Marisol sighed deeply looking at the sulking Jeremiah. He has every right to feel miserable. His girlfriend is dead and they never got to make up after the fight. She can still remember the anguish on his face when they found her body. If at all possible she heard his heart shattering never to be glued back together. It's beyond repair.

All he does now is walk around with a glazed look in his eyes. Anyone could have a conversation with him but it would turn out to be a monolouge. It's worse than talking to a wall. At least you can't see the distant haunting look in his eyes. He goes off somewhere. It's not hard to think where he goes. Probably somewhere where Timber is still with him. That would explain the small smile he gets sometimes when no one else is near him.

Everyone is really starting to worry about him. His mother isn't even trying anymore. Not after he blew up at her. He still blames her for everything. Timber's parents are trying to comfort him while dealing with their own grief. They can only do so much though. The only person that can get through to him is Marisol. He comes out of his hazy world and talks to her. She can understand him more than anyone. He allows himself to open up to her because she was loved by Timber. It was always the three of them hanging out causing trouble and laughing. She can remember the good times with him and relate to his lose because she's feeling the same too.

Some members of his fanclub are ignoring his grief and throwing themselves at him. Literally. Summer Neilson is relentless. Ever opportunity she has she takes. That entails when Marisol isn't around. She'll sit beside him inviting herself and try to talk to him. It never works. A few times she's gotten him to lye down with his head in her lap. She's then run her fingers through his hair soothing him just like Timber used to. Marisol would find them and nearly pick Summer up by her throat and toss her across the room. She's taken advantage of his pain to try and get her talons into his flesh.

"Hey there gorgeous," Marisol said softly hooking her arm through his. He looked down at her and forced a smile.

"Hey sexy," he replied back weakly. It used to be something Timber would say. Nothing is the same anymore. Everything feels dull and tastes bland.

"What are you doin tonight?"

"I've got a game. Are you gonna come?"

"And miss you kicking ass? I'll be there screaming and cheering you on til my voice is hoarse." He smiled weakly at her.

"No bells?" She returned the smile up at him.

"For you I just might." An image of Marisol covered in bells and annoying everyone with all the jingles made him chuckle. It was a rare sound but one that she's missed. "Now I know I will."

"I'm holding you to that. Not sure if it's a guy magnet though."

"No worries then. I'm being a good little girl for now. No guys. They're too much trouble and take too much time and energy to train." He chuckled again. It's not the real reason and he knows it. She wants to be there for him. Any guy no matter how sensitive he is wouldn't appreciate her spending all her time with him. They did date once.

"I love you Marisol. You know that right?" She smiled up at him and squeezed the arm she's holding.

"I love you too Jeremiah. You're a incredibly guy."

"Tell me something I don't know."

"With an overflatted ego," she muttered rolling back her eyes.

"I heard that." She started walking waiting for him to fall in step with her.

"You better have. You are right there."

"What are you waiting for? Do it!" Timber stumbled forward and was caught before she could fall. Marisol had shoved right in the direction of an unexpecting Jeremiah.

"Hey Timber. You okay?" God I'm going to maim and kill her, Timber thought. What is she doing throwing me at her ex? I know it was a mutual break-up and all, but it's Jeremiah. He wouldn't like me like that if Marisol paid him.

"Yeah," she said bringing her head up from his chest. He smells really good and I love him in black, she noted inwaridly. He lowered his head and smiled down at her softly.

"A graceful one aren't you?" She felt her face heat up. Fight it! Marisol shoved her into him for a reason. Now she has to do what she's been sent to do. The problem is that she's not sure if she has the courage. This is Jeremiah Matthews. He's popular, gorgeous, sweet, funny, and the list goes on.

"Sorry Jeremiah," she said weakly trying to gather some guts. His smile disappeared and devoloped into a frown.

"Don't be. I've missed you." She felt her heart jump into her ears. Jeremiah has missed her? Sure she used to hang out with him but only when Marisol was there. It wouldn't be right to tag along with her best friend's boyfriend.

