By Coppelia

(Anyone else suffer writers block? Don't lie, I know you do. Well, I was...until now. I hate it when I have nothing good to write)

Being in the middle of an abandoned road
Just me and my car
The sun is hot, the air humid
Miles and miles of road ahead
The car could handle the miles
If it only had more fuel
It's empty and the next town seems far away
I can't walk under the sun
I'm empty like my car
I'm uninspired

Drained, dehydrated, squeezed dry
Any of those work for the way I feel now
Loose ends float about, remain untied
Nothing but words with no meanings
It's all I write about these days
I'm a seed buried in dry ground
Begging for the rain to come

I don't feel like finishing what I began
I don't have the will to write the endings
It's torture, it breaks me
Drives me one step closer to insanity
Almost makes me want to rip my dry heart out
And eat it

I don't though. I wait.
Maybe I'll get a ride to the next town
Maybe the rain will come
I'm not a pessimist
I'll be saved again. Saved like before.

For I can't help being uninspired every now and then.

(Oh boy. Now I will start writing my original anime/manga. Let's hope it's successful too.)