I was always there for you
(even though I wanted something from you,
I was always)
Guarding your blue and softer side
watching from the hilltop while you picked flowers
knowing sunset was soon, but
the evening breeze was still warm

I always had my gaze on you
I looked you in the eye
(and although my myopic self sometimes hid
your hot breath always found me)

when (my large eyes wide and
gracefully watching still) you
spoke of her
and dropped your wild bouquet
I would feel the claws of pain
and my liquid eyes would freeze a little around the edges)

Your poetry bloomed for her in a separate light
and your footsteps became a memory on our sunset hillside
A word from her was like a fairy wind
which drew you breathless from your place among the grasses
crushing small red flowers below you
that screamed in small red pain

I loved you