Just do it already, she screamed at herself. I mean how many girls haven't went and felt some part of his body. Are you really asking yourself rhetorical questions? Aww there you go again! I've been spending too much time with Marisol. Come on Timber…

"Me too. Well I gotta go and kill Marisol." He smiled at that and when she moved back he released the protective hold around her. She smiled back slightly and went around him. He almost turned to watch her walk away but was stopped. Her hand went down his backside and at the last second squeezed. His eyes widened in surprise, but the corners of his mouth lifted into a grin. After giving her a few seconds to get some distance he turned.

"Timber Jamison…just squeezed my butt." He watched her until she disappeared down the hallway. Finally he turned and went to calculus. It's by far his most hated subject but somehow he didn't think the day could possibly go downhill. When he said he missed her he meant it. Not just because it was so much fun hanging out with the both of them. They work off each other and can make you laugh or cry. Timber's an entirely different girl from the ones he's dated. She's…incredible, he thought grinning to math.

He searched the bleachers looking for Marisol. She had came just as she promised…and with bells on. It was hiliarious. Everytime she jumped up to cheer or boo she jingled. It wouldn't surprise him if next game more people came with bells. Marisol is a trend setter…just like Timber used to be. He shook his head to stop those thoughts and stuck to finding Marisol. It shouldn't be hard, but he wasn't seeing her.

He gave up after a few minutes. She's probably waiting for him in the parking lot. They'd won so that means they have to go and celebrate. He really doesn't want to hang around a lot of people and knew she wouldn't make him. With her around everyone seems to give him more space.

Making his way away from the bleachers towards the parking lot he turned and was knocked over. He landed flat on his back with something warm and flowery on top of him. It was a girl. He felt the obvious parts of her on his chest. It made him feel uncomfortable. The last time he was in the pistion it was with Timber.

He lifted his head and all he saw was a curtain of blond hair. Apprhensively he reached out and tucked the hair behind her ears gently. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he took in Summer's face. It had only been for a few seconds but he thought she might have been Timber. That's impossible because she's…

"Are you okay?" She pressed her hands against his chest and held herself up a little.

"Yeah. I wanted to congratulate you." He nodded and open his mouth but an icy voice came out instead.

"So you threw yourself at him? Get up now Summer before I pull out every strand of that nappy bleached hair of yours." Jeremiah felt a weight lifted off of him after Summer was standing on her own two feet. It wasn't that she was heavy because she's not. He couldn't explain why but it just did.

"Come on Marisol," he said grabbing her wrist. "I'm starving." He pulled her away but she walked backwards as she continued to glare and threaten Summer.

"So help me God you superficial crack baby gutter slutting wench! If I see you touching Jeremiah again I'll pop your silicon and rip off your collagean lips!" He groaned but didn't say a word. She's doing it for his best interest, but he doesn't like the mean Marisol. Everysince the trio went down to a duo he hasn't see funny sweet Marisol. She has her moments but they're far and few in-between.

He pulled her into the parking lot and stopped at his car. Glaring down at her she shot the look back at him. Marisol has never been intimadated by anyone. She's the one that scares everyone. Even him sometimes.

"Don't you dare look at me like Jeremiah. That hoochie was asking for it!"

"You don't have to be violent though. I'm not interested in her or anyone else. You don't have to worry about that." She sighed and let her features soften.

"I'm not worring about that. It's that they should have descency and not hang all over you. Summer needs to get her own life most of all." He agreed with that completely. Summer isn't a girl he needs or feels the least bit attracted to. Just recently her hair just happened to turn blond and she started wearing green color contracts. It's just…wrong!

"I know. Can we go now? I'm starving." His stomach growled agreeing with him. Marisol shook her head with a smile and slid into the passenger seat.

"So how did it go?" Marisol whispered across the lab table and poking the studying Timber infront of her. She lifted her head from the specimen they're both supposed to be dissecting.

"Why are you asking me? You dated him…I shouldn't have done it." Marisol rolled back her eyes at the naïve Timber. The girl must have missed all the looks Jeremiah used to give her. She hadn't missed all the longing glances. It hadn't even upsetted her that Jeremiah seemed more interested in Timber. If it had been any other girl he had been staring at then she would have killed the both of them. Luckily it had been her best friend whom she loves unconditionally and Jeremiah is just a guy. Sure he's hot and all that but just not the guy. Who knows…he may be for Timber.

"What is your problem? I know and I'm giving you full and utter access to him. God Timber! We only went out for a week. Not long enough for any wedding proposals or love declarations." The teacher shot them a look telling them to work and not talk.

