Dr. Wayne Hensley, Ph.D. in US History AD Speech Given at Conference on Historical Experimentation at Ground Zero of EC Beta, 10 AM, April 4, 53 AT

Hello. Thank you for joining the conference today. Are you enjoying the snacks? I'd have made some microwave popcorn, but you all know microwaves as well as I do. (laughter)

You know, this very spot, here beneath my feet, is very important to me. As some of you may know, I just completed my thesis study. No need for applause, although the task is much more difficult now than it was for some of you to receive yours. For all of their faults, computers did make research easier.

Anyhow, my thesis was about the second Experimental Era. The first occurred from 1940 to 2037 AD. However, information on many of those experiments is patchy and questionable. I did my research on the era from 2113 AD to the dawn of AT. My research focused on data found in this very rubble- mainly on lab reports from experiments.

However, in the rubble there was one interesting document that I wish to share with all of my esteemed colleagues gathered here today. It was the handwritten words of a child trapped in a governmental experiment- the written testimony of Test Subject #597, young Ms. Holly Day, seemingly the only firsthand written testimony to survive the attack.

The discovery of this document was publicized largely in the past five years. A large argument surfaced regarding whether or not this "diary" was a valid document from that day and age, or if it was the production of some cruel hoax. After all, at that point in time, few documents were written by hand; the preferred mode was typing on a computer keyboard.

I worked alongside my father and grandfather to research the validity of this document for three years. It does correspond accurately with the time period, and the names of the experimental "families" correspond with those passing through Experimental Compound Beta from 2115- 2119 AD. The reactions to the early electroeducation, information shared with no one but the most prestigious historians, are extremely accurate.

We also verified the existence of Megan Hill, the true name of Ms. Holly Day. Megan, at least, was real; she was born in 2100 AD. Her mother, Andrea "Foxy" Hill, was the star of multiple porn videos and the author of several smut novels- all of which were entertaining to find, for research, of course. (laughter). Megan herself was in one porn movie; however, it was made two weeks before her seventh birthday. This inaccuracy questions the validity of the entire document.

A childhood psychologist offered one explanation for this lack of factuality. Children have the desire to be older than they are. Perhaps Megan was referring to the fact that she was almost seven years old at that point in her life. Many children will do this; it makes logical sense.

Other than this inaccuracy, everything else in the document matches perfectly with historical evidence available to us. Therefore, this document is either legitimate, or it is the cruel, intricate joke of a fellow historian. Since every historian with the ability to create this document adamantly- and legally- testifies that they did not create the document, and no one else has the capability to create such a joke, we can fairly accurately presume that the document is legitimate.

Oh, and as to the argument that such a document would have been typed at that point in time- if you want to know why this is not a valid argument, you must read the document yourself. And since I encourage the reading of this document, I will not offer forth any information to you regarding this.

If you are desperate to know about any of these arguments and do not want to read the actual document, my thesis is available in paperback form at many bookstores. However, I will tell you that the actual document is much more interesting.

I am going to go out on an extremely different tangent now. Five weeks ago, while presenting information on the second Experimental Era to an auditorium of elementary school students, a young girl, perhaps 13 at the most, asked me the question all historians dread: "Why should we bother to study history? It's all over." I wanted to yell at her, "We study it for ignorant ingrates like you!" However, I caught myself and said, "It's important to remember the past."

However, she forced me to truly evaluate the question. Why do we study history? Why bother? Why did I spend over a year creating a thesis about something that ended 53 years ago, something I never even experienced in my lifetime, something my father was an infant for? Why bother with any of it?

Primarily, right now history is drastically important. 53 years ago we chose to abolish technology worldwide. Why did we do that? After the grandparents die, we will no longer know- unless historians tell us.

Let's set up a scenario. It's 75 AT. The grandparents are all dead, and no one has chosen to study history. And one spunky youth decides to reintroduce technology into society. Without historians to remind us of the errors technology created, it will be reintroduced. Slowly, yes, but it will return. As will electroeducation, the favored form of college education until 0 AT. Electroeducation- the creator of insanity, suicide, and heartlessness, the killer of humanity worldwide. Also, pollution and death and corruption will begin to pop up in large amounts. Society will go again to ruins.

However, we historians say, "No, look, this is why we got rid of technology. The good it brought- knowledge and speed- were not near equivalent to the pain and tragedy it brought about for all of humanity. Let's not get technology back." And all plans for new computers and 4-D machines and PTVs will be curbed.

However, a reason that is almost as important is this young Holly Day- Megan Hill- and what she fought for. Would she like to die knowing that she is yet another statistic in the experimentation of emotion injections? Instead of destroying the experiment, as she wished to do, she aided them by confirming their assumptions that emotional injections didn't work. Out of respect for this young girl, who attempted to be a hero but whom just could not win, we can't forget the past.

