Perfidy Market

when duplicity -lofty of course-by the
ripened tomatoes, ridiculously
bulging ears of corn out-of-season blueberries
the old men positively flock about-

the store
was almost
impenetrable when
they opened the doors see
the freezer
had been left open
the night before

chemistry and classical-
that condensation creeping
vines over the harsh
fluorescent lightning neon
with only the x-ray and none
of the hypnotic color-

his lips are warm and forbidden. what fun we are standing by the fresh fruit. the tiny clusters of sprinklers weeping over each red grape that rolls on the lava-tiled floors-
a sinus depression of sudden floral oranges. apples.

and the lay
of acres- up to the
holy land of his hands,
forming circles and grabbing
another plastic bag.

"after all the times,
that we are standing here
my family is hungry at home.
I have bought nothing"

oh no-

his hands are warm.
they are against the gaping freezers that become things when left the night. he kisses softly. he kisses like this is not an aghast adjective, among the innocent