2:26 PM

Yoshi and Rebekah asked why I was so late, and when I told them the story, they thought I was making it up! Can you believe that? Later, when I was in Biology, something really horrible happened. I sat down, and Tess came in and sat down next to me. With this really evil look on her face, she said, "Guess who I'm taking to the Valentine's Day Dance," only she said it in a really snotty voice. I said, "The dance is over five months away." And she was like, "Well, do you care who I'm taking, or not?" I really did not care who Tess was taking. "Who?" I said in an I'm not really listening tone of voice. And then she leaned in close, and whispered in my ear, "Jeremy Redmond." And she said it really slowly, too, like she knew how much pain it caused me to hear those words. But before I could start crying, or slap Tess, or have some other reaction, Mr. Peters came in and yelled at Tess to sit in her own seat. Tess gave me an evil grin, waved in a realty snotty way, and flounced back to her seat.

6:07 PM

How can she DO this to me?? That two-timing little HOOCHI-MAMA! She KNOWS I love Jeremy Redmond!! I can't believe her! I've got to think of a way to get revenge on her. Oh wait! I'll come up with a revenge plan tomorrow; Dameon Xenos is on The Olympics Show!

Thursday, Sept. 6 12:41 PM Geography

I fell asleep in Spanish today. Rebekah woke me up by throwing an eraser ay my head. She's a much better friend than Tess ever was.