His Eyes

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Warning (and this goes for the whole story): Language, violence, mature content, and minor spelling errors.

Chapter 1

"Young master, are you ready to leave?" Donovan asked cautiously as he watched the tall slender boy that stood before him. The cold, expressionless grey eyes were looking around his manor. Donovan had no idea what the boy were thinking about because his eyes betrayed no feelings…no thoughts…nothing but emptiness. But Donovan was no fool, he knew that his young master was deep in thought and hated to be interrupted. He learned from past experience to never mess with an Opulens especially if they are easily angered because it would only result in a slow painful death…his death. Donovan shuddered just thinking about it, he shook his head furiously trying to shake the thought out of his mind. He watched with horror as Caligo Opulens slowly turned around and stared at him straight in the eye, which send a shiver down his spine. Even after 14 years of looking after the boy (since his birth), he still felt fear when Caligo stared back at him. There was just something about the boy's eyes that was overwhelming. Donovan watched as Caligo studied him, he tried his best to avoid his young master's eyes without being too obvious. He watched as a glint of humour flashed in his master's eyes as his lips slowly curled upwards into his famous smirk and knew that whatever Caligo was about to do or say wasn't going to be pretty.

Caligo watched with satisfaction as his butler shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. There was an inward battle going on inside his head to whether or not, throw the usual insults at Donovan. It was tempting, he finally decided but he also needed Donovan for his plans to succeed…he needed true loyalty from his butler which he would slowly develop in him over the course of this year. But it wasn't going to be easy if he didn't want to be suspected… his butler would know he's up to something when he became so nice all of a sudden. "Let's go." Caligo stated simply and walked towards the car, leaving a stunned Donovan gawking at his retreating back.

*                                                                    *                                                                       *

It took 3 hours to get to the train station, which gave Caligo time to formulate a plan to get on Donovan's good side. It was hard to win the butler over if his father was going to send him away to a boarding school…but then again, he never lasted at a school for more than a week regardless of which country. Caligo smirked as he thought about the reason his school was so far away. He had been kicked out of 5 schools in the past month and was on his way to another one. It wasn't if he was purposely bad; it wasn't his fault if half the population was scared of him because of his infamous popularity of intimidating others. After all he was an Opulens and terrorizing others and making them feel inferior was in his blood. All Opulens were nothing but bad and his ancestors did more than just scaring people so why should his father be furious with him for carrying on the tradition? Kai could just hear his father now; '…you have no regard for your family…I spent half of my fortune just trying to get you into school… Opulens are supposed to be perfect…no family honour at all…a disgrace to the family…a disgrace to us all…' Caligo clenched his right hand into a tight fist. He had to use all of his self-control to resist the urge to punch something. He could feel his nails dig deeper into his palm causing pain but this was nothing compared to what he's been through…what his father has put him through. "Fuck it all," Caligo thought angrily, 'And screw family honour…a disgrace to the family? I'll show you disgrace…I'll show you all…'

*                                                                    *                                                                       *

The car finally arrived at the station 10 minutes before the train departed. Donovan helped his master carry his things on board. They traveled down many compartments in search of an empty one. Many people seem to stare at them as they made their way through the compartments. They seem to turn to each other and whisper intensely while looking at Caligo and backing away to clear a path in fear that he made hurt them otherwise. Cal walked on with a bored expression as if he expected this to happen but who could blame him if all the people that he met reacted the same way. Nobody dared to stop him or even look at him for more than a few seconds because even though he looked bored, his eyes expressed pure hatred and it told others to back off for their own sake.

They were coming near to the end of the train and Cal was starting to feel annoyed because all the compartments seem to be filled with people. Oh well, Cal decided, if worst comes to worst he'll just scare people away and have a compartment to himself anyways. He was deep in thought and was about to open the next door when the door suddenly slid open and a girl crashed right into him. The girl fell on the floor but Cal still reminded standing. Even though he was considered thin, he was still well build, after all he didn't take 10 years of intense martial arts training for nothing.

"I'm sor – " The girl began to say but she was cut off in mid sentence.

"Watch where you're going, bitch." Cal snapped bitterly.

