"Where's my underwear?" Rio burst into my room. "You have five seconds before I blow up and you die."

I stared at him innocently. "Pardon?"

Raine, my older sister, smiled. "Check inside your pants."

With a hell bent look on his face, my brother lunged at me. I screamed bloody murder.

"I'm going out with someone for the first time tonight and I'd kinda like to have something in my pants!" He paused. Then he paled.

Raine was having a heart attack. She was slumped against the wall, with her shoulders touching the light switch. Every time her shoulders shook as she laughed, the lights flickered on and off.

"I didn't touch your underwear," I swore. "I used rubber gloves and Wok."

"Liberty," he growled. "I won't hurt you if you just tell me what you did with all my gonch."

I giggled. That word always made me giggle.

"Where?" he demanded again.

I stuck my chin out. "You'll have to ask your brother."

Rio scowled and stormed off to find our brother. "WOK!"

Raine and I followed. I wished that I had a camera or something. Rio mad was not something you saw every day, nor was it something to be missed.

Wok was fending Rio off with a rolling pin in the kitchen. "Ask Libby!" he squealed. "Ask Libby! She did it! I'm stupid! I couldn't pull it off! You know how stupid I am!"

Rio's glare turned back to me. Apparently he did know how stupid Wok was.

"Well. I certainly did not throw all of your unmentionables out of the window," I said solemnly.

Immediately, Rio looked out the kitchen window, saw nothing, and looked at me again, confused.

"I didn't say which window it wasn't thrown out of," I said, smiling.

"You COW." He gave me a dirty look and embarked on his search. He came back. Angered. "I'm unhappy, Libby," he told me.

"I told you I didn't throw it out of a window." I grinned, pleased with my funniness.

The youngest of the five Sway siblings, Joy, came trampling down the stairs. "Mom's mad. One of you is never leaving their room again, I'm sorry to inform you."

Raine smiled coolly. She loved when there was drama in the house because she never caused it so she never got into trouble. "Why's she mad?"

"Her bathtub is filled with wet underwear," she replied. "Apparently, someone had to really urinate because that's a lot of undies and it's a lot of wet."

"I'm getting a divorce from all of you," Rio snapped, running up the stairs two at a time.

"It's okay, Rio!" I yelled after him. "It's not pee!"

"It was a yellowy liquid," Joy said. "Kinda orange, actually."

"It was Metamucil."

Raine squeaked with delight. Joy looked baffled. Raine put her arm around our little sister and explained, "Metamucil is a laxative, Joy."

"Then why is there pee?" Joy asked.

"It's water!" I insisted. "I mixed Metamucil with water and poured it all over his--"

The doorbell rang. Raine and Joy answered.

"Hi," a young, peppy voice chirped. "I'm here for Rio."

"Come on in," Raine said, artificially friendly, like Bob Barker.

A tall blond stepped inside and looked around. I stared disbelievingly at her. She looked like one of those blow up dolls you can order in the mail, except for she was a little more fake. I almost felt sorry for the girl; it appeared as though her mother had not taken her bra shopping yet. She gave "flip-flops" a new meaning. She saw Wok and I gawking at her and waved at us. "Hi! I'm Lucky!"

"Why?" Wok asked.

Her big, flashy smile faltered momentarily. "My NAME is Lucky."

"How cute," I said.

Joy announced, "Rio's upstairs. He has laxatives in his underwear."

I grinned. Joy was only 13, but I had taught her well.

"Um. Why?" Lucky asked.

"It's a long story," I said. "Why don't you sit down? I'll tell you all about Rio. He's very afraid of the dark--"

"You will shut up about Rio!" Rio barrelled downstairs, reached for Lucky the Super Blond's tanning-bed-bronzed arm, and snatched his jacket off of the banister. "Let's go. Quickly. Now."

"Did you remember to put some clean undies on?" Wok called, always looking out for his brother.

"Please, never meet my family again," Rio begged his date.