I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

I scream over and over again

As I gaze into the mirror

I fall before it and cry

Tears of frustration, anger, imperfection

As much as I hate it

I can't turn away

Why don't others see what I see?

There is so much lonliness in this disgust

The mirror holds the truth though

Not them

I see what I really look like

How things really are

It doesn't lie

But you do

Over and over again

"Your not fat"

"Your pretty"

"Everything is gonna be okay"


All of you are liars!

I alone know the truth

Fat and ugly

And things aren't alright

They never have been

They never will be

You say that I am wrong

I tell you this

Look into the mirror

It will tell you the truth

The mirror never lies

It shows you everything that you don't want to see