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She struggled vainly as the alien-like metal ring collided with the smooth skin of her neck. Bright sparks of fairy-like brilliance clouded her eyesight and her peripheral vision was lost, but for second, Raspree could have sworn she saw the dark looming figure of the Gauntman with his arm outstretched. And she was afraid.

With limited success she twisted her body and managed to thrust her knee into her pursuer's groin as he rammed into her from behind. She'd been exhaustedly running for what seemed to her like a millennium, trying to escape the Yarrotz Detention Centre for Delinquent Females, the 'home' that made her life a living hell. Only weeks before, she had been shipped there and left to fend for herself, as her only living relative, and therefore guardian, had passed away.

 Or so she was told as the Yarrotz Wards gently but forcefully pulled her away from the only haven she'd ever known. Her Aunt Trayene's condo, with its sweet smelling spice cupboard and creaky bathroom door, how she missed it! If only Aunt Trayene was here now, she'd know what to do, wouldn't she? Raspree thought. Aunt Trayene had a million tricks and ploys to thwart the enemy, although Raspree wasn't sure whether even her Aunt's unearthly talents with the Guiding Reservoir was enough to save her this day.

The Restrainer was doing its job, as Raspree soon discovered she could not take one more step forward, nor one step back. All in all, Raspree Johanan was trapped like a drop of oil in the midst of a bucket of water. The cold metal Restrainer clamped itself cruelly around her neck, trapping half of her hair with it and making her whimper in pain.

Is it time to give up? May as well, seeing as there be nothing for me right now. Pray to the Guides that I do not get raped this time! A million thoughts flashed through her mind as her body, of its own accord, decided to shut down and proclaim her attempt at escape futile. Her pursuer held her arms behind her back, while he panted into her ear,

'Don't think yourself lucky, girl. We at the Wardhouse have positions for girls like you. No good for manual labour, you be. So it's into the whorehouse for you!' he sniggered, hot drool oozing from his open mouth down her ear, into her collar, leaving a burning sensation even as Raspree stood there.

'If you're lucky, I might even come visit you!'

And even as he reached within his mind, groping to connect with the Seven High Wards of Yarrotz Detention Centre so he could borrow their mind power and force this little wench back to the Centre, Raspree was slowing sliding away from the conscious world, tired by her latest expedition and wholly disheartened by her failure.

 I be nought but useless to my own wellbeing...