The girl brushed her short raven black hair away from her eyes. She looked up at him and met his eyes. He was amazed at how daring she was to look him straight in the eye. He explored her brown eyes and found that they held no fear…just surprise. She probably doesn't get snapped very often let alone being called a bitch. Cal watched as the girl steadily gathered her things and got up. She paused for a few seconds but didn't say anything and much to his amazement she passed by as if he wasn't worth her time. Cal felt as if the girl had just slapped him. Nobody had ever dared to ignore him, he had expected her to beg for forgiveness for bumping into him but instead the girl walked by with dignity as if he was a bratty and spoiled 3 year old! Of course he was taught to conceal his feelings and thoughts so while his brain was shocked, his face appeared expressionless. But soon the surprise passed and Cal felt anger. How dare she ignore him as if he was nobody important? He silently made an oath…he was going to make her pay dearly…he was going to make her life hell…that'll teach her to mess with an Opulens. But at the same time, he was impressed by how mature and brave she acted. Nobody had dared to ever look him in the eye or ignore him; not enough grown men. Cal smirked, at least he'd have something to do while waiting to be expelled…he had a challenge.    

*                                                                    *                                                                       *

"Jade!" a girl yelled as through the compartment door. Jade turned around and saw a girl with long blond hair run towards her. It was her best friend Amelia and just as she remembered, the girl always wore a bright smile on her face…she rarely ever frowned.

"Melly, there really no need to yell. I'm not deaf you know." Jade replied and watched as Amelia stopped to catch her breath.

"Is that your way of saying hello?" Amelia snapped

"I'm sorry it's just that…" Jade trailed off.

"It's just that you're just mad at that new guy, right?" Amelia asked. Jade had to smile; they could always read each other's minds. Amelia was her best friend but they were as close as sisters. They grew up together but Amelia moved away 3 years ago but they still talked on the phone everyday in the summer and made sure they went to the same school.

"He had no right." Jade said calmly but there was a hint on anger in them.

"So…why did you just leave?"

"To tell you the truth…I was kinda scared. I knew I was fighting a losing battle physically and mentally. The guy was taller than me by a head! And besides, you could see he was strong and I probably wouldn't win him at throwing insults either. So why not just walk away? That probably worked better anyways, I don't plan on ever getting suspended and especially not on the first day."

"He was really mad, you know. I don't think anyone dared to do that to him."

"What do you mean?"

"He was an Opulens and nobody walked out on an Opulens let alone ignores him and you did just that."

"He was an Opulens?" Jade asked turning slightly white as she digested the information that was just thrown at her. When she walked away, she had no idea who he was so she just assumed that he was a spoiled new kid or something. But if he was an Opulens then that means trouble. Jade had heard the rumours of how bad Opulens are and what happens to their victims wasn't pleasant either.

"Yup. Caligo Opulens." Amelia assured her.

"Can we talk about something else?" Jade asked quietly

"But this is a really good topic."


"Ok, just answer me this one last question."


"Do you think he was hot?"

Melly's question caught Jade off guard. She didn't expect her best friend to ask her that question. Sure, they talked about boys from time to time but still…

"So?" Melly asked impatiently.

"Too bad good looks were wasted on him."

"I think it fits him just fine." Melly replied and watched with amusement as Jade stared at her as if she was mental, "He's smart, rich and has a great body. I think good looks fits him just fine."

"You're talking as if he's perfect. You don't even know the guy, Melly."

Melly was about to answer when the compartment door suddenly slid open and people started coming in. So they spent the rest of the trip talking to their classmates much to Melly's annoyance and Jade's relief.

*                                                                    *                                                                       *

"Wow! Look at this place! It's so beautiful!" Exclaimed Melly as they entered their dorm.

"It's only a dorm." Jade replied

"Only a dorm? Look at this place; it's enormous. It's much bigger than our dorm room last year. And plus, we have a living room that's twice the size of my room at home." Exclaimed Amelia

"The only thing I like about this place is the balcony in our room." Replied Jade

"Whatever. I'm going to call Tom to see if he likes his new roommate. We're so lucky we're roommates!"

As Melly grabbed the phone excitedly to talk to her boyfriend Tom; Jade headed for the balcony. As the cold air brushed against her skin, she felt calm and welcoming to this new environment. Jade likes to spent quiet time alone every once in a while – to think about things. The university was structured so that the girls and boys dormitory were in two separate building while the school classrooms are in the middle separating them. So technically it's one big building. 

