A/N: This is a ballad I had to write for my British Lit class. Please R/R!

"You Chose to Linger"

The restless wind is calling...
Come forth and taste the flame
Follow the wails of mourning,
and you shall hear your name.

The sun is cold and fading;
church bells sing for the dead
-No time for contemplating-
Your dreams are stained in red.

What happens now, O lingering soul
when death has just begun
Can you survive detatched, unwhole,
now that your body's gone
now that your body's gone.

The mourners are all gathered
You glimpse an open grave
The trees are old and weathered -
these images you save.

You peer behind the statues.
Lean closer, face the wound,
stare straight into the coffin
where you are now entombed.

The past becomes the future,
Vague time within your head
Eternity to wander;
you cannot find a bed...
and all you've known is dead
and all you know...is dead.