A Poem For Grampy by Melinda Cadarette

I still have tears from that day

Any hope must come from above

You went too sudden to say goodbye

You're the man I'll ever love

I'll always love you in my heart

Though the memories make it bleed

It has been such a hard time now

You're the only man I'll ever need

Tears flow down my cheeks like heavy rain

I say a prayer at your gravesite

I wihs you could have said goodbye then

You're the only man I'll ever write

It is so hard to live without you

The day you died was bright with the sun

Yet I know in my heart

That life has to go on

So do rest Grampy you need your sleep

Any hope now must come from above

I know it in my still beating heart

That you're the man I should ever love

On July 20, 2002 my grandfather, Harry George Keizer, passed away from a heart attack that he suffered that morning. He died in the hospital. The last memory of him was when the paramedics were trying to revive him on the floor. I was staying there for the weekend. It is so hard to write now but I know I must. You can e-mail me at Melicadar@hotmail.com or at Melicadar@yahoo.com. My Grampy was only eighty.