To you

Did you know that your the man of my dreams?
Did you know that your the only boy in my heart?
Did you know that your the one I love?

I know all this, and it kills me.
It kills me to know that your out there, not knowing how I feel.
It kills me to know that your out there feeling this for someone else.

I can't tell you because it would ruin us.
It would ruin the fragile friendship we already have.
It would ruin that small chance that you might feel the same way.

Because if you rejected me, it would all be over.
The 2 years of chit-chatting for hour,
Those few months I was sure you felt the same way...gone.

The hole in my heart would grow wider and empty.
The tears in my eyes would fall heavier and forever.
The sliver of a chance would vanish into thin air...poof.

And I would be all alone, once again.

That is why all I can do is pray.
Pray God will give me a chance..with you...for us.

I'll keep on wondering where you are,
I'll keep on wondering if you know,
I'll keep on wondering what you think,
I'll keep on praying,
I'll forever keep on loving you from a far.