"Thank you for clearing that up. It makes a whole lot of a difference. Now I'm not worried about ripping off his clothes and jumping his bones in the quad." Marisol smiled proudly.

"Aww. My baby's all growing up and turning into me."

"No I'm not," she said firmly drawing the teachers attention again.

"Ms. Jamison…Ms. Gilmore," she warned and went back to wandering around.

"Jesus she's annoying! Anyway," Marisol said getting back to the subject. Not that she's really moved from the topic after the break-up. "You got the great butt now you have to get the chest."

"No," Timber argued.


"No. How desperate do you want me to look?!"

"Yes and you won't look desperate."

"Why because no girl has ever done it before? No Marisol."

"You're different from any other girl and I said yes."

"So I don't care. No!"







"That's it you two! Detention after school!"

"Look at what you did!"

"What I did? I'm not gonna throw myself at him anymore Marisol."

"What did I say?!" The red faced teacher came over and pulled the girls from the table by their sleeves.

"Office now!"

Jeremiah walked into the dean's office and stopped in his tracks. It was an unusual sight. First of all Timber's in here obviously in trouble. Then there's the mind blowing part that the two best friends are at each other's throats. He didn't think that was possible. Debating whether to turn around and come back later his name was called. He looked over at a sneering Timber. It made his stomach clench. She looks even cuter furious.

"Aye there he is Marisol. I'll do it right now then. Anything to make your royal fuckin highness happy." Jeremiah couldn't believe his ears. Did Timber just swear? She's not the type at all.

"Bite me you boring bitch," she sneered back. Aww! His ears were bleeding!

"What's going on?" Timber jumped up and glared down at the fuming Marisol.

"She wants me to do this." She marched up to a bewildered Jeremiah and made some bold moves. First instead of just running her hands over the front of his sweater to feel his chest she slid her hands underneath. He shivered with the feel of her nimble fingers grazing across his muscules. His skin quivered when her hand slid across his tight six pack. It was feeling really good. He had closed his eyes enjoying her touch and didn't even bite back the moan. After her hand slipped out and off his skin he thought it was over. Then making the boldest move by far she grabbed his warm gorgeous face and crashed her lips to his. His eyes widened in shock but quickly acted appropriately and kissed her back. It was pure bliss. She made his head feel heavy and his heart hammer against his rib cage. It was all too much and then quite not enough. If only she could add the kissing and feeling his chest together.

He only just got to wrap his arms around her waist when it ended. She broke the kiss, but he moved so that their lips stayed connected for as long as possible. He grunted at the loss of her lips and opened his eyes. Her bright green eyes are looking at him in wonder and surprise. He had wanted to do that for a long time.

"There," she muttered weakly not yet finding her voice. She broke out of his arms and turned to Marisol. Somehow she couldn't be mad anymore. Marisol looked like she felt the same way. "Happy now?"

"Well…yeah." A slow smile stretched across her face. It made them come to their senses and embraced tightly.

"I'm so sorry Marisol."

"So am I. I didn't mean what I said."

"I know…neither did I."

Jeremiah watched them make-up and then just walk out. Had they just forgot that he was there? Girls don't ignore him. That was a first. He had just kissed and been kissed and the girl just walked away. It made his head spin trying to figure out what to do next.

Jeremiah stared down into his cup watching the ice slowly melt in his soda. He can feel Marisol sitting across from him her eyes watching him intently. She does it all the time. He appreciates it, but he's not going to suddenly flip and take out everyone. Going postal isn't in his future.

"Her birthday is Friday," he said softly. Marisol nodded and bit her lip.

"I know."

"We were gonna have a surprise party for her. Remember? I think she already knew though. No one could ever keep a secret from her."

"Yeah. Christmas was always an adventure. She would somehow already know what I got her. I don't know how, but she always knew." Jeremiah chuckled.

"I know what you mean. Surprising her is…was hard to do." She smiled weakly still watching him stare into his cup.

"She was a great actress though. Everyone else believed she had no idea. It made them feel good."

"She cared for everyone else before herself. Especially us."

"Yeah," Marisol said nodding. "Remember when we went to take a drive and…"

"Timber," he called and quickly grabbed her wrist. Leaning against the side of the building he had been waiting for almost an hour. He knew exactly what time she started work and around what time she would come. His nerves got the best of him so he had came early to calm down and think.

