Obituary Claims

the chain mail glove over his left
hand was supposedly a protection
against the dangers of the Universe
but when out of nowhere
the statue collapsed over
his fancy german car the glove
made little or no difference
or that it was a statue of a soldier
who had died yelling out 'carolina!' in
the red dusty daylight some
where south of here or that

the chain mail glove was of the best medieval
fashioning oh fine enough to trump the fist
of even the most fearsome Norman standing at
hastings haughtily oh yes
but the statue was a soldier
as well and intent upon
finishing his last words
'carolina' meant more than 'carolina' it meant 'sweet home' or 'retribution shall happen!' or any number
of old-
fashioned expletives aimed at two men
who drew a line in the wilderness
some many years back and

the fancy german car
he was driving sounded
like a panzer in the late night
snow like
a panzer in north africa all of a sort
in fencing
or ludicrous speeches

his chain mail glove cost much it did and was shipped in specially from a place in england
where a man had found the secret to making time stand still
but that was useless as well because
when he was standing on the way
to work the ice under his feet cracked
as the ghost of Rasputin felt particularly spiteful

and the Russians are a stubborn people