Tainted Friendship


It was like any other school day, boring and tiring, listening to the teachers talk, and yet, something still didn't feel right. Luckily, it was the last class of the day and I had this class with all 3 of my friends. I looked around the classroom with my violet orbs, seeking my 3 friends, Mel, Squee, and Cody. I first spotted Cody, with his chocolate brown hair. As he always does, he was studying for the upcoming test in Trigonometry. You can say he is the smartest of the group. Then I spotted Mel. Her jauntiness was hard to miss especially in the morning. I searched some more for my other friend, Squee, but he was nowhere in sight. I couldn't see his blue mohawk anywhere. Suddenly, the door of the classroom swung open, making everyone jump out of their seats.

At the door, stood the principal and a policeman, with discouraged looks on their faces. "Would Kylie, Mel, and Cody come with us to my office, please?" asked the principal, as we got up and walked towards the door. Our teacher nodded as the rest of our senior class stared. I wanted to know what we had done this time, being called the 'Problematic Quad' for a reason. We walked through the hallway, as if we were marching in the army, with the principal and policeman just about breathing down our necks.

Seconds later, we sat there in his office, waiting for the principal and the policeman to stop confronting each other of what to say. They glared at us every once in a while, sending chills down our back. Finally, the officer asked, "Where were you all last night, around 10PM?"

"I was working." I answered.

"I was at Cody's house to study for the biology test, right?" answered Mel, looking at Cody.

"Yeah, it's true. She was at my house till about 11:00. Why?"

The principal shot a weird look at us, then turned to the officer. They stood there discussing some more.

"Well, then I guess you don't know what happened to Squee," the principal said.

"What do you mean? Don't know about what?" I asked, as my voice quivered.

"He's gone missing," he answered.

I sat there in awe, denying the fact that he was missing. It seemed to have been the same with Mel and Cody, with their mouths hanging open. I stood up and left as the others tried to stop me. The dismissal bell has already rung, so I ran towards the park. I sat on one of the benches thinking about Squee. I've known him forever I thought sitting there. Then 2 human like shadows cast over me. "

"Are you okay?" asked Mel, taking the seat next to me.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. What did they say after I left?" I asked.

"The officer said that we would be the first ones to know if they find him," Cody said, patting my back.

I gave them a smile and the light of hope came back to me. We stood up and begin walking towards our neighborhood. Out of no where, a beam of light hit my arm and hit Mel in the chest. I held my arm in pain as blood ran down my arm. THUD! I saw Mel fall to the ground, motionless like a stone. Her hazel colored eyes was gaunt, showing only a tiny amount of life. Then her last breath exhaled. I stood there, as my blood started to boil and tears streaming down my face, wanting revenge over who did such an odious act. Cody and I picked Mel up, carrying her over to the nearest hospital. My wounded arm kept on slowing us down, but we kept on going.

Almost immediately after we started walking, another shaft of light past me and went in the direction of Cody, giving a direct hit to his head. THUMP! Cody fell to the ground in a fetal position. Crimson blood dripped onto the sidewalk. I was so freaked out of all this that I left the bodies on the sidewalk and ran for my life, thinking I was next. I ended up in the police station and ran into the officer that I saw earlier today.

"What's wrong, Kylie?" he asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Cody and…Mel…were shot by something…and now…they're…dead…" I said, tears once again getting the better of me.

The officer called in through the radio saying that there were two bodies that need to be inspected immediately on the street.

"I think it's best if we get you home," the officer said, taking me to his patrol car.

I nodded as I got in the car. Throughout the ride, I stared blankly out the window thinking to myself that I was now a lone warrior. Because Mel and Cody were gone, I was determined to find Squee, the last one of my true friends. Just then, the radio went off in the car.

"Sir, we have found the two dead bodies, plus more. They're everywhere, sir. So far we have found 7 bodies. We have found the weapon. It's a nail gun, and I'll be sending it into the lab for fingerprint dusting. That's all we can do right now, sir. Over and out," the radio said.

"At least I can say, your friends weren't the only ones, Kylie," the officer said, still driving, "don't worry, we'll catch the culprit."

But, it was no use, for weeks past, then months, and eventually a year. There still was no sign of him or the criminal who killed my friends, so the police claimed that he was dead. I, too, came to the same conclusion, until one day. There was a knock at the door. I was too depressed to get it, so my dad did. I heard him shut the door and drop whatever it was, in front of my door. "A very heavy package for you, Kylie," he said through the door. I dragged the box into my room and gazed at it for a while.

Slowly, but surely, I opened the first flap of the box. I saw some type of torn fabric and something blue, as I started to shake. I closed my eyes and rushed to open the other flaps. I opened my eyes again and screamed my lungs out of what I saw. It was Squee, tied up with tape on his mouth, barely breathing. My dad rushed in and saw Squee in the box.

"We have to take him to the hospital now!!" my dad yelled, picking the box up.

I rushed to the car, opening the door for Squee and my dad. We drove pretty fast to the nearby hospital, and rushed into the ER. They put him on a stretcher and took him into a different room. I waited in the waiting room for the doctor's word on Squee's condition.

Hours later, the doctor finally stepped in and said, "Squee will be fine. He is very weak, and has a lot of bruises and cuts. He is resting right now, but he should waking up any time now. If you want to, you can go see him in room 274."

I was grateful that he was fine. I went into his room and sat down in a chair. The doctor was right about the bruises and the cuts. He had many on his face and he was very pale. His blue mohawk was reduced to a tousled lump of blue on his head. He groaned as his midnight blue eyes stirred. "Kylie…" he said, giving a weak smile.

"Hey, you feeling?" I asked.

"Banged up," he started, "how's the others?"

"Dead," I said looking down at my feet.

"Oh," he said as a tear rolled down his bruised face.

The doctor came in and said, "Sorry visiting time is over."

I walked over to the door, mouthing 'I'll be back tomorrow.' Squee got the message and waved.

The next day, I walked into room 274, with flowers. Squee was sitting upright and was watching TV. He turned to me and smiled.

"Hey, Kylie. Guess what?"


"I get out in a week."

"Yay. So what are you planning on doing?"

"I don't know. Maybe, spend time with you like old times." He said, smiling.

I put the flowers in the vase on the table. We talked for a while until night fall. I left when the doctor instructed. I couldn't wait until Squee got out.

A week later, Squee came out of the hospital doors, fully recovered. We went over to the park and just scared all the people, walking around in the park, like we used to. At the same time though, they were chased by mobs of reporters. We scared so many people, and spent so much time running away that we lost track of time and it was sun down. He offered to take me home so he did, yet the people still followed. We stayed hidden in the shadows as we walked to my house. When we got to my house, we exchanged goodbyes and I went inside and went to bed.

The morning sunshine woke me up. It was luckily the weekend so I could take my time. I turned the TV on in my room, while I looked for something to wear. Simultaneously, the TV anchor had a special report.

"There has been an accident, late last night in the local area," blared the anchor, "killing a pedestrian. He as been identified as Squee Marshall. Investigators say that the driver was drunk and is being put into custody. Investigators also say that the person who apparently killed Marshall, "

Hearing this made my heart melt. I keep on thinking that it was my fault, for not walking him home. Now I know for sure that I am the lone warrior of the disbanded group. Now I know that I was meant to be alone.