Dragon Dreams

Have you ever dreamed?? Have you ever wanted something so badly that it hurt and wouldn't go away?? Has something ever lingered with you, filling you with shame and despair, until you were ready to give up everything you loved??

This is a story of somebody who has...

Anne looked at the letter in her hand, her stomach churning, suddenly scared and ashamed and embarrassed all at once. Why?? How?? Thirteen million unanswerable questions rammed through her head, and her stomach felt worse and worse as she read on...

This is Jason...Jason Tolins. I just wrote to say, I guess it's not working. I guess we can't be together...I got every letter you ever sent to Michael. He sent copies of them straight to me, every single one...and I'm filled with shock that you could ever say that about me. I have always loved you, every day since I met you, Anne...but I can't anymore.
"He's just worthless...he forgets me to go off with his little lover girls...he's a complete idiot...he never really cared about me...but I can tell you do, Mike." Anne, this is it...it's over...don't write to me again...or talk to me, or anything, because I can't bear it. I've only one thing left to say to you.
Never hurt anyone else like you hurt me through your letters to Michael...never. Never.

Anne's head and heart were screaming. No, no, don't let it be true...but she knew it was. How could she explain it to him now?? How could she ever tell him it was all a joke, that she didn't like Michael, that she did it so he wouldn't torture her best friend, who was in love with the awful boy??

Michael. She hated him now...she hated him. First he lost her her best friend, angry at her for "stealing" her crush, now her boyfriend, the two things she'd loved most besides her family. And her brother was off somewhere in prison, just for taking drugs away from his friend...trying to help, just as she had. And her parents were gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone...a thousand voices screamed through her head, intensifying her burning heart and violent stomach.

God, help me, no one else is left, please, God, help me, help me, help me, help me!! Somebody, anybody, help me...

She fell down on the couch, and thought dark, tormenting thoughts until she fell asleep at last.

The dragon looked through the window, riderless. He was young, and unfit still for a rider in dragon law, but still, something , a compulsion he could not place, had told him to come here today, now. There was a girl on the couch, sleeping...but maybe she wasn't sleeping. He'd always been taught that people looked better when they slept, but her face was completely white, like a ghost, and there was a horrid look on her face, as if she was dreaming of-

No. He mustn't even think the name... He flew in, through the window, opening and closing it magically after he got in. That was one useful skill he'd learned being an apprentice to a Wise One of Draconia. A tiny tongue of flame escaped his nostrils, waking the girl gently. She sat up sharply, her eyes filled with fear and shame.

"Where am I?? You-" she half-screamed, one hand going to her mouth in shock. She slowly fell back down, putting her hand now to her head.

Shh. You are safe, whatever happens.

How do you talk to me like that?? How do you-

Shhh...you are not well. I have come to help you. Tell me of your troubles, and talk this way...it is easier for me, at least. Trust me.

I-I-you wouldn't understand...

Your parents are dead?? The dragon's perceptiveness was proving extremely beneficial as well, for her troubles slowly unfolded before him, and he began to understand.

Yes-how-how did you know?

I know. I know about Jason, and Michael, and-

No!! Stop, please...I can't bear to think of them. It's-

Very well. Your stomach is still unwell??

I-yes...what are-how did you-why did you come here?

Well...to be truthful...I...


Something called me. I don't know what, but something told me to fly here. Maybe your prayers have been answered??


Let's go. Time is easily wasted, and you need help. Draconia does not scare you??


The dragon was flying higher and higher, and pure joy whipped Anne's face, mingling with the wind. Draconia!! No longer would she have to bear the pain of Jason, or Michael, for the dragons loved her, and she was now in charge of all the dragonlings. She was a dragonrider herself, rider of the dragon who had saved her and mother of dragonlings everywhere. Draconia was her home...Draconia was her life.

Author's Note: This is based on a real-life experience, although I didn't experience quite as much pain as Anne did, and I have many friends and people that care about me. I will never give up, because there are too many people who are much worse off than I am and I would be a fool to waste everything that I have. Now, I don't want this to be a really *deep*, *meaningful* story, I just want it to make people think...if you have a lot going for you, don't slam yourself down to the ground. Allow yourself to be happy and you will be.

About the story...tell me in a review or email if you think this story should be longer, or if I should tell about Anne's adventures in Draconia in another story. I contemplated the possibility, but decided to ask you, the loyal readers, what you guys think...I write for you, don't I??

And yes, I am a dragon freak. Also a fantasy freak, and a sci-fi freak. I admit it. Hope you liked the story...more are to follow!!!