As her eyes scanned the sights, it fell on the boys' dormitories right in front of their building. Somebody else was also enjoying some quiet time alone. He leaned casually against the wall and his eyes were closed as if deep in thought. Even though they were really far apart, Jade still felt she saw him somewhere before. As if feeling her presence, he suddenly opened his eyes and stared back at Jade. Their eyes met and Jade always gasped out loud. She knew those eyes… they were filled with hatred and even though this was only the second time she'd seen them, she was pretty sure who it was…Caligo Opulens. 

"Jade?" Came Amelia's voice

"Yeah?" Jade replied as she recovered from her shock. She turned around and walked towards the balcony door. She could feel his eyes on her back burning into her. She heaved a sigh of relief as she quickly stepped back into the living room, away from the balcony.

'You stupid idiot.' Jade thought angrily, 'How can you be scared when he was just merely looking at you?'

'But his stare was so intense.' The other part of her brain argued.

'He was probably just trying to figure out who you were.' The logical part of her brain replied.

'I'm sure he knew who I was.' The other part replied firmly.

'So? What if he knew? There's no reason why you should be scared, after all, his stare can't hurt you.' Her logical part replied. Jade tried to convince herself that her logic was right but for some reason she couldn't suppress the fear that she felt. Even though she only seen him twice, she felt she was afraid of him which has never happened with any other person that she met. There was just something about his eyes…     

"Well, Tom just told me that he's sharing room with this guy Cory and he thinks he's okay." A voice cut through Jade's train of thoughts – it was Melly.

"Why wouldn't he be okay?" Jade answered stupidly, obviously having no idea what Melly was talking about. Jade blushed with embarrassment when she realized what she said and watched as Melly stared at her.

"Are you okay Jade?" Melly asked concerned.

"Yeah, just tired…" Jade replied.

"You don't mind if I went to the movies with Tom tonight, right?"

"Oh, go ahead. I'll be just fine." Jade replied.

"Okay." Melly replied uncertainly as she watched Jade. "So I'll be back around 11."

"Bye." Said Jade.

"Later." Melly replied as she headed out the door.

Jade sighed and sank into her bed. She stared at the patternless ceiling and soon, exhaustion took over and she fell asleep…

*                                                                    *                                                                       *

'Oh no! I'm late for class and it's the first day too!' thought Jade as she ran down the corridor towards her English class.

As she stepped inside, all heads turned towards her. She could see that her teacher was not pleased, "I'm sorry sir."

"Miss Blue. Late for my class on the very first day of school – what do you have to say for yourself?"

Jade stared back at her teacher and then looked around the room. Most of the students were looking bored while the others silently laughed at her. But as her eyes wondered to the very back of the room, he saw sitting in the corner was Kai. He was smirking at her and there was an amusing glint in his eyes. Something about that smirk bothered Jade and she wanted to wipe that annoying smirk off but she was in a lot of trouble already and didn't plan on being suspended on the first day or worst, having detention for the rest of the school year. "I'm sorry sir. It won't happen again."

"Take your seat Miss Blue. Since it is the first day of school I'll excuse you this time but if there's a next time, you'll find that you'll be spending more time in school than ever."

"I understand, sir."

"Now take your seat."

"Thank you, sir."

*                                                                    *                                                                       *

Classes went by rather slowly for the first day since it was only introduction. Jade didn't like the intro stuff; she'd rather start working right away; after all, everybody already knew each other after spending almost 9 years together. She was on her way to find Melly because they were supposed to meet in the library but she never showed up. Jade was getting worried, it was almost dinner time and Melly was never late so she decided to head for Melly's last class which was science and look for her there. The lab was deserted because everybody was probably in the refectory eating supper. Jade's stomach growled as she thought about food. No! She reminded herself, she had to find Melly. Jade was really worried because she had an unsettling feeling that something terrible might happen so she had to find Melly and soon. The third floor is supposed to be empty by now and students are not allowed to be wondering around so Jade had to make sure nobody saw her. Jade was about to turn back and head for the dormitories when she saw someone coming out of the art room. She couldn't make out who it was from a distance so she decided to follow. She watched as the person turned to the right and down another hall but as she turned also, she saw an empty hallway with no one in sight. Then she felt a presence behind her but before she could do anything, strong hands settle on her shoulder and pinned her harshly to the wall…   

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