This girl is so different, he thought as her green eyes searched his. I've never been nervous around a girl. She makes me rethink everything before it comes out of my mouth. Then there's her lips. I can still taste them. She must have had a piece of candy before she kissed me. I could taste strawberry starburst on her lips.

"Jeremiah," she said totally surprised but not in the least displeased. "What are you doing here?"

"I want to talk to you." She lowered her eyes to the ground. Since the kiss she's been advoiding him. She hadn't expected it to feel so…undescribeable.

"About what? I really have to go to work. My shift starts in a few minutes. I'm running late." Since her eyes are lowered he allowed his features to show his disappointment. All day he had been looking forward to talking to her and possibly even kissing her again. He kept the frown as people walked by not paying any attention to them.

"When do you get off then?" He already knew. It's not as if he's stalking her. He had gone out with her best friend, and they'd pick her up after work and hang out. "I could pick you up and we could get something to eat."

"I'm sorry but I have so much homework. Marisol has kept me busy and I haven't had any free time to do it yet. She finally has a date tonight so I thought I'd get it done tonight."

"Oh. Well maybe I can help you. I'm not as smart as you but-"

"I can't have any distractions," she said interrupting him. The frown he wore transformed into a gin. So maybe she's not making up excuses, he thought.

"Then when will you be free? I really need to talk to you." She raised her eyes unsure and bit down on her lip. It made Jeremiah groan inwardily. The action made him want to take the lip and put it between his own teeth.

"Seven thirty I get an hour break. You can come then if you want." He nodded and brought the hand that he still held up to his lips. Softly he kissed the back of her hand eventhough he rather wanted her soft warm lips.

"Meet me out here okay?"


"See ya soon."

"Bye Jeremiah."

Jeremiah stumbled into his room emotionally exhausted. They had spent hours bringing up great memories of Timber. He heard some that he never knew. Marisol has known her since they were little so she had loads more. It had looked like it hurt to tell them, but she didn't stop. Probably because of the grin he wore while she relived them.

He groaned loudly and flung his shoes off and fell to the bed. Crawling up from the foot he brought his head to the pillows and buried his face in them. Her smell is gone but if he tries really hard he can imagine it still there. He inhaled deeply and froze. His head snapped up, and he jumped sitting up. She can't be here, he thought. I know she's not.

Slowly he made his way to the bathroom door. He can hear bare feet softly padding against the floor. Someone is in the bathroom. This isn't like all the dreams he has had. He isn't imaginng it. Tightly gripping the doorknob he took a deep breath and ripped it open.

The blonde inside jumped surprised then smiled at him. Her green eyes shone so brightly he thought it was an unholy color. His face grew tight as his surprise diminshed. Now he's upset for her suddenly being her. Hiding in his bathroom for christ's sake!

"What are you doing here?!"

"I missed you," she replied back innocently.

"Oh so you just decided to pop up?"

"Jeremiah," she whined trying to explain. He wasn't about to have any of it. Roughly he grasped onto her wrists and yanked her so that she was against his chest.

"What do you expect from me? After all the shit you've put me through! What do you want?!"

"You," she answered simply searching his dark furious eyes. It's simple and true enough. Jeremiah…that's all she has ever wanted.

"Will this appease you then?" He didn't wait for a response. Instead he crashed his lips forcefully against the tall slender blonde. Her arms tried to go around his neck but he didn't allow it. He held her wrist tightly and the other arm is pinned between their chests. The familiar feel of a racing heartbeat against his chest made him bit down on her lip and tug her closer. It was impossible to. It was as if she was his second skin.

She moaned in pleasure which only upset him more. It caused him to rip his mouth away and shove her back. They stood a few feet away staring at each other with heaving chests. He can nearly feel her ragged breath on his skin. She stayed silent watching intently for his next move. He's meanwhile throwing daggers at her. It's a deathly cold look enough to make her shiver.

"Get out," he hissed finally breaking the silence. His hands raised as if to slap her but didn't. She didn't move. "What are you fuckin deaf now?! I said get out."

