Shadow of A Vampire
Chapter one: Truth

Vampire. That one word embodies generations of irrational fear or the dark,the undead or the unknown.

"One hundred years ago, Sotul town was attacked. To this day,the cause of the many innocent victims who's lives had been lost remain a mystery." Kristen read the first sentence of the book,placing it down on the table beside her. She stood walking over to the counter,pulling down a coffee cup and pouring it full. She glanced back at the book titled 'History of Sotul' all crap made up to hold the reader's interest. There was no big attack. I would of heard about it. She sighed turning around.

Standing in front of her sliding glass doors was a man in a black shirt,pants and trench coat,his face shadowed by darkness.

Kristen sighed "What do you want, Alex?"

Alex stepped out of the shadows,walking over to her couch,sitting down. He picked up the book she had be reading "The History of Sotul sounds interesting" he flipped to the first page,reading it. Images flashed through his mind . The dark ages,the time of the vampires,their hunting,their feeding,losing the ones you love ,watching them die. He remembered it. He stood walking over to the balcony. "yes sounds very interesting" he said in a monotone voice. He looked out over the hills,past them was the city,bright lights,big signs,the whole works. The sky was dark no stars shinned that night the moon was new. It was about time for it to happen again,he could feel it inside of him. Tonight they would make themselves known to the world after being quite for one hundred years. This time he would be ready. He spun around his coat flying around with him. " I have to go,I'll come back later.'' He walked up to her pushing her down on the couch with little effort. "You have to stay right here,okay. Don't go anywhere."

She didn't care where he went or where he stayed,but he could not sit in her own house and tell her where to go. "I'll go where I please"

"Please stay here" His green eyes begging with him.

Kristen looked down and nodded. "Okay I'll stay right here"

'' Thank you,lock the doors." With that he turned and jumped off the balcony.

Kristen stood,locking her sliding glass doors like he told her too.

Alex ran though the town, no sign of vampiric doings,yet. He slowed down looking around,he sensed something. The next thing he knew he was being thrown against the brick wall behind him. He stared into the black eyes of a vampire.

"Why Hello,Alex" the vampire that walked out of the darkness spat. "Fancy meeting you here. But it is a pleasure"


"Oh I'm surprised you still remember me and after so long" Seth said sarcastically "Still as strong as ever I do hope" Seth paused a second looking for Alex's power finding it higher than any he had felt he continued with caution though he wasn't that worried Alex was untrained in the arts of his power and probably didn't know how to use it. "So how's the girl. Is she still alive or have my minions already gotten to her"

Alex looked straight into his black vampiric eyes,fearlessly. "You do anything to her and I will hunt you down myself"

Seth laughed and said "so she is your weakness. Your kind should know better than to get attached to any human" He disappeared and Alex fell to the ground. He had found out everything he needed to know now it was time to get back to Kristen's house.

Kristen sat on the couch when she heard a knock at the door. Getting up she walked over to the door,opening it. At her front door stood a man dressed in all black. He had bleached blond hair and black eyes. "Can I help you" T

The blonde smirked and pushed her into her house,slamming the door shut. "You shouldn't open your door to strangers." his voice was smooth. He drew out a silver knife with a black rose engraved on the hilt.

"Especially without something to protect yourself if they try to kill you, and at this time of the year you never know what you'll find at your front door."

He opened the door to reveal a man, a vampire that looked about her age and looked like he was getting ready to punch the door. Then, seeing the door had been opened punched at the person who opened it. Catching the vampire's punch the blonde whispered "Bad idea" and shoved the knife though the vamp's heart. The vampire fell back words dead. The blonde then turned back to Kristen, who was staring at him shocked,but brazenly. "I'm Luke"

As soon as he said this Alex landed on the balcony,his black hair slightly tousled. Kristen ran to the door unlocking it and sliding it open.

Alex stepped in,staring at Luke,smile on his face"How you been doing ?"

Luke walked up to him they hugged each other like old friends. "Good. I heard you were having a parasite problem and I came to help you exterminate them"

Alex smiled"nice to see you again buddy" He then turned back to Kristen. "this is an old friend."

"What was that?" she asked pointing to the door.

Luke leaned forward to whisper in Alex's ear. "we had a little run on with one of the bugs" Alex nodded.

"Kristen,every hundred years they are aloud to come out and take in people for there clan's. They feed every night,but now they are aloud to make themselves known. This time last one month. Then they must be silent again for another hundred years." He sighed.'' The last time was horrible,not only were they trying to get clan members but they were wiping out the human population. I should know, I was there,We both were" He mentioned to Luke. "Now they are out again looking for strong blood"

Kristen stared at him " Alex what are you talking about?'' she said in a shaky voice. Were the men in front of her crazy.

"Kristen I knew your father and he knew me,better than anyone. He knew that I don't age. I promised that I would protect you and I will." He stepped towards her "they are vampires"

Her father had died when she was seventeen. One year later,Alex showed up at her door. A year later all this comes at her. She was a regular nineteen year old,just into collage and she thought him to be a regular twenty year old. But she was wrong. "How old are you?"

Alex had not expected this question but answered it none the less " Um... about .... two thousand years old." He found his immortality a curse. He had to watch his family die. The ones he loved the most,his friends. After that he really hadn't got close to anyone except Luke or his own kind. But then came Mr.Forrester he was a nice man took Alex in.

Kristen looked looked the man standing before her. She had grown accustom to him being around. She's actually started to see him as a friend. But this changed everything. His being there now made her feel uneasy "Your not one of them are you?"

Alex took a step toward her but she retreated a step." Your scared of me aren't you?I'm no different now then. Just cause you found out I live forever."

"So you are one of them"

"Kinda,but not really. A while ago vampires got together with humans. There babies had it all. Immortality,the strength,the power but they did not crave blood like vampires. Eventually there was enough to consider us a race, but some of the other full-blooded vampires didn't like this. So they started killing us off. Now there are only a few of us left. Me and Luke are two of them."

Kristen looked down at the floor "What are they like? The vampires I mean"

"They are strong in mind and body,even a weak vampire can bench-press a trailer. A strong vampire can sometimes kill a person by lashing out with his powers. They were once described as nearly mindless beings. They are as smart as you or me. Do not take them lightly"

Kristen walked up to him "So you are not tempted by blood?"

"I feel exactly like you do about it."

"umm guys sorry to interrupt your moment but we got company" Luke spoke up for the first time since the conversation had been started. He already had his knife out.

Alex drew out his knife it matched Luke's the silver with a black rose on it. Standing in front of Luke was Seth, Cody and Shawn. Alex snarled "What are you doing here?"

"We are out for strong blood and the girl behind you has the strongest of the city."

"well then go to some other city" He Pulled Kristen to his side looking behind him to make sure none had appeared there.

"we'll take who we want" he growled "And if you have to lose your life and your friend's life in the process then so be it"

Alex accidentally threw Kristen on the ground when he was tackled by Cody. He moved the knife upwards catching the vampires arm. Cody screamed jumping up. Alex got to his feet,looking around the room. Cody was scowling at him from across the room. Luke was fighting Shawn. Kristen was pulling herself off the floor. Alex walked up to her offering her a hand. "sorry about that "

Luke slashed his knife downwards,cutting Shawn across the chest. Who screamed out in pain backing up back next to Cody and Seth. They all disappeared. Alex let go of Kristen who walked over to the couch and sitting down.

Luke looked at Alex,who nodded.