The Knife That Cuts

A trickle of blood

Is all I like to see of myself

Any more

And I look away

Disgusted with

The creature that

Lurks beneath.

I've always thought

I deserved less

Than everyone else

Now I see

I was right

So let me think

About my

Peace of mind.

Of course

I know

What I can do

To take away

The shame

The anger

The disappointment.

The knife that cuts

Can make me feel

It can make me cry

On the inside

But outside

A wild grin

Spreads onto my face.

The moment is lost

When my family walks

Into the room

Their faces fall

But the knife that cuts

Is all that I can feel

And as I lift the blade

Dyed in red silk

I wonder

If they can see

The knife that cuts

Can heal as well.

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