"Jeremiah you're really upset right and you shouldn't be left alone. I want to-"

"No!" he yelled and clenched his jaw and hands into fists. "Leave now Summer!" She looked at him one last time before doing as he wants. Walking as far away as possible from him against the wall she slipped out of the bathroom and out of his room. He held his breath until he heard the front door close. Shaking his head slowly he released the breath and bit back a scream. She's more desperate than I thought, he grumbled to himself. Marisol will take care of it for me.

He sat down on the bench infront of the bookstaore. His head was beginning to feel heavy in his hands. He has been holding it for hours. She's about to get off and then she can explain why she had stood him up. He had waited patiently even after waiting for her after she was already fourty-five minutes late. Now it's been hours since her break. He couldn't understand why she would do that. Even Marisol wasn't that cruel.

"Jeremiah I'm sorry," she said quickly. It was what she had to say first. She had really wanted to come out and talk to him. Her boss was impossible and hadn't even allowed her five minutes all shift.

"That's all I get?" he asked raising his head. "Just a 'Jeremiah I'm sorry?' I can get better from other girls." That made the explaination die on her lips. She had been about ready to tell him about her slave driving boss. He seems to think she's the only employee capable of selling books.

"Than why are you here?" she snapped back at him. He can another girl apologize at his feet if he wants. That's not here cup of tea to grovel even if it Jeremiah Matthews.

"Why are you geeting an attitude with me? I'm the one who's been sitting out her since seven!"

"And what? You couldn't walk the short distance and come in? Then you would have seen me swamped and begging my boss for five minutes to tell you I couldn't take a break!" He felt sheepish and bad for raising his voice at her. She is right. He could have gone instead of sitting out here and sulking. Instead he had rather stayed out her and felt sorry for himself. He stood up and relaxed his shoulders a little from their tense postion.

"Calm down okay? I'm sorry…you're right." He rolled his eyes back and sighed. "Just like always," he teased hoping to lighten the mood between them. It worked. The daggers retracted from her eyes and the corners of her lips quirked up into a small smile.

"It's good to see you can admit that."

"Oh please all you woman want to believe you're right all the time. We just agree to get you woman to shut up." She jabbed him in the chest with a slender finger.

"Hey! If you want to talk to me you're going about it the wrong way."

"Sorry," he breathed and licked his lips. Earlier he it all planned out what he was going to say. Then after being "stood up" it all oozed away to make room for his anger and tell-off. "I'll walk you home. We can talk on the way." She nodded and they fell in step together. Ten minutes later and on her block they were still walking in silence. Jeremiah wanted to kick himself. He said he wanted to talk to her and he hasn't been able to get a word out. Frustrated he turned to and grabbed onto her wrist making her halt.

"Do you know how infirirating you are?" She didn't respond. It wasn't as if it had been a compliment. He didn't reply again, but she isn't about to answer a rhetorical question.

"Excuse me?"Damn her! Damn her! Damn her! he thought. Her eyebrows are raised and she has an adorable crease on her forehead. It almost like the loook of concentration she gets when reading or studying. God do I have problems! I've paid more attention to my girlfriend's best friend than I did on my girlfriend!

"You make me absolutely postively blinding mad!" His voice remained even which surprised him. He had expect it to break or possible even shreik.

"Well can you elaborate?" she asked watching his eyes dance with the most light she's every seen within them.

"You…I…argh!" He doesn't think a conscious thought can be forced out. So groaning loudly he yanked her against him. She was taken off guard and balance and fell forward. He quickly reached out and caught her in his arms. Avoiding her questioning wide eyes he dropped his head and kissed her again.

Her eyebrows shot up in surprise and pleasure. Glancing up at him with still open eyes she looked at his face. He looks so adorable she thought taking it in. His eye are closed and while he's kissing her his eyebrows are furrowed down together as if it takes deep concentration to kiss her correctly. She allowed herself to get caught up in the bliss of his arms around her and his lips on hers again. Her eyes fluttered closed by themselves, and her arms encircled his neck so her small hands can be buried in the softness of his blond hair.

He groaned deeply in his thoat when he finally felt her surrender. Kissing her now is better than before, he thought. It isn't because she is trying to please Marisol. I had initiated it. She's kissing me because she wants to. Mmm…I can taste sugar on her lips. I think that's how she'll always taste. So sweet.

