McNamara On The Admin

mcnamara stands by billy sometimes-
they led little whiteness or because
upstairs was where the heat lay-
it was beyond scope

not like there was any ikon scope
to begin with. just mint or admin. business
-the admin. is not business? is it? is? it?-
or a pause
between where the words
had been-

weapons are best treachery-
and double-edged. cross on
a bed table because god almighty
the eagle's flying
low tonight-

and States are writing the Charters now, mcnamara-
logistics and all
was it not best said
by no-
one? by no author existential suicide victim reanimated by some
damned irish pipe-
who was afraid of lazarus as a child. deathly afraid

but forget about the States. they are meant to forget all meant
to lay underneath and forget-
the stairway is cement. admin. fought for that, mcnamara, like States and poets
who were States from the end

after they died.
when they had more
to say and least of all
less way to not
say it-

laugh imagine
that you (mcnamara) billy are
appositives! history, that.
panning pure history. some-
thing to eat. always good