My fantasies tend to carry me a long way. Please r/r, do not flame on the fact that I'm writing a R-rated story at 13 (

It's been two years since I met her, the day where I seem to have stopped caring for anything else. I breathed, lived and bled for Angela and Angela alone. I couldn't care less for all those other girls. Everyone and everything looks so superficial anyways, but she is different. The real story starts 18 months ago. when I first started mailing her my first poem. I was eleven back then, my poems were. well... very amatueristic if you know what I mean. I guess her expectations are not that high either. She liked them. And even though we were a thousand kilometres apart. I felt so close to her all the time as if she was just here by my side. We would communicate by e-mail. She does not really know how to use the computer, so she would check her e-mail and reply about every 3 months. Every letter from her was opened with enthusiasm. I was so full of naïveté and innocence to think that she had the same feeling as well. These e-mails went on until about a year ago, when she got ICQ. I, for the first time in my life, felt truly happy when I received that first message from her. Sure it wasn't much, but my passion for her was so hot that it suddenly seemed like everything in the world for me. I started having these wild, erotic dreams. I fell asleep one night and had the most amazing dream in my life.

*****Dream Sequence*****

"Finally, I get to see you again", I said Angela just smiles sweetly but seductively. I knew this was the moment I have been waiting for my whole life. Both of us were shy, so I decided to let nature take its course. Eventually, we walked the way back to my house and I opened the door for her. I take her downstairs to the basement, just to talk. And as we reminisce about the past and how people have come and gone, she suddenly flashed me a look as if to say "why are you so slow to act?". I read her look. I leaned over, laid her gently on the floor, and started to kiss her very slowly on the lips. It was heaven. She was so unresisting; I could do anything I wanted with her. I slipped my tongue in her mouth, massaging her tongue. The kissing starts to get faster, more passion, until I can hear moans escaping from her mouth. Without removing my lips from hers, I used both hands and slipped her shorts down, revealing the black lingerie underneath. I looked at her seductively, now I know she has been planning for this and had hoped for this moment just as much as I have. I kiss her with even more passion as before. Suddenly, she parts her lips from mine. I was afraid she had come to her senses and did not want to go any further. My nerves were calmed once again when she took off her t- shirt, revealing her gorgeous body. Seeing her wearing only her panties and bra made me very hard. Angela seemed to notice this, and unbuttoned my jeans and took them off with relative ease while I was removing the only thing keeping me from her smooth, round breasts. I cupped both of them in my hands, and put my mouth to one of her tits. I licked it, it was absolutely delicious, and bit down on her erect nipple, and heard her moan with ecstasy. I used my other hand to fondle with her other breast, which excited her greatly and enticed her to remove her panties. At this I removed my shirt as well. Angela pushed herself away from me and started to feel my chest, then down to my now enlarged member. She took it in her hand, and then stroked it with utter gentleness. I did not want to degrade her by making her suck me, so I grabbed her up, gave her a hard kiss, then went down to the crevice between her legs. I traced my finger around the outer circle of her vagina and seemed to torture her, not willing to touch her most sensitive area. She finally said "Joe, please" to which I calmly replied "I've been waiting for you for a year and a half, you can afford to wait a bit more." However, lust got the better of me, and I pushed her legs apart, exposing her wondrously tight and wet clit. I hesitantly put my tongue to the center of it and licked her. She moaned and yelled for more. I started to flicker my tongue on her love button. She still wanted more as she told me she wanted me to be inside her. I promptly obliged and lifted my face up to hers. She held my manhood, and opened herself up and took me into her. I started to move in and out slowly at first, but the warmth, the love, and the lust made me go faster and faster. Using my two hands to play with her smooth breasts, I used my tongue to reach every part of hers, releasing once in a while to hear her moans. Just as I was about to release myself, I took myself out of her pussy and went down into her South Seas again. Flickering and licking, she soon screamed in pleasure and covered me with the sweet juices of a woman. I licked her until I was sure she could give no more liquid, and then I stopped and swallowed the wonderful secretion. She knew it was her turn to pleasure me. She once again took me in her hands, and used her mouth to engulf it, moving herself in and out. I was about to blow up, I was moaning her name and running my hands through her hair. I finally came, with a barrage of cum flooding in Angela's mouth. She swallowed it, then smiled at me. We were both satisfied and knew that we were in love with each other. Fatigue controlled us, and Angela fell asleep in my arms. I could not help but smile and kiss her hair once in a while. I loved her so much.