"Believe in your dreams, and you can do anything. Follow your heart, and True Love will find you. Call out to me, and I'll be there."

Love of an Angel
~01 - Unexpected Visitor~

Look at all the lovebirds. How I wish to be one of them. How I envy their love. When I was little, I always imagined myself to have a boyfriend by the age of 14. I'm 15 now, and still alone. I start to doubt if I'll ever be able to fall in love.

I'm not exactly the most attractive girl in school, nontheless, not the most popular. I have brown hair that goes past my shoulders slightly and deep brown eyes. Nice peach colored skin and I stand at a height of 5ft 5in. I have a nice personality and care deeply about all of my friends.

Always happy, people often thing I'm so cheerful and carefree. But I'm not like that on the inside. Not all. If you could see inside of me, you should how depressed and alone I am. That smile I have is only a mask to hide the pain I feel deep inside.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

"Rual? Are you listening to me?!"

Jerking back a bit, the brown haired girl looked up. Miki was the girl calling out to Rual. She was two years older then Rual and had black hair w/ brown highlights in it and the same dark brown eyes as Rual. She had light tan colored skin and stood an inch or two taller then Rual. Miki leaned over the table and knocked on Rual's head.

"Hello!" Miki shouted, as she continued to knock on Rual's head.

"Stop, Miki!" Rual shouted, stopping Miki's hand before she knock on her head again.

"Finally. I have you undivided attention." Miki answered as she leaned back and withdrew her hand.

Next to Miki was a girl with short blonde hair. She too was two years older then Rual with peach colored skin. Her gray eyes just looking at Rual as she rubbed her head in pain. Both the blonde girl and Miki were Seniors in High School.

"Miki, don't do that to Rual." Replied Ora as she looked at her classmate and best friend since Elementary school. "She didn't mean to ignore you. She was just thinking about something else."

"More like someONE else, Ora." A girl with wavy blonde hair sat next to Rual. She had light blue eyes and peach colored skin as well. She was 5ft 4in tall and thin. She was one year older then Rual.

"I was not thinking about 'someone else', Alana!" Rual shouted, as a bump with a bandage appeared on her forehead.

"Rual, why do you keep lying to us?" Alana asked, putting a hand on Rual's shoulder. "Everyone on this table knows you were staring at Cha-"

Before Alana could finish her sentence, Rual clamped her hand over Alana's mouth.

"DON'T YOU SAY IT." Warned Rual, as she continued to clamp Alana's mouth.

"Why? Because he's right there?" Miki asked, pointing over her shoulder.

Rual looked over Miki's shoulder and blushed. Across the cafeteria sat the boy Rual had set her heart on. Short orange hair and deep blue eyes. Standing a nice 5ft 8in with a slightly darker shade of peach skin. He was everything from Mr. Fashionably-Dressed to Mr. Heartthrob.

"Why don't you go talk to him?" Ora asked, looking at the blushing Rual. "You both have a lot of things in common. I'm sure you'd hit it right off the bat if you'd just talk to him."

"I can't!" Rual answered as she covered her face with her hands.

"Come on, Rual!" Miki shouted, pulling Rual's hand away from her face. "Be brave! Be strong! Talk to him! Get to know him! Who knows; he might even ask you out!"

Ora, Alana and Rual all look at Miki; huge sweat drops on the back of their heads.

"Miki, I don't think Chance moves that quickly with girls." Ora answered, a bit nervous.

"This is so embarrassing!" Rual replied as she continued to blush. "I want to go talk to him, but what do I say? 'Hi Chance. How are you doing? Do you know I like you? Can we go out sometime?!'"

"Of course!" Alana answered as she slapped Rual hard on the back.

The force of Alana's slap was so strong, that it sent Rual falling forward. She hit her head on the table, making a loud thud noise. Her three friends watch with wide eyes as black spirals swirled in Rual's eyes and she fell onto the floor.

"Rual!! Are you okay?! I'm sorry!!" Alana shouted, as she looked down at Rual.

"It's no good. She's knocked out." Miki replied, hunching over the table to look at Rual. "We need to take her to the health room."

