoved in one's face,
is august and happy. Mallarme stood at an ocean wood
desk and wrote

some poems

and then fell asleep. or like myself
with wrappers of what I fed to the dogs
or threw out-
doors for neighborhood children lying about under

the whitelight