She eased slowly for him both trying to keep their lips together as long as possible. Her hand stayed active in his hair lightly running her fingers through it as she lifted her head to meet his eyes. She wants to smile. He wants to smile. They both want the other to speak first so that they know it hadn't been wrong. Timber took the jump.

"What was that for?' she asked softly. Her voice was barely audiable. It's still stuck in her throat because of surprise.

"You," he offered unable to make a half-way intelligent response. His head felt like it was about to make him topple over to the ground. She had made him feel vunerable. With one piercing gaze she'll beable to look right through my eyes to my soul, he thought shakidly.

"That's the best you can do? 'You?'" He nodded.

"Can you get back to me in five minutes. Maybe by then my head will stop spinning." She smiled inwaridly feeling trumphiant. Marisol will pleased.

"Jeremiah I-"

"I want to kiss you again," he blurted out interrupting her. She smiled softly which made his ears turn red. Another first, he thought. A girl doesn't make me nervous and especially doesn't make me blush! Somehow Timber does though.

"Do you think this is right though? You went out with my best friend."

"And she was well aware I was falling for you the whole time," he confessed. This time it was her turn for her cheeks to turn a soft tint of red. He smiled confidently and bent down kissing the tip of her button nose. "You can call her later and ask her how she feels about you being my girlfriend. But," he whispered slowly bringing his lips closer to mine. "That's later." They kissed for a while more until Timber broke away. Jeremiah groaned in disappointment and frustration.

"Are you gonna be doing this every time I kiss you?" She backed away enough so that she could place her hands on his chest. He looked down briefly at the small hands casually lying there. As if they belong, he thought. Her tiny delicate hands do.

"What did you mean by I make you absolutely postively blinding mad?"

"Oh." He chuckled. "Well…"

Jeremiah's leaning against the wall across from where what used to be Timber's locker. Some kid has it now and stuffs it full with trash. She was always so neat. The locker would be immaculate unless Marisol tossed something in there. She had a habit of putting things in there that thay had never seen. One time she opened it to reveal something yellow and furry. She slammed it close quickly with a look of pure panic on her face. It had made him laugh so hard tears came to his eyes.

They also used to use it as one of their make-out spots. He'd have her pressed against it and her lips aginst his. There won't be anymore kissing there. The guy just isn't my type, he thought bitterly. If things couldn't get worse I'm about to lose Marisol too. I'm about to be all alone. Crazy! It'll drive me insane thinking and missing them both.

Marisol had been furious after Jeremiah told her about Summer's little secret rendezvous. So she did what she always does when she's upset…she got into a fight. It wasn't just with Summer. She took out a group of people out. They casualities included Summer, her croonies Laurel, Renee, Brittaney, Ashleigh, and two of their boyfriends Jared, and Braden. He hadn't been there to see it. If he had he would have stopped her, but he knew it wasn't just because of what Summer had done. She's kept everything bottled up since Timber died. So when it came out it was unstoppable.

Now she's being sent to a private all girls' school. There she's supposed to become reformed and proper. The thought made him want to laugh and cry at the same time. A proper Marisol isn't the friend he loves. It would be an oxymoron. Something he hopes never happens. Just a few more days, and she'll be on a plane going hundreds of miles away.

"Jeremiah!" a voice nearly screamed. He jumped straightening up. It was Marisol and her voice had held panic and…joy. He watched anxiously as the crowd parted. First thing he wanted to do was see her face but she flung herself into his arms. He held her back as her tears of joy cascaded down her cheeks onto his shoulder.

"What is it?" he asked holding her at arms' length. Her eyes haven't shone this brightly in a long time. "You can stay?" He held his breath praying that was it. She shook her head though but surprisingly kept the grin.

"It's her!" she cried. He frowned feeling left in the dark.


"I saw her Jeremiah! I swear to God it's her!" He nodded slowly as if she's a small child. She didn't seem to notice or mind.

"Who is her Marisol?"

"Timber!" His chest ached fiercly and his face turned a sickly white. It had felt like someone kicked him in the chest with a steel toed boot. He couldn't breathe or find his own voice.

"What? Timber?" She nodded nearly jumping up and down. It's not as if she's about to curb her excitement. She had just seen her best friend. It hadn't been another dream. She pinched herself to make sure.

"She's alive!"

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