.: Forever Mine :.

- epilogue -

            In loving memory. It's been nine years. Father's time was up – he should have known better than to hire someone to pull the trigger. He's gone now, inheritance distributed, the world is peaceful again. There's nothing to hide anymore.

            Uttering a silent prayer, I leave the bouquet on his grave. I recall; it was so simple. We were simply trying to hail a cab and it happened. I check the time – it is still early. I can afford to stay here a while longer. Not like I mind. It's quiet here. It's good to get away from my hectic job once in a while.

            I'm earning my own keep now. I still live as Yuki's neighbour; he's supposed to be here today. Since he went out into the working world, he started having a problem with being punctual. And it's not a surprise he still has time for gallivanting around with women. Women now; not girls. Yuki took after his old man – he's a lawyer too. I wouldn't say he's the best at it, but given time, he should be as good as his dad. He says he wants to settle down with a nice girl before he reaches thirty. That gives him three more years, at most. At the rate he's going, I highly doubt it. Me? Marriage is not in my vocabulary. How can I?

            "Yo," I hear his voice from behind me. He holds flowers as well. I've grown accustomed to seeing him in a western suit. And to think we used to be dressed in baggy jeans, checked outer shirts, hip-hop hats and wristbands to top. He places his flowers down beside mine, and pulls out a cigarette from his pocket. I refuse the one he offers me.

            "Miss him, huh."

            A tiny smile pulls at the corners of my mouth. I glance at his picture. Wouldn't he like to know. He's probably happier now anyway. He doesn't have to put up with the stuff he used to. I shrug it off, and turn to leave.

            My name? Itto Hinokiko – first class; the first. I'm a fashion designer, and own a chain of fashion boutiques. I am living my dream. Earning big money. I'm doing what I always wanted; it hardly matters now. I had a brother, Otori. First name? He didn't have one. Unless you'd take the one he was registered under. But he'd prefer not to. He never knew his mother - she ran off with another man before he reached his first birthday. Never knew his father. The guy he was registered as son to didn't want to know him either. But he did have a brother. And I became his lover. But things didn't go our way. I thought it would. I tried to give him the life Father wouldn't. Not out of pity; because I loved him. I still do. I was the one love he had; there was no second. But things won't change. Otori… he is forever mine.

~~ The End.

- author's rambling -

Thank you all so much for sticking with me! Hope the end was up to expectations… So sorry 'bout that. I really didn't know how else to phrase my words. Yes, but I did plan it this way. So the main character's death wasn't another result of my evident laziness. Sorry to Otori fans. Hmm. Last words. I'm not sure if I'm going to be writing anymore slash like this – mainly because it kills me. I still love the stuff, but I don't have the brains to support it. But thanks anyway, for being so supportive. And I'd still be looking for opinions. Because I need ideas once I finish my other two fics. Yes, and wish me luck for my damn results which are coming out in two ****in days. I'm freaked – and paranoid. God Bless~~