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

An hour later, Rual opened her eyes. She smelled rubbing alcohol and band-aids around her. She looked up at the neon lights above her before sitting up.

Once Rual was sitting up completely, she was met by the gaze of a young boy that sat at the end of her bed. Strands of his short red hair fell into his eyes as he looked at Rual. He had the same colored skin as Rual and wore black clothes. He deep red eyes soft and gentle as he smiled at Rual.

"So you're finally awake." He replied. "You were really knocked out."

"Shane? What are you doing here?" Rual asked, sitting up straight on the health room bed.

"I came in to see the nurse when I saw you here." Shane answered, moving closer to her a little.

"Why do you need to see the nurse?" Rual asked, looking Shane over.

Shane took his right hand out of his jacket pocket. It was wrapped tightly in a napkin that was stained red. Rual gasped, and gentle took hold of Shane's hand.

"What happened??" Rual asked, a worried tone in her voice.

"I had a little accident in Wood Class." Shane replied, as he looked down at Rual. "It's no big deal. The chainsaw just skimmed the surface."

The nurse suddenly walked in, and looked at Shane and Rual. She put a hand on her hip and cleared her throat. Shane turned around, while Rual let go of his hand. The nurse just laughed when she saw Rual was blushing.

"I didn't know you were planning on visiting Rual, Shane." The nurse replied with a wink.

"Wish that was it." Shane answered as he showed the nurse his bloody hand.

"Ah!! Shane! Why didn't you tell me!?" Shouted the nurse as she grabbed Shane's arm and dragged him outside to her office.

Rual just smiled. Shane was Chance's best friend. Both Shane and Chance treated her with a great deal of respect and sometimes Rual felt like they were her older brothers. Rual took in a deep breath and looked out the window her bed was next to.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

"Are you sure you're okay?" Alana asked, as she walked out of the lobby with Rual.

"It's just a little bump. Don't worry." Rual answered with a smile. "Now are you going to get on the bus or not?"

"Call me when you get home!" Alana shouted as she ran off to her bus.

"Bye!" Rual shouted as she waved to her friend.

As Alana disappeared into the bus, Rual began to walk home. She often took this nice quiet road with not too much traffic. The people that lived there were nice and all knew Rual. But as Rual walked down the stoney path, she sensed something very different about today's walk home.

When Rual turned the next corner, she noticed everything had gone awkwardly silent. She looked up the trees that were gentle swaying in the breeze, but making no sound. A cold breeze brushed against Rual, making her shiver. She looked up at the sky and noticed it had gone dark.

"Odd." Rual thought out loud to herself. "I didn't hear anything about it raining today."

As Rual continued to look up at the sky, she noticed a small hole parting the clouds. Slowly, the hole got bigger and bigger until it was a portal in the sky. A beam of light shown through the portal in the sky and struck Rual. Rual shielded her eyes as the light got brighter and brighter.

"Wha-what is this?!" Rual shouted, as she noticed white sparkles surrounding her body.

Rual looked up and noticed something falling through the portal. At first it looked like a rag doll with large wings. As it caught closer and closer, Rual suddenly realized it was a person falling from the sky. She tried to get out of the way, but failed. The person landed on her with a loud thud.

"Ow..." Rual answered in pain as she lay on the ground in pain.

"HEY YOU!!" Shouted the person that was on top of Rual as he raised a fist to the sky. "DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! HEY!!!"

The portal and beam of light disappeared and it began to rain.

"Get off of me!!" Shouted Rual as she pushed whoever it was off of her.

Rual stood up, getting soaked in the rain. She turned around to face who fell on her and gasped in shock. Large white wings extended out of his back and a few loose feathers fell to the ground. He had long light blue hair tied back into a ponytail. His blue eyes look into Rual's eye, filled with unexplainable emotions.

Rual looked at the way he was dressed, which was completely odd to her. On his right hand, the cross was burned into his flesh. She looked at his face and notice his right ear was pierced. He had slightly pale skin; almost the color white.

"A-a Angel?!" Rual spoke, feeling a bit dizzy.

Love of an Angel - CrystalKeeper/LauraC 01-02