What a pair of live-in lovers saw on TV when
they've gotten up on 9/11/01.

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had began,on Tuesday,September 11th at percisely 8:54 am,within the one bedroom New York apartment of construction worker Rick Logan and his live-in lover,Sabrina Shabetta.

The nude form of Sabrina was still in bed--asleep,while Rick had used the bathroom and
suddenly gotten his second wind,for when he had walked back into the bedroom and saw the sleeping Sabrina on the bed,he had smiled,pulled the covers off of her and placed his naked body next to her's.

"Rick!",giggled the suddenly woken-up Sabrina,before turning on the TV.

"Hey,all I'm doing is to make sure that you go to work with a lot of love.",said Rick,before he had placed his hand upon her pussy."And with a really big smile on your face."

"Yes.But,once a smile appears on my face,the whole squad will know why I'm late.",said Sabrina,before realizing that she could not hold off Rick's loving arms forever."Oh,well.I guess I could go in the back way."

"You fool!",said a smiling Rick,after he had placed his forehead on top of her's."Zhere is no back way!"

But then,just as the two lovebirds were about to fuck themselves crazy again,a special news report had caught Sabrina's attention,for it was about what had happened to World Trade Center--two airline passager jets had each hit each of the twin towers.

"Holy shit!",said a shocked Sabrina,for her good friend,Megan Janeway was one of the workers inside one of the towers.

The look of fear on Sabrina's face had caused a concerned Rick to turn towards the TV and witness a live video shot of the soon-to-be collasped towers.

After having realized that the towers would not stay up for long,Rick had gotten out of bed,quickly spruced himself up and started getting dressed.

"Rick?",asked a puzzeled Sabrina,as soon as Rick had gotten his workclothes on."Where are you going?"

"To the World Trade Center.",answered Rick,while looking like a soldier answering the call to duty."Those towers are on the verge of collaspe.When they do,there are going to be some people who won't be able to get out."

Then,as Rick had gotten his workboots on,a worried Sabrina said,"Rick,if you do find her within one of the collasped towers--her name is Megan Janeway.She's a really good friend of mine."

"Don't worry,Sabrina.",said Rick,after having a tender hand on her cheek."I'll find her."

Sometime later,as soon as Rick had arrived at the WTC,the towers had finally collasped.

As he had spotted a few of Megan's co-workers running from the disaster-zone,Rick had grabbed one of them and asked,"Where's Megan Janeway?"

"She's still in there!",answered the co-worker,while pointing towards the disaster-zone."In the lower level garage!"

Then,as soon as Rick had let go of the co-worker in order to get his gear--including his breathing mask--out of the back of his pick-up,another car had appeared--one with some of Rick's job-site buddies in it.

And when they've asked him what's going on,Rick's response was,"It's a good thing you guys had showed up!There are some survivors in there!I need help getting them out!"

And so,without an arugment between them,Rick and his job-site buddies had made a big enough hole in the rubble.

While they were lowering him down to where the garage might've been at,a hopeful Rick had called,"MEGAN!IF YOU COULD HEAR ME,BANG ON THE METAL!"

Suddenly,there was a loud banging coming from somewhere inside the garage.

As soon as he had entered it,Rick had found out that the banging had came from inside a mini-van--and it had Megan,her three kids and their pet dog in it.

After the Janeway family was removed from Ground Zero and taken to a local hospital,Rick had called Sabrina,in order to let her know that Megan and her crew were found and in good hands.

"So,Hot Stuff.",said Sabrina,who was on the other end of the line."What's next?"

"I do believe that's up to President Bush,Sweetie-Pie.",answered Rick,who was hoping that there is not going to be another Viet Nam.

But then again,only time will tell.