And finally- although this argument is nowhere near complete- if we do not study history ourselves, others who do study it have power over us. Those who know the consequences of actions will control us. The only way to know possible consequences is by studying history. If we want to keep the power, we must study it. The public must study it, not the government, if we wish to have control over our own lives.

And, to answer that girl a bit more accurately, and to sum up an important concept for all of you wonderful people here, I would like to go on record as saying that we study history because it is happening all around us. We do not know what the government might be up to now if we didn't put new sanctions on it and didn't begin tracking every dollar it spent. Perhaps the experimentation would still be around now. Even if it is not, other things that will one day be considered history- perhaps this conference, for example- are happening all around us. Little Megan didn't realize that she was making history when she scribbled her words in her "diary". Who knows what history is being made now, as we speak? Who knows if, right now, a child in Saudi India is writing about her parents starving her, and if this document will go on to help historians in the future understand the tragic conditions occurring in Saudi India right now? No one knows how significant the past is until they are in the future.

Now I would like to briefly discuss the content of this "diary". It is a very long and complex document, so I will not be doing the thorough discussion that filled 125 pages of my thesis for me. I do not wish to bore you with all of the details, but if you wish to learn them, feel free to obtain the thesis and read it, or feel free to obtain a copy of the document itself from the government- that is, if you are a historian. If you are merely a passerby at this conference, you will have to settle for the thesis paper.

First I would like to discuss the state of society at the beginning of the document, and throughout, to the best of the Megan's knowledge. One must remember that she has no realization of the war that was occurring at that time between those who wanted technology and those who wanted to abolish it- there were revolutionaries, even then. Megan was trapped on this Experimentation Compound. We all rode our bicycles here today. We understand how far it is from "real" society. It was equally as far when Megan herself was in here. The children held captive were not given easy access to the outside world. They did not know what was going on.

Therefore, we can only judge society by how Megan saw it herself as a child. And this we will.

We'll go with simple facts. One: parents were trading their children to the government for financial security, safety, small novelties, and a myriad of other purposes, each less humane than the one before. There was one case we uncovered in research regarding a child sold to clear her father's name of a murder he committed. There was another case where a child was traded for a pack of cigarettes. This fact says two things about society at the time. First of all, parents did not have close and intimate relationships with their children. They merely thought of themselves. This is easily contrasting to the present time, where parents have laid down their lives to protect their children. Greed, pain, and self- centeredness were rampant at the time of Megan's imprisonment. Secondly, this shows the poverty at the time. Many families were so far into poverty that a package of cigarettes- or, as in Megan's case, food- was too much money. Financial security was not commonplace. Many people behaved cruelly because of their poverty, to the point that they abandoned their children for small items such as liquor and cigarettes.

Two: the government was known for doing tragic experiments, yet no one was combating them. Megan herself knew of instances from the 1960s and the 2020s. If people knew that the government was performing experiments, why didn't anyone keep tabs on them? Was it the belief that it "wouldn't happen to them?" Or was it merely their lack of emotion toward life? They didn't care if they died; they risked their lives daily with toxins, pollution, rays, and such.

I see that I am running short on time, so I would like to briefly discuss the issue of electroeducation and artificial intelligence. Megan had a high IQ, and her "diary" is excellent evidence of this. She had some wise insights regarding electroeducation that even its creator, Dr. Helen Morgan, did not see. To all of these you must read my thesis or the document, but for now I will summarize it for you. Electroeducation is reverse artificial intelligence. To give a robot human intelligence is to create artificial intelligence. To give a human intelligence through a machine is to create the human form of artificial intelligence. Now, it only makes sense that if you are utilizing artificial intelligence on a human, you will create a being that behaves similarly to a robot without artificial intelligence. This being will look and speak like a human, but it does not think like one. It depends on machines for knowledge, and anything from a fellow human is not credible. Also it cannot understand anything purely human, and so such a thing is pointless in their eyes and should be obliterated. An example of this is emotion. In her artificial intelligence state, Holly wanted to destroy all human emotion around her because it was not cold and machine-like, so she couldn't understand it.

The tragedy in this does not occur in one individual, but in massive amounts. When the FDA approved electroeducation despite its effects on emotions, all college students began to utilize it. Suddenly, the entire youth population of a nation lost emotion and stopped caring about one another. A tragedy for mankind, since humanity is all that separates us from animals and machines.

We must thank the hippies who did not accept this technology and who later helped to bring about the abolishment of technology. Now, true wisdom is rich, allowing us to learn on our own, to feel emotions, and to be human, not machine.

I wished to explain about issue of the massive strength and corruption of the government, but now my time is up. Thank you very much for allowing me to speak to you. Now it is time for us to move on.