Game Over

"No…" Amy stopped, the world freezing, it seemed to her, as she discovered she was dieing.  Her mind raced with possibilities of what she could do, nothing seemed to work.  This was the moment she feared, the moment that hunted her dreams, if she had any.

Hair fluttered in her eyelashes, her light blue eyes stared off into a spot only she could see as they glazed over in shock.  Pain stung the inside of her nose as it twitched as fresh hot burning tears ached for release.  A knot of failure churned in the pit of her stomach as her whole body began to num.

How this could have come to be didn't make any sense.  She trained for this day, worked herself till sweat poured from her forehead; at night while she lay in her bed waiting for sleep to overcome her, she thought about her task.  She knew it wouldn't come easy, especially after her so many had died under Rosie's hand in such a merciless manner. 

Amy's eye lashes brushed shut as she realized her failure. Her knees grew week and to the verge of collapsing.  She was frozen in place, her disbelief for this moment overwhelming her.  Images blurred and voices distorted as the world faded into void.  Her cheek moistened as a tear slid down her cheek, rolling slowly to her chin.

"Jez-sus, Amy; it's just a game."  Amy blinked, looking down to the human who spoke: a five yr. old toddler holding a blow pop in her left hand while she gripped tightly at a play station controller in her right hand, smiling mischievously up at her.